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Replacement radiators in the apartment

The battery can be made not only in case of failure of the old, but even if you want to put modern radiators. For example, aluminium products are lighter and more beautiful, so they are often installed in apartments. But the most common reason for replacement is the insufficient level of heat in rooms.

How to choose a radiator ↑

Before you replace the battery, you should consider their views and decide which is best to install radiators in a particular room. In stores you can see the following types:

  1. Aluminum. These radiators are light and installed quickly. They have a high dissipation and beauty appearance. Because of this they can be installed in rooms with different interior.
  2. Iron. These batteries are cheaper and low maintenance, but for efficient heating of the apartment will need a large number of sections, which increases the weight of the structure.
  3. Steel. These batteries contribute to the achievement of high heat transfer and can have different sizes.
  4. Bimetal. This form of radiator is lightweight and beauty appearance. Some apartment owners are installing them yourself, as the installation is quite simple.

Replacement radiators in the apartment

How to change batteries ↑

If the battery is installed in the bedroom in an apartment building, then drain the water from them is not easy. In many cases, it is necessary to cover the whole house. This means that to do all the work yourself does not work, because these employees are engaged in government bodies.

To replace the radiator, you should contact the housing maintenance office. If you try to do everything yourself, you can get a pretty big fine. To drain the water from the heating system, you should first apply after which consideration, the authorities will issue a permit. Best to do it before summer so as not to cause inconvenience to neighbours.

The process of replacing the radiator ↑

At the thought of replacing the batteries, many are working professionals, but if you have knowledge about how this process occurs, it is possible to do everything own hands. Installing a new radiator occurs in several stages:

  1. Dismantling of the old battery. If it is attached to the pipe by means of a threaded connection, for disassembly it is sufficient to Unscrew the nut. In another case we have to use the grinder.
    Replacement radiators in the apartment
  2. Canopy new radiator. At this stage it is necessary to calculate in advance the exact place to install and they sounded horizontal and vertical. If this is not done, then connect the radiator to the riser will be difficult. The bias is visible to any visitor of the apartment. The level of required and during the creation of threaded connections.

    Replacement radiators in the apartment

  3. Collect the whole set. At this stage, preparation of all necessary elements (bypass, tap Majewski, ball and radiator valves).
  4. Thread on the pipe. This action is not always required, as is most commonly used welding.
  5. Battery connection with a boner. In addition to welding the connection of a battery by metal pipes. Select the method of connection depends on the design of the radiator and the riser.

Replacement radiators in the apartment

A variety of schemes of connection of the radiators ↑

Radiator installation can be done in several ways:

  1. Installation with no jumpers. In this case, the mounting of the crane-American women. Due to this, the landlord can remove the battery at any time. This may be necessary, for example, during repair.
  2. Inserting the battery with a jumper without a crane. In this case, there is a possibility to block the water that goes into the radiator.
  3. Installation with a jumper and a tap. Thanks to this system you can direct the coolant only through the radiator, which will increase the temperature.

How to install ↑

Before battery replacement, you should decide which pipes will be used. It may be plastic products, polypropylene or standard metal. The most common is the first, as they are more reliable. While metal pipes look more beautiful than welded.

If mounting the aluminum radiator, you must first shut off the heating circuit and then drain all remaining water from the system. After hooking the battery is checked with a level gauge. When the battery is hung from retrieved stub is connected using couplings with thread. To ensure that all the joints were sealed using hemp or other material to seal.

For connection single-pipe circuit, you must have:

  • tee for the metal pipes;
  • adapter;
  • direct control valve;
  • a valve to release air;
  • shut-off valve.

After installation you will need crimping for which you want to call a specialist.

Installing cast iron radiators ↑

Despite the popularity of modern radiators some apartment owners still prefer the cast iron products. Most often, the choice is justified by the fact that this material retains heat well and is therefore ideal for heating. Before installing this radiator should be familiar with the features of this process:

  1. Before installing the battery, it is necessary to completely disassemble and adjust the nipple. So they loosened evenly, the effect of both is at the same time.
  2. After that she again is going.
  3. Next, the battery needs to be pressure-tested to check for leaks.

If the wall is wooden, the radiator is best to choose a floor stand. Connection to pipes is done by means of couplings with threaded or welding machine.

Replacement radiators in the apartment

Where to go when replacing the batteries ↑

Some residents of apartment buildings attempt to install a new battery without thinking about the consequences. Wrong battery in the winter in an apartment building can lead to thermal imbalance that will affect other people. That is why all actions must be agreed with the relevant authorities. And it does not matter which period is being installed batteries. In the worst case independent actions lead to the creation of an emergency.

According to the rules of operation of housing stock, monitoring the installation of radiators must be carried out by the organization that supports a certain house. This means that without the permission of such services is not allowed not only extra batteries or increase their area, but also the replacement of obsolete parts of the heating system for the new.

The owner of the apartment must be confirmed:

  • the installation of new radiators that are different from those that were established earlier;
  • changing batteries of the same type;
  • changing the position of the radiators in the apartment.

When mounting the same batteries that were installed previously, a permit is not required, but the owner is obliged to inform about the upcoming repair. This is necessary in order to avoid problems in emergency situations.

In other cases, you need to call the person who will determine whether installation of a particular type of battery or changing their position in the apartment. In the course of the examination of the possibility of damage to the entire heating system at home.

If you increase the square battery, the load on the radiators to start to be distributed unevenly so that in some apartments the temperature will be lower than planned. In case of discrepancy between the rules and the lack of permission for replacement radiators in the apartment in winter, the owner of the apartment may have problems with the law.

To replace the radiators in the apartment and enjoy the comfort, need to be concerned about obtaining documents in advance and it is best to start doing it before summer, so during installation, do not have to drain the water.

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