What types of lamps for the garage are

What types of lamps for the garage are

Correct, and most importantly, quality lighting is the main issue that needs to be solved when conducting the interior finishes of the garage. Auto repair or maintenance without proper lighting it is impossible to produce.

Often the garage becomes a warehouse of unnecessary things, even basic search of any subject requires good lighting. Question: how to do lighting, where to position and what lights for the garage are the optimum must be solved at the design stage.

The lighting in the garage – as it should be ↑

The basic requirements for lighting in this room is the following:

  • uniformity. Led lights for garage should be located so that they can evenly illuminate the entire internal area. It is necessary for trouble-free operation of machines or repairs. This problem is easily solved by a device of a joint of lighting, for example, local and in the area of the workbench, if there is one.
  • the lighting scheme. As for the lighting circuit, it is desirable to select modular, then there will be an opportunity to highlight how the garage as a whole and its individual zones.
  • savings. Since the lighting in the room required constantly due to the lack of natural sources, you should consider when designing and saving methods, for example, use energy-saving lamps.
Attention! For optimal lighting required for each square metre of the area for at least 15-20 watts of power.

Lighting for garage: what they are ↑

What types of lamps for the garage are

Light sources today, there are many, they all have positive and negative properties. What lighting is best for a garage? To answer this question you need at least a little bit to see them – this will allow you to make the right choice that will be optimal in each case.

And yet, what are the lighting fixtures for garage

  • incandescent lamp;
  • fluorescent lamp;
  • energy-saving lamp;
  • lamp led.

Incandescent ↑

The use of this light source the most common. Of the main advantages should highlight its accessibility in price, simplicity of use in comparison with other analogues. However, it has some drawbacks, which have, for example, led lights for garage:

  • service life small;
  • energy consumption is high;
  • light flow – uneven.
    What types of lamps for the garage are

The light beam that emits incandescent lamp is red or yellow spectrum, and this affects the colour perception of the working environment – it is significantly reduced. Most of the energy consumed it has the ability to transform into heat, which reduces efficiency. Another significant disadvantage of the bulb – it can produce sparks when you burnout in the garage – it is undesirable because of the risk of fire.

Despite the fact that the bulb is familiar to many lighting option in the garage room, but today there are plenty of other ways that are better quality and more secure, for example, led lamps to 12V for garage.

Fluorescent lamp ↑

Use fluorescent lighting for a garage is the right and correct choice. Like any other it has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider the order.

Fluorescent wall light for garage and their strengths:

  • luminous flux – uniform;
  • life – long;
  • efficiency – high.

Disadvantages of fluorescent ceiling lights for garages offer the following:

  • they simply can not function if the room temperature will be +5 degrees Celsius or less;
  • if there are voltage fluctuations, these lamps barely lit and dim light.
    What types of lamps for the garage are

If you prefer this source, then first you need to take care of the heating in the garage and buy a voltage regulator before using.

It is important! Another significant disadvantage of fluorescent bulbs is the presence within it of mercury vapor. Mercury is very harmful to human health, so use this light source should be very careful not to break it. When its failure to properly dispose of, unfortunately, in our country there is no such service.

Energy saving lamp ↑

This light source is today the most profitable and economical.

  • Life – long;
  • the light output is very good;
  • be lit in any temperature.
    What types of lamps for the garage are

There is a choice of: soft white, daylight, cold and other.

Of the disadvantages of energy saving lighting devices can be noted the high cost and also as in the previous embodiment – the presence of mercury vapor inside the lamp.

Led light bulb ↑

What types of lamps for the garage are

LEDs-lights for the pit in the garage, rarely used, often they are set as local lighting. Their advantages are significant:

  • color rendering – high;
  • efficiency – large;
  • svetotochek uniformly without pulsation;
  • life – very big.

The disadvantages include very high cost, but it pays off in spades for life.

How to organize the lighting in the garage ↑

What types of lamps for the garage are

Since the garage is the room for industrial use, the main objective in the design of wiring and lighting devices is considered to be practicality and safety. To the solution of this question must be treated carefully and very seriously. The scheme should be developed before construction and submit to the technical project.

Lamps for garage, a photo of which is below, it is advisable to install with concealed wiring. This makes it possible to protect it from accidental mechanical damage. If the garage is of concrete or brick, then mount it in stroebe and the top is covered with a layer of plaster. If you plan to elevate the garage lining on the inside, then the cable you need «hide» in a plastic or iron pipe.

Led lighting fixtures for garage with open wiring. Open wiring is also used today, especially in iron. They cable to install in the chase impossible, the casing walls are not, therefore, the best way is exposed wiring, but to lay in a plastic box or metal hose.

It is important! This method significantly saves time on the task, but it is very important to equip such a structure grounding system.

How to place the lighting in the garage ↑

In order to arrange proper lighting, observe the following rules:

  • sufficient number of power outlets;
  • it is advisable to install multi-level lighting not only local but also additional lights where necessary (e.g., near the machine, in the pit, and so on);
  • if the height of the garage bole of 3 meters, the lighting has to be installed into several conditional levels;
  • the top lighting device (ceiling) should be installed so that the shadow of the hood does not fall to the side;
  • to mount the unit on the bracket, this will give the opportunity to change the direction of the beam.

To mount a homemade led lamp for the garage and his own hands is not difficult, but how do you know if you watch the video.

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