The lighting in the garage led standalone tube

Artificial lighting in the garage allows you to provide comfortable conditions of storage and repair of the vehicle, regardless of the time of day. In addition, thanks to the quality of lighting you can work in the room where no Windows.

According to experts, to solve the issue with the garage lighting is necessary in the process of creating his project. Every seemingly insignificant detail (the location of lights, their type, etc.), must be taken into consideration since the installation of the lighting system should be carried out with strict observance of safety rules.

The lighting in the garage led standalone tube

How to choose the most optimal scheme? ↑

When choosing lighting for the future of the garage is recommended to follow some rules, thanks to which the installation quality will be much better:

  • To the room was left dark areas, the light flux should be evenly distributed over the entire area. To achieve the desired effect it is necessary to use local and common type of lighting. Due to this, Parking and car maintenance will be more convenient.
  • To produce the highest quality illumination necessary to choose such scheme of placing the light so that it comfortable to use. This will perfectly suit a modular system, so that you can illuminate as the entire room and its separate areas.
  • Of course, it is necessary to solve the issues concerning energy savings. For example, this purpose is perfectly suitable energy saving lamps.

Possible options ↑

Any lighting fixture has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, before you opt for a certain type of bulb, you should carefully read their specifications to acquire the best option.

Currently used energy-saving, led, fluorescent, and incandescent.

One of the most popular options is the garage lighting with incandescent lamps. Their main advantages include affordability, ease of installation and ruggedness. The greatest weaknesses are the unevenness of the luminous flux, low lifetime and high power consumption.

Another common option are fluorescent lamps, which with a small power consumption provide quite a powerful, uniform light output for quite a long time. Unfortunately, these lamps have one significant drawback – a large dependence on the ambient temperature (for example, in extreme cold, they may simply not light up). In this regard, if the choice fell on this type of lamps, you should additionally consider quality heating system garage.

The lighting in the garage led standalone tube

One of the most economical options is the use of energy-saving lamps, which are equally well prove to be both local and General garage lighting. They consume little power, have long life and resistant to temperature changes.

Also in recent years become increasingly popular led lighting in the garage (usually it is used only for local lighting). Its advantages are low energy consumption and quality of light output. The main disadvantages include greater cost, which is completely overlapped by its ease of use.

The lighting in the garage led standalone tube

Features of installation of the lighting system ↑

For the creation of the wiring diagram you want:

  • To prepare a project during project creation the garage.
  • To carry out installation before the start of finishing works. In that case, if the finish has been completed, the wiring can be done open, and the cables removed in special plastic boxes.
  • To connect ceiling fixtures use stranded wire, a section of which is 1.5-2 mm.
  • For the most accurate lighting certain areas of the garage, it is recommended to apply the cascade system of circuit breakers.
  • Lamps for General lighting should be placed on the ceiling and lamps on the walls.
  • Pit requires the local lighting, which requires the use of low voltage light sources, whose power is 12 volts. Such requirements caused by the special conditions of a basement in which a high level of humidity. The power of such lamps it is advisable to perform from the General grid with additional use of step-down transformer. Wiring should ideally be located in the side walls.
  • To Parking at night was more convenient, to the gate of the garage and the entrance is also recommended to bring lighting.

Lighting inspection pit in the garage ↑

Pit – one of the essential attributes of each garage, the owners of which are self-repairs of their vehicles. Thanks to her you receive the ability to carry out all necessary steps with the machine in a comfortable environment. Given that pit is exactly the same construction object, as well as other buildings, its arrangement is accompanied by mandatory compliance with all regulations and safety rules. One of these requirements relates to the quality of lighting.

An observation well as a garage in General, are objects with a high level of humidity, therefore, safety in their lighting requires the installation of only low voltage portable and stationary lighting.

For lighting inspection pit can be used:

  • lamps with a voltage of 36 V;
  • low-voltage lamps 12 V;
  • portable lighting rechargeable.

Special built-in step-down transformers 220V/36V and 220V/36V, which is installed in a single panel with the meter, is able to reduce the voltage to an acceptable figure.

In addition, you should pay attention to sealed lamps for garage, which is equipped with protection from moisture and dust. These lamps in protective grids fitted inside special grooves placed on each side of an inspection pit. Thanks to this lighting system, the motorist will be able to carry out all necessary repairs, without exposing themselves to any risk.

To provide coverage for hard-to-reach parts of the vehicle necessary to use a specially made pet carrier with a lamp, the capacity of which does not exceed 36 V. At this low voltage lamp is to be connected with a cord whose length is at least 4 meters. To secure the carrier should drive the appropriate hooks in the safe execution of the wall inspection pit.

Electrical wire in the pit and the garage should be carried out in full compliance with safety requirements and with the rules of PES. Switches inspection pit must be placed outside the pit and separately from the other switches.

Useful tips ↑

A few tips on connecting the lighting system in the garage:

  • If the street in front of the front door, will set the light, then it is recommended to install the sensor movement. Due to this, the lamp will illuminate only if it is someone suitable, and thus will save electricity. Also, instead of the sensor movement, you can use a photocell, so that the lamp will only turn on in the dark.
  • During installation work, be sure to address issues relating to the grounding wiring, which will help avoid future unpleasant situations.
  • To the same question about safety is the moment, excluding the purchase of cheap imitations. Buying all the necessary things, it is better to overpay, but buy quality goods, exploitation of which is not accompanied by unforeseen events.
  • All electrical appliances should be required to protect the circuit breaker and RCD. These devices will be able to securely protect the network from overload, short circuit and leakage current.
  • It is recommended to make a standalone garage lighting, which should connect led light sources from the battery with a capacity of 12 Volts. If the electricity suddenly switches off, the charged battery will be able to work up to 10 hours.
  • If the garage will be provided with a heating system, you can install fluorescent lamps, if not, then it is recommended to purchase led lamps. Fluorescent lighting, as mentioned above, is not able to operate at low temperatures, therefore, to garage lighting, they don’t fit.

The lighting in the garage led standalone tube

A little bit about led lighting ↑

Despite its high cost, led lighting has many advantages, which is why they are gradually replacing fluorescent lamps.

The main advantage of led lamps is their long life which can reach 50-80 thousand hours (i.e., about three years). It is also worth noting that in the process, LEDs are virtually no heat, so are completely fireproof (which is especially important in rooms such as the garage, where many motorists sometimes keep combustibles). Led bulb work well even under frequent turning on and off, so you should not worry that they will fail at the most inopportune moment. They work fine regardless of temperature, whether cold or heat, providing the required illumination level.

LEDs are completely safe from the point of view of environmental safety, since they do not contain in their composition of mercury. Unlike fluorescent lamps they are almost not afraid of mechanical damage, as the glass in their manufacture is not used.

When deciding on high-quality garage lighting, should be based not only on their own taste preferences, but also to consider the area of the garage, the type of its interior finishes, color scheme, number and characteristics of working areas and so on.

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