Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

LEDs nowadays have become very popular. Because thanks to them, you can make a good enough lighting. So if you want to have great lighting in the apartment and make it unique, you will definitely succeed. Most popular led light was because they can cover almost anything.

Led lighting in the apartment can be done in many ways, they are the same we consider in this article.

Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

What are the types of led lighting unit ↑

The load they carry lighting the following types: basic, working, accent, decorative. Also not excluded combine multiple light sources in a location.

Naturally, for each type there are certain requirements, which will have to adhere to.

The main function type – uniform distribution of light throughout the apartment. Thus it is necessary to avoid distortion of any items in the premises, the neutrality and uniformity of illumination of the entire area.

Often working type used in the kitchen (for example, over the stove or sink), above the Desk, above the mirror. So it had its effects, it is necessary to avoid glare, harsh shadows, and light can be directed in the right place.

Accent led lighting in the apartment it is possible to tell speaks for itself, it needs to focus on something attention. For example to draw attention to the decorative elements, in this case, the light source should be ideally located.

With decorative you can make the decoration of his apartment. Using it, you can highlight the desired areas of the apartment, visually, to make more space in the room. Of course, you can make the lighting for flowers in the apartment. Led tape is ideal to bring all this to reality.

Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

The led lighting sources ↑

  • Spotlights. They come in swivel and fixed. Their installation usually occurs on the stretch and suspended ceilings, the furniture, the kitchen. Use them for decorative or General lighting;
  • another source may be noted and recessed overhead ceiling lights. They are usually square or circular and have a diameter of 35 cm;
  • also, there are linear lamps, they have a length up to 60 cm, install them in the ceiling for General lighting. Still they can be used for decorative lighting in the apartment; in this case, they are placed on shelves, cupboards, etc.;
  • led lamps are used for accent or decorative lighting. Place them in the cartridges suspended or recessed luminaires;
  • often use led strips, which are used to illuminate the interior. A great advantage of such tapes is that the requirements almost no, so you can arrange them in any room of your house or apartment.

How to use LEDs to make the room beautiful and unique ↑

Due to the fact that LEDs are not harmful to the human body can do a variety of experiments. Basis lighting is the ceiling for him can be taken or fixtures, or tape. You should know that with the tape it will be much easier.

It should be noted that the installation of lighting in the apartment is, of course, differ, depending on the ceiling and what are the lamps. How to make proper lighting in the apartment with led lights mounted in the ceiling drywall? Let’s face it.

Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

  • The first step is to determine the norms of ambient light and then calculate how much it will need lights. In order to do this, you can use specially designed for this program. Counting rules need to take into account the coefficients of reflectivity of the surfaces, the characteristics of the lamp, the dimensions of the room, the height of suspension of fixtures;
  • leads are selected on the basis of special tabulations based on the total power of spotlights. For them, the best option is to buy wire brands such as PVA SHVVP and having a section of 1.5 mm?;
  • also looking at the total wattage of the lamps is selected and the step-down transformer;
  • next is mounting the junction box to the wiring carried out, to determine the place for the lamps, then they make holes and pull wires. The next step is the connection of cartridges of lamps in a General network by means of terminal boxes, and then insert lighting luminaires in the ceiling, insert the cartridges light bulbs and install the retainers.

In the video you can see how to install led downlights:

All of these actions, of course, you can do it yourself, but if you have too little knowledge to work with electricity, the best option would be, if you entrust the case to experienced professionals, because ignorance can lead to bad consequences.

Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

Do the ceiling lighting with led strips ↑

Led ribbon is a flexible fee, which are evenly spaced LEDs. If you are going to mount a tape in the ceiling drywall, but it must be done after the ceiling is already installed. In the case of the suspended ceiling, the opposite is happening, the led strip must be mounted to the ceiling.

You should know that this is what will help you become the owner of unique spaces, as the lighting you’ll be able to do even in the form of any figure, which you will like, and it will look very beautiful and impressive.

In General, the light band make will not be easy. To start, determine the length and capacity of the tape itself, also needed is a step-down transformer, and maybe the controller that will be needed in the case when you use a ribbon with LEDs of the same color. With it, you can do adjustment of color and brightness.

When everything is ready, the next step will be to develop a ceiling. The surface must be well prepared, not to damage the Board during installation. Before you install the tape, it is, of course, don’t forget to check by connecting to the network. If everything is working, the led light strip fits into the niche ceiling, and after removing the adhesive well is pressed against the surface.

After that, it connects to the power supply and the controller. Should know that be sure to respect the polarity, because if you ignore this rule, you can deteriorate the LEDs. To the terminals L+ and N – connect wires a home net.

Led lighting in the corridor, the hall, the kitchen with their hands

Unit to the controller should be connected also with the correct polarity. For connection to the controller the tape is applied it leads.

Well equipping this lighting can be used as the main.

What good LEDs ↑

What might be the advantages and disadvantages of led lighting in the apartment? As soon as led’s became popular, all immediately began to look for their shortcomings. But as such they do not exist. Only, it can be noted the disadvantage that some people can just be bad to take such a light. But, if you look, you can even be attributed to the cons.

If we compare led with halogen and gas discharge lamps, the lack of negative impact they, of course, win. Moreover, they are not at all harmful for the human body, they do not emit visible light in addition to us. Therefore if you are thinking about installing such lighting in your apartment, then this is the ideal option, because, as you can see, it just has some advantages.


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