Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

The lighting in the room plays a very important role, it should rationally be distributed throughout and be in harmony with the design of the room. In this article we will try to understand the intricacies of arrangement of light and its correct distribution.

How to distribute the light in the room? ↑

Light is life, from the correct distribution depends on the standard of living. The lighting depends on the mood of the owner, his psychological state. As you know, bright light excites the nervous system, while dim, soothing. From this we can conclude that in the bedroom should not be bright light in this room it is better to place some lamps with a warm light around the perimeter. You should think about the distribution of lamps, there are types of lighting:

  • General;
  • local.

General light is designed for the entire premises, and local – for a particular zone:

  • working place is in the kitchen;
  • lighting of the gazebo on the street;
  • a place for reading;
  • Desk;
  • lighting on the balcony.

Lamps and sconces are very popular, because using them can create a mysterious atmosphere. Lighting performs many functions, clever use of light can change the room beyond recognition. There are certain techniques by which you can change the shape and dimensions of the room. Creating a lighting system, it is necessary to resort to the use of laws of perspective to take into account the direction of the rays and power of the lamp.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

If you need to increase the room height, then you need to use the bright lamp, the light will be aimed at the ceiling. To reduce the height of the ceilings with the help of the illumination of the walls, a dim bulb when it should be placed at the top of the wall. A great way is to use a mirror, this piece will help to create the illusion of duality, that more than anything else, will help to visually enlarge the room. Experienced designers can professionally increase the length of the corridor or any other rectangular space with fixtures in the building.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

You do not even know what results can be achieved with good distribution of light. As you know, our eyes and therefore our brains, with an accuracy of perceived rays of light, and these can be used. Workers of show-business, trade and advertising know very well how light can affect an individual. In various areas of one’s life applies zoning of the space with light. Using bright and subdued lighting, you can emphasize the merits and hide the shortcomings. With light can dramatically change a person’s attitude towards anything.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

The colors are great stimulators of the human psyche. Proper use of colors can help you in your work or household Affairs, and to set your guests or colleagues to a certain mood.

Use blue and light blue color for relaxation, pastel colors will help to relax and calm down.

But green will be a great addition to a child’s room, it can be used as a primary or secondary color.

Warm shades give a feeling of love and joy, you can use them for living rooms or large halls, for areas in which there is always a lively atmosphere.

You can experiment with colors and light, make the lighting in your room more functional, then you will be able to change the mood in the room depending on the current situation.

The hall and living room: the subtleties of light distribution ↑

The Central place of any house is the room, in this room the family gathers to celebrate a significant event, accepted guests and the leisure. In this room should be festive, but at the same time, relaxed atmosphere. For this purpose specialists recommend to use room multi-level lighting, this will help to increase the size of the room and make it more festive. Placing the light in the living room or hall, try to focus on the benefits and beautiful accessories.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

Check out some design rules, decoration of special areas:

  • the atmosphere should be as close to natural, that is, the ceiling should be the brightest, by analogy with the sky. Wall – less bright, the floor should be the darkest. This technique is used to create openness and geniality;
  • the concentration of the light must be in working areas, in the places where you will be spending time;
  • lighting should be moderate in all areas, it is better to use lamps with brightness control so you can adjust the lighting under the situation;
  • the light spectrum should match the colors of the walls and ceiling, that is, the blue lamp should not be used if the wall and stream is done in warm colors;
  • use local lighting to accent the important interior items and accessories, it can be photo frames, figurines, candle holders or decorative vases.

Bedroom – the Kingdom of sleep and rest ↑

The colors and lighting in the bedroom should be quiet and unobtrusive, as this room is designed for relaxation. Here it is better to use both General and local lighting. Lamps can be placed around the perimeter, with an emphasis on beautiful interior items. The splendor and sophistication can add a combination of two colors, but the different between a maximum in one tone.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

Children’s room ^ the

Experts advise to choose the bright and fresh colors for the nursery. There should not be a heavy light, it needs to be diffused and moderate power. Try each working area is equipped with a separate local lamps. Remember that in the nursery your child not only sleeps and plays, but also makes the lessons, develops and cognizes the world. Therefore, try to make the room as functional and comfortable. The lamp on the desktop must be located on the left side, the light from it should not fall into the child’s eyes.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

Buy a nightlight for the nursery, his light should be as dim so as not to disturb the sleeping child. You can choose playful lamps and nightlights, you might find a sconce or lamp with your favorite cartoon character of your child. Don’t forget about child safety, check the appliance before using.

The light in the kitchen ↑

In this room need bright light, especially in working areas. Kitchen sink, stove and a dining table should be well publicized. For zone meal perfect pendant lamp with mild light, furniture facades and tabletops can be fitted with spotlights. Choose functional adjustable with bendable handle. In order to give the room an aesthetic look, stop your choice on an openwork lamps, this will help to create the kitchen atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

Bathroom lighting ↑

The relaxation room should be decorated in pastel tones, the light should emphasize the smooth lines and soft transitions. Hang a few small lights near the mirror, choose a powerful lamp that does not dazzle the eyes. On the perimeter, place a point of moderate power. Additional accessories and furnishings will help to create a harmonious design and to emphasize the elegance of the room.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

The placement of the light in a hallway or corridor ↑

To make these places more extensive and long put at the end of them lamps of sufficient brightness. Perimeter can place a point light, which will help to give the room some sophistication and charm.

Tips for selecting lighting in the house and the apartment

A separate area such as a closet or storage area, need local lighting, the General will not be enough for these places. The hallway should be bright and colourful, this is where you will meet the guests to gather before leaving for work. Therefore, it is necessary that hall has created a lasting positive impression, both for you and for your friends. An excellent addition to the hallway or living room will be wall sconces or decorative lamps. If your hallway has photos or paintings, make emphasis on them with lighting.

Rational and correct use of light will help you always feel great in your house where you can always relax and gain vitality.

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