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At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

At whose expense is the fixation of the riserIn any apartment building, there are engineering systems as heating, water supply, sewage, etc. And sooner or later there is a need for repair of these systems. Repair of risers is a difficult, nervous and expensive work, which is better scheduled. But there are situations when to have a sense of urgency. For example, if a pipe burst or a small leak. In such cases, there is a lot of questions, the answers to which need to as quickly as possible. There are issues about how the legal side, for example: «At whose expense is paid for repair of the riser?», and technical: «How is the replacement of pipes?».

Let’s start with the detailed consideration of the legal aspects.

Who and at whose expense needs to repair the riser? ↑

The planned works on replacement of struts shall be held not less than once in 25 – 35 years. Struts is part of obschedomovoy communication, if they are inoperable as a result of aging, their repair and payment have to produce a management company, because in the monthly rent includes an amount which should go to the maintenance of pipes, pipes and other components of engineering systems. In the case if residents of a particular apartment decided on a whim or as a result of improper operation to repair the pipe, then they should produce at their own expense.

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

As for municipal houses, they are the property of the city administration, therefore, the repair of risers in social housing is at her expense. If necessary, repairs need to write a statement and send to the administration of the town or district, and they, in turn, sends a request for repair to the management company.

If engineering systems requiring repair are privatized, then this repair will have to pay for all tenants.

Well, of course, if the house is private, no one but its owner should not bear the cost of repair of any engineering systems. So look for employees who will repair and pay for their work should the owner.

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

If the person responsible for the condition of the struts of a particular engineering system, trying to shirk their duties, to solve the problem of repair in two ways:

  1. First, you can write a letter and send to the management company, if the reaction is not followed, then you can submit a complaint with the housing authority. Most often, these measures are usually enough, but if the problem is still not solved, then you can go to court. This process is quite long and requires a lot of patience and strong nerves.
  2. To buy the necessary materials and to pay for the work of plumbing «of pocket». This method is more expensive, but at the same time faster and easy.

Repair of pipes in apartment building ↑

Necessary tools and materials ↑

Materials ↑

In order to determine what materials you will need for the repair of pipes, it is better to seek advice from the management company that applies to your home. It is not necessary to select the material yourself, as this can lead not only to unnecessary spending of your finances, but also to the occurrence of faults in repairable system.

Tools ↑

In the repair process need the following tools:

  • Bulgarian;
  • screwdriver;
  • chisel;
  • hammer;
  • the perforator;
  • claw hammer;
  • scrap;
  • polyethylene;
  • machine for grinding;
  • protective equipment: gloves, glasses, mask;
  • building level.

Milestones ↑

Regardless of which engineering system is the riser repairs will consist of the following stages:

  1. dismantling of old equipment;
  2. installing a new;
  3. the connection to the wiring.

Consider in more detail the processes of change risers of different engineering systems.

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

Repair heating riser ↑

In the repair of heating riser better to replace the whole span, you have neighbors above and below. The repair is made in the following stages:

  1. The first thing is to pull the riser and drain the water..
  2. Next, make the tube removal. This is done by cutting with grinder and then extracted from slabs.
  3. The next step is to install the battery. On the wall indicate the place to which they will be installed. Then, using the building level, secure the battery so that it stood perfectly straight. The mount is produced with a punch. The upper and lower part of the battery connect with the neighborhood system.
  4. The next stage is the immediate installation of the riser. The installation method depends entirely on the material from which made the pipe. Most often, the heating system using the method of welding.
  5. Next, make the battery connection to the pipe.
    The Council! to install the jumper, which, in the case of an emergency, you can cut off a separate area heating and not shutting off the whole system.
  6. The last step is filling the system with water.

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

Repair riser water supply ↑

Modern water systems often consist of plastic polyethylene pipes, because they are easy to install, have long life and rarely clog.

The stages of repair:

  1. The overlap of the standpipe and to drain water.
  2. The dismantling of the old system. Before you start work it is necessary to make the layout of wiring, or after the completion of dismantling will have to make a new layout of pipes.
  3. Preparation of tubing of the desired size and marking their location. Marks are made in places where will be installed the mounting clip. Pipe cut into segments of desired length. Docking places are cleaned and degreased.
  4. Welding of joints. At this stage, the necessary apparatus for welding with a nozzle made of Teflon, which must be heated to a temperature of 250 degrees. When welding produce a simultaneous attachment of the fitting and pipe that connect to the mark that was set in advance. In this way produce a spike all nodes.
  5. The connection of the riser with its neighbors through coupling. If the material of the pipes in your apartment is different from the neighbor, use a special adapter.

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

Repair riser sewer system ↑

Repair of the sewer riser is to do with the passage of the slab between the floors, because these places are the most vulnerable in this system. If this is not possible, it is inset from floor to ceiling.

Stages of repair the sewer riser:

  1. Dismantling: on each floor breaks through the hole around the pipe, through which, starting from the top, pull the old pipe.
  2. Next, install a new sewer system, starting from the bottom.
  3. Sewer pipes inserted into each other and fixed by a ring made of rubber, which squeezes them tightly and gives them to disconnect.
  4. The highest point of the sewer riser must be located in the attic.
Attention! It is not necessary to repair the sewer riser in the apartment independently, it can lead to damages the whole sewer system of the house. This is especially true of cast-iron sewers, which have considerable weight, which complicates the repair process. It is better to entrust this work to professionals-plumbers!

At whose expense is the fixation of the riser

Suggest you learn more about the process of replacing the risers by viewing the video located below:

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