Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

As you know, the kitchen is the center of the hearth. So the atmosphere in this room affects the family climate. In this regard, one of the main aspects is the lighting of the kitchen. Important is not only an aesthetic issue, but also its technical side.

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Types of kitchen lighting ↑

After the palette of colors chosen for the kitchen, comes the stage of installation of the lighting. It is customary to divide the space of the installation of lighting accessories for the following areas:

  • working area;
  • area dining room table;
  • General lighting;

More correct from the point of view of design to separate these areas with additional light sources incorporated in the furniture or the floor. Today the kitchen is used by a large number of household appliances, so proper lighting of the working area just need.

The illumination of the working area ↑

It is worth remembering that most of the time spent in this room, is the cooking process. On this basis, the logical solution is to give priority to the installation of lights in places of work with the products. The direction of the luminous flux perpendicularly to the working plane ensure a maximum degree of light. Be aware that for a better visual perception, lighting slabs, countertops and sinks must be ravnopravno.

The Council! Experts recommend the most simple attachment of the light source — the bottom of the wall cabinets.

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Compact and convenient light sources:

  • fluorescent lamp elongated shape, or halogen analogues of a low voltage;
  • led strip;
  • the led clusters on the basis of.

At the moment the market of furniture for kitchens provides a rich selection of products with embedded light sources, which eliminates the hassle and gives additional maneuver during the planning and arrangement of rooms.

To create additional light sources, you can use the walls and ceiling. As a rule, such options are resorted to when the furniture is installed no hanging cabinets. It is better to use brackets on a flexible or movable manner. This method allows you to retain the ability to adjust the direction of light rays. If the main place of work products is closer to the center, most favorably to light the lamps descending from the ceiling on brackets or the cords.

The Council! For correct installation of lighting over the worktop in the first place is to decide what type of fixture will be mounted.

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

What is the lamp for the work area is better to choose ↑

Chandelier ↑

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Used in most cases to the layout of the kitchens as the Central source of light. But, because of its location in the center of the room, the amount of light emanating from it, may not be sufficient to create the necessary comfort in the working area. Not fully solves the problem and its rearrangement in the side of the desktop. Its main feature is the creation of an overall favorable visual mood in the room and primarily in the location of the dining table.

Lamps ↑

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Lamps usually use spot focus, implemented on the basis of halogen lamps. They can be used very efficiently to illuminate the work area and to give it a festive flavor. However, this method is not very convenient.

Fluorescent lamps ↑

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Consider the kind of lighting built into the bottom of the hanging cabinets. It stretches along the entire plane of the working area, thereby not only allow the light rays to a uniform dispersion, but also to distinguish among the rest of the interior kitchen aprons. It is also worth noting that in the case of using lighting of the whole room only light intended for the working area, it forms a unique romantic atmosphere.

Led ribbon ↑

This kind of lighting allows to implement various design options. Since its feature is the ability to select backlight color, and its intensity and uniformity. Led strip light provides high level comfort and gives a lot of positive emotions.

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Attention! An important advantage of this type is its efficiency in terms of electricity consumption.

Lamps with directional light ↑

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

This kind of lamps can serve the function of illuminating the work area, and kitchen space. They are mounted by analogy with fluorescent lamps and will become indispensable when cooking and create a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

Pendant lamps ↑

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

As a rule, installation is carried out directly on the table or kitchen island. This species occurs in kitchens is very rare and considered very original. Pendant lights are very convenient to use and provide the necessary degree of illumination of the surface.


Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

They are called “glass apron”. Refers to the complex types of lighting and in recent time is gaining popularity. Modern model kitchens almost impossible to imagine without the described attribute. He is a two-layer tempered glass, between which is placed a backlight. In different versions they can be uniform or non-uniform illumination and decorative images to choose from. Passing through glass light, changes its structure, whereby it is possible to observe a unique effect.

The main recommendations ↑

At the initial stage of drafting should take into account all the nuances of the placement of light sources for illuminating the work area:

  1. Plan electric power scheme, dolgopola the type, number and location of lighting elements. Otherwise, a situation may arise in which you do not have enough sockets to unplanned the lighting element. This will cause additional complexity and expense.
  2. Lighting of the working area should not only pursue aesthetic and design goals, but to remain as functional as possible.
  3. Professionals in this field have calculated that for a sufficient amount of light in the working zoneall 50на square locoste. It should be noted capocasale for the zone of the dining table and the rest of the kitchen space is somewhat understated. This is because in the working area, tend to occur manipulation of small products, as well as knives and other household appliances,careless use of which might cause injury. In addition, good lighting not only has a positive effect on the creation of an atmosphere, but also contributes to a more qualitative process of cleaning the sink and stove..

Lighting of the working area in the kitchen

Conclusion ↑

Proper lighting of the working area is a priority anyone involved in the design of kitchens. Ergonomics and ease along with unique design will allow you to spend time in the kitchen not only useful, but also fun.

How to make led lighting of the working surface of the kitchen with their hands can learn from the following video

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