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How to paint a metal fence

How to paint a metal fence

The hallmark of any home or suburban area is its protection. Almost all types of fences need regular care, including painting. At first glance it seems that painting the fence is an elementary matter, but in fact, here too there are nuances. The choice of coatings and technology of their application is influenced by the following factors: the material of the fence, the degree of deterioration of the fence as well as style, which must have fence after painting. Even the most nondescript dwelling neatly painted and well maintained fence can give an attractive appearance and, on the contrary, if the fence is neglected, even elite cottage will lose its luster. Besides, correctly and in time painted fence will last longer because the paint coating makes the fence not only attractive, but also protect the effects of external factors. In this article, we look at the painting of metal fence.

What kind of paint to choose? ↑

Currently on the market there are many types of coatings for painting metal. How to choose a suitable?

How to paint a metal fence

For a start it is worth noting that the colors on metal are divided into three most common types:

  • alkyd;
  • oil;
  • acrylic.

There are epoxy paints, but in everyday life they are rarely used, as strongly toxic. Choosing the right coating for a metal fence, you should pay attention to such parameters as resistance to temperature changes and the level of adhesion (adhesion to the painted surface).

Alkyd and oil paints ↑

In oil paint the binder is linseed oil, made from natural oils. This type of coating can withstand the degree of heat to 80C. At higher temperatures it is destroyed. Metal surfaces painted with oil paint, quickly fade, covered with cracks and rust. Therefore, it should not be used when painting a metal fence.

How to paint a metal fence

For galvanized metal is well suited alkyd type paints and enamels. They have a high degree of adhesion, but can not tolerate high temperatures and quickly ignited.

How to paint a metal fence

Acrylic ↑

Relatively recently appeared on the market acrylic paint suitable for application to metal products. She did not lose color or crack, and also perfectly protects the metal from corrosion and adverse weather conditions. This coating is not toxic, not combustible and has high elasticity.

How to paint a metal fence

Universal paint ↑

Today there are paints that can be applied, it is not preparing the surface for painting. Experts still suggest even with the use of coatings, cleaning the surface from dirt and residue from previous paint, as well as the processing of sand paper.

How to paint a metal fence

Paint with a rust inhibitor applied to the metal even when it has rust. They provide protection from further destruction of the metal. This kind of coverage is perfect for painting of ferrous metals, cast iron and steel. There are also enamel, containing in its composition anti-corrosion primer and substances that converts the rust. They are applied to the surface, having traces of rust without the use of soil. Such enamel can be used on metal fences, and concrete.

For fences, non-ferrous, suitable one-component enamel that produce, using organic solvents, the acrylic copolymers and pigments, resistant to corrosion.

Technology painting metal fences ↑

More recently, the staining of metal fences has always produced in three steps. First, prepare the surface, treating it with rust Converter, then primer is produced, and only then passed directly to the dyeing. Progress does not stand still and the market began to appear the first universal primer, which began to perform as the role of soil and the role of a rust Converter, then paint and versatile (three in one), which are applied directly to the metal.

Consider the process of painting a metal fence.

Paint preparation ↑

Before using the paint needed to mix well. For this you can simply stir the contents of the package, but it is better to use a special mixer or a simple stick.

How to paint a metal fence

To get any new color can be produced mixing colors. The main thing to remember is that you cannot mix different types of paints, and the paint is diluted with solvent.

Attention! If opening the jar of paint, you find that the surface is covered with a film or there are clots, it is better to abandon its use. Because the presence of these signs suggests that this product is over the expiration date, or you have violated the conditions of storage, with the result that the paint could lose its properties, and all produced work may be in vain!

Needed to paint the tools ↑

For painting of metal fence will need the following tools:

  • cuvette for paint.
  • brush;
  • roller;
  • the spray gun;
  • sandpaper.
    How to paint a metal fence

Detailed instructions of the staining metal fence ↑

  1. Before painting, clean the metal surface from dirt and dust with conventional cleaners. Then, using anti-rust agents, remove the rust.
    How to paint a metal fence
  2. For better staining galvanized surfaces can be treated with ammonia solution. In the presence of the surface traces of old paintwork should wipe his sandpaper, if it is badly damaged, it is removed using the same sandpaper, hard brush or non-lethal weapons.
    How to paint a metal fence
  3. Produce priming, contributing to the destruction of rust and better adhesion of paint to the surface of the metal of the fence.
  4. The staining of the fence of non-ferrous metals apply the base paint passivation layer. It promotes binding of the metal particles subjected to oxidation. Base coat as the primer makes applying the main paint of a higher quality. When applying basic painting, basic can start for the next day, and sometimes even after three days.
  5. If the paint was purchased in a large package, it is best to cast the necessary quantity in a smaller bowl, and use in the process. So consumption will decrease, and the paint in the package will remain liquid longer.
  6. If the fence consists of metal rods, for his painting is better to use a flat brush with bristles of medium hardness.
    How to paint a metal fence
  7. If the surface of the metal of the fence is smooth and has a large area, it is best to use a roller. This will save you time and paint.
    How to paint a metal fence
  8. When painting metal parts of the fence before you install them or when painting with complex elements use a spray bottle.
    How to paint a metal fence

The following video shows the process for painting a metal fence spray:

Selection of colour and decorative effect ↑

The choice of color is not currently an issue. Paint of almost any company have a wide variety of colors. The paint can be glossy, Semigloss or matte. Even if you want to create a its own unique tone, then you can use the service on computer selection of colors, which is available in stores in this direction.

How to paint a metal fence

You can purchase a paint with a decorative effect. For example, a very popular cover, creating a warp effect or the effect of aged surfaces.

How to paint a metal fence

The advice of professionals ↑

For high-quality and long-lasting staining of the metal fence use the following tips:

  • it is not necessary to Prime the metal with a roller, as it pushes deep into the soil air and moisture, which leads to rapid corrosion;
  • painting of the metal fence is done when the temperature is in the range from +5 to +40C, and humidity is 80-85%;
  • do not dilute the paint a large amount of solvent, as in this case, it will lay down a thin and transparent layer;
  • staining spray gives a more brilliant and smooth surface, rather than painting with a roller or brush.
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