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The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

If you want to become the owner of a really solid design of the fence, then screw the fence you are perfect. Using screw piles for the fence, you will never have problems with it sagging or distortion. Also a big plus is the fact that to install you will be able. You’ll find it much cheaper than to contact a qualified workers.

What are screw piles and how to use them ↑

A metal pipe with a cutting blade on the end, which allows it to screws into the ground and is a screw pile. Screw it can be independently and manually with the help of special equipment. It is important to know that using screw piles for the fence is necessary to have good corrosion-resistant coating and treated with special compositions, which will allow construction to last more than 50 years.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

Screw piles are of the following types:

  • welded;
  • with litho tip;
  • with litho tip galvanised.

If you want to make a simple fence, then screw piles under the fence you better use the ones that look like a regular tube of metal with a spiral blade. If you need a concrete fence, then it is better to take piles with cast tip, as they usually have a diameter of more than 75 mm. Often used in strengthening the foundations of various buildings. It has the advantage that, due to the molten tip it is easily screwed into the ground, even with a large diameter.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

The advantages and disadvantages of screw piles ↑

One of the advantages of the fence on screw piles is exactly what happens of soil disturbance, as usually happens when digging pits and piles their blades perfectly held in the soil, can not be said about many other supports.

  • The first thing should be noted fairly quick installation compared to other, through the process of screwing;
  • the design of such a fence will cost you quite inexpensive, after all if to understand, it requires only a metal tube and nothing more;
  • in comparison with concrete pillars, they are very stable in the case of raising groundwater, because the soil they adhere very well, which is not true of concrete poles;
  • to work on the installation can be started immediately, and most importantly, that it does not require any equipment;
  • this can be done in any weather, and if necessary, the pile can be easily unscrewed and re-install elsewhere.

The disadvantages of screw piles a bit, but they still exist. Screw them in stony soils, naturally will not be easy, because in such places it is better not to install.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

Installation of the fence on screw piles with their hands ↑

First you need to decide with the pipes for the fence you will approach the pipe, the length of which does not exceed 3 m, at the same time, half of which will be screwed into the ground. Screw posts for a fence can be in cross-section square, rectangular or round. If you are going to do the fence on the loose soil, the diameter it is necessary to choose more if the soil at the site is solid and dense, the diameter is taken less.

You should know that if you want firmly and securely set the pole, then the end it should be smooth and sharp, and the length to be not less than 10 cm Due to this, the installation process will be much easier. The blade thickness should be not less than 8 mm, and it must begin on the pin, moreover, do not damage the blades and changing their original configuration.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

It is worth remembering that the pipe must exactly vertically enter the soil. If you are sure that you will be able to do it, it is better to buy or rent equipment, with which you will be able to check the verticality of installation. But if you have such possibility, we recommend to use a winch with a clamp and plumb.

Installation work ↑

The installation of the fence on screw piles, primarily involves the use of tools: plumb Bob, cord, level, screwdriver, electric drill, angle grinder, welding machine.

Before starting, mark out the area and identify places that need to be screw piles. Before you start work, you should know what is the depth of soil freezing, because the pipe will need to be lowered half a meter below.

It is important to determine the composition of the soil. For this purpose it would be necessary to drill a well to a depth of 12 m and send it to the lab to do the analysis of moisture, the freezing depth and other characteristics. The site with the changing type of soil, it is best to take several samples in different places.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

In the video you can see the production technology of screw piles with their hands:

Screw piles are necessary so that the blade completely fell in non-frozen soil. For this we need to consider the depth of the layer that freezes. Drilling should occur evenly, you have to watch constantly if there was any abnormalities. If it happens a deviation of more than 2 degrees, then you already have a pile to twist back and twist in a different place.

It is important! Never drive the pile to the location from which you unscrewed, as the properties of the soil are disturbed and its stability will be much lower.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

After I screwed the pile, the last stage, it will be necessary to fill it with a solution, so that the entire structure was strengthened and it was not possible to moisture. The solution should be prepared in proportions of cement and sand is 1:4.

After you have done the installation of all piles should be cut to the same height. In order to do this neatly, you can use the optical rangefinder.

At the top of each pile should be welded plate steel. It is also necessary to distribute a uniform load over the entire area. Also should be treated with protective compounds all welds.

In the end, you tie the channel or wood beam, this is done to improve stiffness. This will help keep the pile in its original position.

How to calculate the parameters ↑

Screw making a fence, you need to calculate what you will need the number of piles, and what bearing capacity of one pile. For this we need to multiply the area of the five piles on the bearing capacity of soil.

The area selected according to the standards: if we take the diameter of 300 mm, the area of the five piles will be 706 sq cm.

If soil bearing capacity, for example 4 kg/sq, the capacity of the pile will be from 2.1 to 2.8 t, Respectively, to the screw piles withstand the load of 26.7 t, their number should be 10 to 12 pieces. The dimensions of the supports are determined on the basis of common parameters.

To calculate the same pile field need to know the stiffness of the beams grillage this chart. If to calculate to lay the grillage with wood or metal, the distance between the piles will be from 2 to 2.5 meters.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

You should know that if you rely only on your hand, then screw the poles for the fence with their hands should take no more than five feet and have a diameter of not more than 76 mm. If the pile is larger diameter, without special equipment can not do here.

If you want to make a brick fence on screw piles, then you first need to install metal or concrete raft Foundation.

Screw pile can withstand weight up to 8 tons, but it will depend on its diameter. It is necessary to set them at a distance of from half to two meters, again dependent on the thickness and height of the fence.

Ideal for covering a fence to mark the sheet metal, which is characterized by its cheapness, quality and durability. Design, which is optimally suited for this, it is best to be combined, that is to have in the ground round section and the top, for example, square. The attached sheet metal roofing screws.

The fence on screw piles: installation, benefits

After the installation of the poles between both the top and bottom are installing rails made of metal that are screwed or fastened by welding. Which mounting method to choose to solve to you, but most importantly – reliability and quality attaching.

The bottom rail should be placed about 30-40 cm from the ground, and the top 30 cm from the top of the pole. If to speak more precisely, for a fence of corrugated steel sheeting will need a pipe with a diameter of 89 mm, but in the case of construction of a fence of stone or brick will need to take the pipe diameter of 108 mm.

Video on the installation of screw piles:

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