Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

Good lighting is an important part of the comfort in the house and court of the territory. This allows not only to obtain pleasure from fresh air on the terrace after sunset, but also to protect against unauthorized entry into a house of robbers. But even a couple street lights to the smallest capacity will significantly increase the electricity bill. All countries of the world gradually moving towards the use of lamps powered by solar battery.

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Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

Such an invention recently was considered one of science fiction, and lights for the garden solar powered, which were created by skilled craftsmen was used very rarely and not by all. Today, especially abroad, this design is no surprise. They flicker everywhere: on the pages of fashion magazines with examples of garden landscapes, with special programs on TV. Our people also show interest in garden lamps and solar lights for many they have become a common household lighting fixture.

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Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

The most popular and purchased considered wall lamp solar. It can be installed anywhere, most importantly that it had access to sunlight. And after sunset, he, due to accumulated solar energy in a special storage device, but it is converted into electrical and nourishes it lamp device starts to illuminate the space.

It is very important, to access the sun was maximum, then this device will be able to delight home owners continuous light about 10 hours.

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

In cloudy weather, time of charging street lamps on solar batteries require much more. And in winter, when very short light day, it is practically absent. Service life is approximately 10 years if you adhere to the rules of operation. Manufactured solar-powered lights for the home with stainless steel top is covered with a special corrosion resistant coating. Solar cells have an impressive size, which allows them to work for several days, even in cloudy weather.

Lawn lamp «Space» solar is the perfect solution for those who want to optimally illuminate yard or garden. Suburban lawn lamp solar powered, ideal lighting and decor item is:

  • ease of use and savings on utility bills;
  • he won’t hit you current, even if the street is wet weather;
  • it can be removed from the lawn, if you want to cut his hair or simply to clean up;
  • to install it you do not need heaps of wires stretched around the area.

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Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

Garden solar-powered lights have the same device, but different shape. Due to this diversity you can use them anywhere on the plot, creating a variety of desired effects.

For example, in a big open area effectively and will look beautiful led solar-powered lights for the garden in the form of a lantern, especially with elements of forged metal, transparent plastic or decorative glass. Their height is about 2.5 meters– increases the radius of the light beam. Set fixtures led solar powered for garden, usually along paths or walkways.

A little less than the height of the solar lights garden, have a slightly different shape and design. It is completely glowing column and unique element of modern design.

Lamp-ball solar even lower, its height is approximately 0.7 meters. Installed along the walkway or around the perimeter of the lawn, grounds, or as a variant of spot lighting.

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

Very impressive and unusual on lawns or playgrounds look the led lights in the shape of animals, cartoon characters and insects.

If you have on the plot there is a pond, and in this case the manufacturers of these products came up with a floating lamp, solar powered and excellent decoration. Featuring a uniquely crafted design, they do not sink, constantly holding up to the water surface. Moreover, it is as light devices that when a slight wind they move, creating an unforgettable play of light and colors.

Design features and main characteristics ↑

Garden led solar-powered lights consist of:

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

  • battery. Designed for storing electric energy;
  • most solar panels. Its main task is the processing of solar energy into electrical energy;
  • the control unit led light bulb;
  • sensor movement (this device is equipped with not all models).

Street lights on solar batteries powered by Nickel-cadmium accumulating device. The power is in the order of 700mA/h inside mounted solar panel, which during the day collects solar energy and converts it into electricity, due to this to occur the accumulation of electricity. The lamp is solar powered with motion sensor equipped with a light sensitive element, it automatically turns on the device after sunset.

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It turns out that street lights solar powered for garden, have a number of advantages:

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

  • easy to use;
  • reliable and economical;
  • you can use them as decorations for flower beds, trees, patios, gazebos, walkways and so on;
  • absolute security;
  • not required to monitor the charging device is capable of Contracting independently;
  • installation requires no experience and knowledge.
  • The disadvantages of this device are as follows:
  • repair of garden lamp solar powered is quite complicated, most often it will simply need to be changed, buying a new;
  • if the street is little sun, the module is not fully charged, therefore, the duration of construction drastically reduced;
  • at low temperatures the battery module may fail.

The advantage of the design according to buyers ‘ opinions, is their quirkiness, originality, size, variety of colors.

Classification of lamps according to the quality ↑

The cost of such structures is different. There are very expensive models and budget. They differ in quality of silicon. Cheaper models Blooma lamp on the solar cells are manufactured using polycrystalline silicon or amorphous. Reviews of garden solar-powered lights like that indicate a lower quality both in work and life. More high-quality and durable monocrystalline installation. In addition, they have a unique feature – to be covered with a special transparent oxide film. It is absolutely not visible to the human eye and thanks to it the device has a long service life.

Classification according to the structure of glass ↑

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

The solar lights on the balcony are several types of glass on the planes which are laminated with solar cells. When you buy you need to this fact to pay attention because it affects its functionality and light diffusion.

  • smooth the surface of the glass perfectly reflects solar radiation, as well as much of the ambient;
  • low-knurled is designed to accumulate diffuse radiation, and not to reproduce the rays of the sun. Ultimately, the power of the lamp increases by an average of 12%. These models are very well lit in overcast weather;
  • tempered– in truth robust design. Their cost is higher than the others by about 7%.

The lamp is solar-powered with their hands ↑

Buying a tool of this design can be quite expensive, of course, if they are of good quality and original production. Can I do it myself, thus saving money? Answer – you can. It is possible.

Creating a garden fixture on solar batteries with their hands must adhere to certain rules.

To manufacture the device can be made of any handy material. You will need old jars, and flower pots, and plastic bottles, old vases and so on. As decorative elements you can apply the decoration of beads or simply original paint.

Master garden lights plexiglass ↑

To manufacture the device can be made of Plexiglas and, most importantly, strictly adhere to the scheme of the garden lamp solar. Plexiglass as the main material is very good to use as the basis because it has a property such as opacity and brightness and provides the opportunity to evenly disperse a light beam. The details of the desired shape normal cut with a hacksaw and connected between a silicone adhesive.

The lamp with your hands out of old tin cans ↑

Choose garden street lamp solar powered garden

To fabricate the lamp of any design you can from old cans. To do so, cut one of the sides

banks, it is necessary to ensure that the resulting incision easily you can insert the wooden sticks.

Next, using a hammer and a nail in the entire area banks apertures. Decorative slots, for uniqueness you can do different diameter, shape or generally, in the form of a drawing or pattern.

Further, following the scheme of the lamp to the battery the whole set is completely.

It is important! Be very careful, double check yourself, follow exactly and correctly to avoid further trouble. It is very important to place all the nodes in the correct order.

Improvised lighting can be placed along walkways, garden paths or around the perimeter of the grounds, terraces, flower beds. The rays of light that will penetrate the holes scattered in different directions, will give you a unique light effect.

Of the link below you will be able to see how to create lights for garden and garden with your own hands and use the video as a step-by-step instructions:

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