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How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

To the bathroom and the toilet was always dry and comfortable, you need to install ventilation. Properly installed ventilation is the lack of mold in the corners and on the ceiling, bad smell of damp in the room and the key to the health of not only your feet, but also whole body.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

To carry out installation of ventilation correctly, you need to follow certain rules, which we describe below.

Types of ventilation ↑

First, consider what types of ventilation are in order to choose the type that best fits your house.

There are the following types:

  • the forced ventilation. This type is used most often in apartments and houses, in a word, where it is impossible to put a window or make the window;
    How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet
  • natural. This type is used in private homes. Its name he received because of the method of ventilation of the room through vents and Windows located in the bathroom or the toilet;
  • exhaust. Bad air out the exhaust channels. This type should be used in cases where it is possible to combine mechanical and natural ventilation;
  • supply. The scheme of work of this kind is simple: clean air vents exhaust air;
  • mixed. This view combines several types. It is the most convenient for use in a private home.

The choice of fans ↑

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toiletHow to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

The basis of the ventilation system is the fan. If you correctly choose, the unpleasant odors ever leave your toilet and bathroom. To begin calculate the area of a ventilated room. The next thing you should definitely pay attention to when choosing a fan is the noise level. Choose a fan with a minimum noise, outside the range of 0 to 40 decibels. It is almost silent to the human ear. It is best to choose a fan which operates using ball bearings because it have high strength and durability.

Types of fans ↑

Fans are divided into the following types:

  • fans with two buttons – on and off;
  • having the ability to be powered from a source of light, i.e. when the light is switched on the fan;
  • time;
  • remote controlled.

When purchasing a fan, be sure to pay attention to his performance. This is perhaps the main indicator that you need to choose a fan. If the fan is low power, the air in the bathroom or the toilet will not be sent in the exhaust channel, thereby deteriorating the atmosphere not only in the bathroom but also throughout the apartment.

It is important!!! Best is the fan, which can ensure the change of the air in the toilet or in the bathroom for two hours.

Installation of ventilation in the bathroom ↑

Between the device of the ventilation system in the bathroom and toilet there is no difference, so consider the overall structure. The ventilation system looks like this:

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

Without a doubt, the system is complex, but we cannot live without it.

Cleaning ventilation duct ↑

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

Before installation of the ventilation system be sure to check vozduhoprovodyaschih ducts. If the scan you find that the vent is clogged, install a fan is meaningless, until the canal is cleaned. To do this, take a brush with which to clean our chimney, and how it pulls hand, to purge. There is another easy way of cleaning, but more dangerous. Take a can of gas, spray gas inside the channel and ignite. So you quickly clean channel from a gathering cobwebs and dust. Just be very careful!! If you live in an apartment building, and each apartment is equipped with its own vent, to clean it, do the following. Tie a rope to the cargo and lower it into the channel, gently rotating suspension.

But this option is not applicable if the vent one and it includes the other struts at a right angle.

It is important!!! Before installing the ventilation system, call the utility services that the professionals have cleaned the vent.

Installation of ventilation in the bathroom ↑

There are several ways to install:

  • call of installers;
  • installation of the climate control absolutely everything home or apartment;
  • installation of ventilation independently.

Just in the last method we will take a closer look.

The installation of forced ventilation systems ↑

Make the house natural ventilation, and forced will have little trouble. But respecting simple rules, you install the system as well as any specialist. First you need to check the ventilation shaft. This bring to mine a lighted match. If the flame burns or stretches a little in the mine, the mine will have to clear, if the fire is almost sucked, then with duct everything is in order and you can proceed to installation.

If you can’t install a fan directly into the duct, nothing, just you need to buy a few meters of the duct, which you then can hide in the ceiling or to decorate it. There are several types of hoses:

  • flexible. They are usually made of plastic and is the cheapest;
    How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet
  • semi-rigid. The cost of such hose applies to the average price category. Such hoses are used, if you want to extend the duct not more than 10 meters;
  • hard. These hoses are the most expensive, but highest quality.

If you had to lengthen the duct, you will need the airbox.

Convenient to install ventilation in direct connection with the switch. To do this, simply run the cable from the fan to the switch, and the ventilation will work when in the bath or in the toilet lights on.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

To simplify the installation will help the installation of the duct fan. This fan is mounted directly in the air duct and is switched on only when it is really necessary.

For installation of the ventilation system you will need:

  • fan and accessories thereto;
  • ventilation grille;
  • adhesive sealant;
  • screwdriver;
  • the dowel-nails;
  • additional duct if the fan is not reaching the embedded.

When installing the fan, follow these rules:

  • the fan should be the maximum under the ceiling;
    How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet
  • place ventilation system on the side opposite the air source;
  • the mounting is better done in a wet area bathroom;
  • before mounting the fan make the layout arrangement of the wires.

So you can hide wires behind the tile, or cable channel.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom with your hands, you can clearly see in the video:

It is important!! If you don’t know how to install a ventilation system or you cannot come, call the master at home.

If you have a wooden house – ventilation is much better. With the help of draught created by an open window or door and small slits between the logs, all the smells will be displayed much faster. But despite this advantage, the ventilation system you need to install.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

Mechanical ventilation not suitable for combined and shared ventilation systems bathroom and toilet.

Sometimes as a supporting element for ventilation use the door vents. If you don’t want to spoil the design of the door, you can just leave a bigger gap between the door and the floor. So the ventilation will be carried out, and the door will remain intact.

After you have installed the ventilation system, you will need to cover up the pipe that it was not visible. For this you can use a plasterboard box, which is placed directly on the fan. In this case the hole must remain.

It is important! In any case, do not fully close air vent, so that air will not be able to pass full flow into the ventilation shaft. It is also contrary to the standards of operation of residential premises.

Check valve for ventilation ↑

How to make ventilation in the bathroom and toilet

Sometimes the ventilation system is not doing its function, and air, which needs to stretch, it comes back into the room or stays in there. To resolve this problem is to install a check valve. Their design is very simple, but the purpose of the truth is important. With non-return valve, all the exhaust air goes to the ventilation pipe. Distinguish:

  • mounted horizontally;
  • mounted vertically.

When choosing a check valve, you need to consider what your ventilation system. So, if the duct is oriented vertically, respectively, and air direction should be vertical, then install a horizontal check valve. If the vent system is horizontal, your choice – this valve is vertical. The damper blades must provide proper air movement, so the direction of the ventilation system is inversely proportional to the mean valve.

It is important! The higher throughput of the valve, the more its power.

The reasons for the poor performance of the ventilation system ↑

If after the installation of the ventilation system had problems in its work, it is possible that during the installation mistakes were made. The poor performance of the system can be attributed to:

  • the irregular layout of the ventilation system of the entire premises or the building (if condo). Here, unfortunately, the fix will not work;
  • mistakes made in calculations during the installation. Perhaps if the measurements were the inaccuracies that later became the reason for the incorrect location of the fan;
  • defective fan and other parts used during installation. If you replace the fan and other components, the situation has improved, so blame the marriage, if not, better call the wizard.
  • a damaged venting system of other apartments.
It is important! When buying components, be sure to check the integrity of all items! Ask the consultant all the questions on the fan and system as a whole. When installing be careful.

In order for you to live example to see how to set the ventilation system in the bathroom, because the principle of installation is the same, we encourage you to view the video:

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