How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

The right lighting is by means of what is possible in one moment to change the design of the house beyond recognition. If the room has ceilings to choose lighting to accommodate all the nuances of the premises, as they must be combined not only with the overall interior, but also to complement the tension system.

As a rule, people in the choice of suitable lamps, more focused on her appearance, which should match in size and color with the rest of the interior. Of course, lighting must be beautiful, but do not forget that they have to provide the most pleasant atmosphere in the home, that is not to dazzle but to give the right amount of light. Choosing the right chandelier makes the room visually more spacious, increases the height of the walls and width of corridors.

To solve the issues related to the lighting of the room, you also need to install suspended ceilings, as all the lamps and mount them in something different. If the choice fell on a chandelier on a ceiling, then employees who will be engaged in the installation of stretch ceiling, you should inform us in advance. In this case would be to get a universal platform that is perfect for the most common types of chandeliers. Installation with subsequent connection of the lighting unit, usually by specialists, whose main task is the proper mounting of the ceiling paintings. In addition, with the company in advance to discuss all questions concerning the installation of not only the chandelier but also various additional lamps. Of course, the purchase and Assembly of the chandelier must be made by the time of arrival of the installers that allows attendees to test it. If the chandelier is missing, experts can deal only with the installation of the necessary elements of the fastener, and work with the lighting fixture will have to spend later.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

The choice of chandeliers for suspended ceiling ↑

  • the design of the device should be as durable and safe;
  • if the room is small (8 to 12 sq. m.), that would be enough power of a chandelier with four shades, which is located in the center of the room;
  • for large rooms, you should buy chandeliers that have at least five shades. We should not forget about installing additional lamps;
  • for rooms with a ceiling height of three meters is ideal tiered design;
  • it is recommended to buy those chandeliers, which light bulb is inside the ceiling. Due to this, the risk of formation of stains on the canvas ceiling is completely eliminated;
  • if you want to buy a chandelier with exposed bulbs, it is necessary to choose the model with bulbs pointing down or sideways;
  • if the chandelier will be simple incandescent lamps between the ceiling and the lamp should be a distance of at least 40cm. To protect the ceiling from melting perfect reflectors;
  • used light bulbs should have a capacity of 60 Watts;

Besplatnye chandeliers ↑

Currently in lighting design often use a combination of diffused and reflected light. To create the desired effect perfectly suited to chandelier with no shades, complemented by various decorative elements (e.g., prisms or reflectors). For chandeliers of this type often employ a large number of light bulbs, making such designs are just perfect for a glossy ceiling. Decorative elements are recorded, allowing you to create the illusion of more light sources. In addition, such models allow for a ceiling light patterns of incredible beauty. Stopping your choice on these chandeliers remember that for the better preservation of the stretch ceiling only use weak heating energy saving lamp.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

Led lamps for stretch ceilings ↑

One of the main advantages of led chandeliers ceiling is that the market represented a huge selection of various models, which differ from each other not only in appearance but also created a stream of light.

To choose the appropriate model simple enough even if the interior space is made in the most unusual styles.

Led lamps for stretch ceilings are divided into embedded and external. Built-in models create a directed stream of light that allows you to achieve amazing visual effects. The exterior of the model, due to its compactness, also significantly diversify the interior.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

Attention! It is best to give a preference to outdoor models as well as coming from warmth of the lighting device in such cases will not have a negative impact on the ceiling painting (to avoid the formation of stains, which cannot be dissolved). Their additional advantage is the large selection of different styles.

The main advantages of led lamps for stretch ceilings are:

  • small electricity consumption;
  • the lack of irritant effect that can be caused by bright light;
  • a large assortment of different shapes, types and styles;
  • big enough service life that can reach 50,000 hours (with proper maintenance);
  • the cost is quite reasonable that, with the development production of LED light sources, it becomes even less.
Attention! Given that led lamps have long life, to choose the right model for facilities should be very carefully, because in some cases, reconfiguration in the future will be impossible.

In addition, one of the distinctive features of led chandeliers is that they have different color and color temperature. This allows you to create an incredibly beautiful visual effects, which are using traditional incandescent or fluorescent light sources to achieve the impossible.

Types of lamps for suspended ceilings by way of attaching ↑

They are divided into two types: ceiling and hook (hanging). Suspension models have a big enough mount that «eats» a certain part of space in the room. Ceiling fixtures for suspended ceilings, in turn, look more elegant, since their attachment to the ceiling carries through strap, built-in under pre-stretch ceiling.

The basic types of fasteners:

  • ceiling hook that securely and as tightly into the upper concrete slab;
    How to hang a chandelier on ceiling
  • standard type, in which the first installation of a wooden base in the ceiling, after which there is the installation of the ceiling paintings;
    How to hang a chandelier on ceiling
  • the adjusting strap in the form of a cross, which is used for chandeliers large size (e.g., in the form of plates), tightly adjacent to the ceiling;
    How to hang a chandelier on ceiling
  • I kind of fixture that is different from the previous ones, because its shape is similar to the letter «N».
    How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

The chandelier, which is the main source of General lighting, can be placed not only in the center of the room, but over the dining table. Hidden lamps and spot lamps can complement it, making the room design more original.

Chandelier installation in suspended ceiling ↑

Mounting with hook ↑

With dowels hook fixed to the old base so that the level of the film, indicated by the line, and its lower edge was flush with each other.

After fixing the film to the frame, under the last find the hook and attach it to this place the heat-resistant ring (its size, which should completely hide a decorative cap). It is important to remember that any correction of defects (if any) after gluing the rings will already be impossible.

Once the glue has dried, the canvas is cut a hole (internal diameter ring), through which will pass the wire for chandeliers.

During the installation of chandeliers, you need to simultaneously connect all wiring using connectors. The hole itself should be carefully closed, otherwise completely hide the communication and the hook will not work. In conclusion, it remains only to check the quality of the work performed.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

Mounting with a mounting strap ↑

First and foremost, a concrete slab to mount a wooden beam, while its size should be suitable to the level of the future film. Mount the chandelier to the suspended ceiling is performed by means of anchors or dowels. In the center of the bar need to drill hole through which to pass the wiring for chandelier.

The installation of the chandelier should be undertaken after works are completed with the preparation of stretch fabric. Further, it is necessary to make a hole for the wires.

Then, in the place of fastening straps mounted a piece of plastic is small, and the film is fastened a special ring. Inside it I need to do another hole, through which will stretch wire.

Before beginning the installation, the bar must first be treated to remove all burrs and other defects. This is usually used sandpaper or emery.

With screws the bar is attached on top of plastic. In that case, if one of thermocole is not enough, you should glue another.

You then need to connect the chandelier to the network, then fasten the plate to the new ceiling. In the end, screw the light bulb and you can turn on the light.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

Features of mounting the lamps on the bar christokopidou ↑

To get started you want from 12 mm plywood cut to a square which must be of a suitable size to cross the bar, and make a hole for the wire. After preparation of the platform under the bar, its bolted to the main ceiling on metal hangers, while trying to adhere to the same level with new design.

If the legs are fixed to the plywood, you can use some dowels or small screws. When working with a concrete slab first use a drill to make necessary holes.

At the end of the film set and lock rings, making the chandelier fixed to the ceiling as possible.

How to hang a chandelier on ceiling

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