Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

Probably you know that properly placed lighting can radically change the appearance of the site or premises. Modern lamps and lanterns will become the main decoration of your country house or cottage, if you study some rules for the placement of the light on the territory. How perfect to highlight the beautiful landscape of the area? How to choose the most appropriate lighting for your area? What you can save, and what not? Today we will try to understand these and other important issues.

How much should be light? ↑

Lighting house facade is an important part of the overall design of a country house or Villa. Many people are so immersed in design solutions of arrangement of lamps and luminaires around their own plots, which their area turns into a Christmas tree. Such experiments, obviously, will not be good for you. Moreover, excessive amount of light or high brightness very bad impact on human health. There are certain laws of arrangement of lighting in the gardening area. The first thing you need to understand is that the lights and lamps have different functions.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

Light can accentuate the landscape, to create a romantic or mysterious atmosphere, to focus on beautiful design elements. For this you need to choose modern lighting that include:

  • Control direction of light;
  • The fixation beam;
  • Retro-reflectors;
  • Scenery;

A well-chosen lamp can help you save electricity, you need to choose fixtures with sensor off and timer. Keep in mind that landscape lighting is a science that will allow you to make your site perfect.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

First you need to create a clear plan of lighting, it must take into account the size of the territory and, accordingly, the lamps. Otherwise, the lamps may dazzle the eye, or Vice versa, the light will be bright enough. Define objects in the lighting, think about what you would like to focus. Also, consider what items you want to hide and what to emphasize. For what your house looked ridiculous, plan its proper light. The lighting design in the house is an important stage of creating a complete and harmonious image. The placement of the light in the correct order will help you to visually increase or decrease certain objects, you can also give a particular object of volume or brightness.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

If you want to create the illusion of moonlight or sunlight, so you need to focus on trees and large shrubs. Do not forget about the house, because this object is the main by any stretch, he is the center of all space. Just imagine, your house can turn into a fairy castle after sunset, as the night gives its gifts, and in combination with proper lighting, these gifts turn into real gifts of beauty and excellence.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

After you build your plan, you can move on to choosing fixtures. The torches and lamps, of course, must be made in the same style as your house. So you will be able to establish on its territory a harmony that every day will give you inspiration and good mood. For sure, you have a lot of fantasies about the design of your plot. It is better to use these ideas in creating lighting than to seek the services of a designer. Try to have street lighting in your home were the guests feeling of enthusiasm and admiration! Outdoor lighting can be your trump card in all matters!

Secondary functions lighting country houses ↑

You probably never even thought about the fact that correct placement of the light on the territory that may be your protection and support. First, well-lit walkways and stairs will protect you from injury and mishap situations. Your home must have full view, a harmonious combination of colors and light. Second, scientifically proven fact that burglars and criminals are much less likely to visit those homes that emit light, it is quite logical. Track lighting for the home can be an excellent option to visually increase square footage.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

Warm lighting is important for the owner and for guests and neighbors. Beautiful landscape and natural design will help to create the owner a good reputation, to emphasize the good taste. Street lighting for country houses, of course, is a very important design aspect.

Many designers recommend warm colors to highlight columns and other large elements of the structure. This will give the site an enthusiastic and majestic character, your house and stop in the fabulous hideout.

It is important to remember! It is better to use shielded fixtures to the plot. This will help to avoid unwanted glare and light scattering

No need to highlight all the objects, try to withstand a certain intrigue, a little mysterious atmosphere. Remember about important aspects of lighting any area:

  • The combination of light and shade;
  • The contrast;
  • Depth lighting.

Knowledge of these concepts will help you create the most correct and beautiful lighting on the site. If you install lights in areas you do not, make sure that these people were real experts, because the installation of lighting involves certain dangers, especially if we are talking about working with the transformers.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

As a result of work you have to get a lighting system that will guarantee the supply of light, equivalent to daylight, but with a certain twist. The lighting plot of a country house – this is a difficult but solvable problem. Do not forget about the maintenance of street lamps and lanterns, timely inspection and cleaning of fixtures will help extend the life and improve the quality of lamps.

In order to create high-quality and durable lighting system on-site, you need to consider the following requirements:

  • Waterproof performance of lamps and lanterns;
  • Certified transformers;
  • Secure wire connection.

Should not be tempted by cheap appliances for lighting, so you’ll just spend more money on their repair and maintenance. Choose trusted manufacturers and suppliers.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

Functional devices with regulation of the light and the brightness control will allow you to create a good design for the future. You will be able to save if you choose this coverage, because over time your tastes and preferences can change. Can change fashion, and then you have to change transformers and retro-reflecting devices.

Decorative lighting of a country house is a beauty and refinement, aesthetics and magnificence!

Remember about the fact that good lighting the landscape and home will help you well increase the cost of land, if you will have to sell it. Individuality and exclusivity are always highly regarded, so try to make your site a unique and irresistible! Street lighting for a country house with their hands will open up many new possibilities!

How to illuminate the facade of the wooden house ↑

Wood has always been prized as a building material. Even today, when there is a huge variety of materials for house construction, wood is still held in high esteem. And not surprising, because only this material is able to create a warm, intimate atmosphere by any stretch. With high quality facade lighting can be created for buildings aesthetic appearance. Lighting a wooden house has its own characteristics. First, you need to use warm colors, they blend with the color of the wood. It is not necessary to choose, for example, blue or violet lighting, these colors will create disharmony image building. Yellow, orange and reddish color perfectly accentuate the coziness and friendliness of the house.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

There are many variations and types of supply street light. Facade lighting of a country house can radically change the look of the buildings! To choose one or the other is necessary, starting from your goals and what results you want to achieve. Flood light, for example, looks very solemnly and delight. But the kind of illumination you may take a lot of electricity. Of course, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, but the total amount of light will remain the same.

Exterior lighting of the facade of the house

With the flood light you must behave gently and carefully, in this respect, it’s easy to overdo it and to deviate from the norm. Keep in mind the fact that this type requires the use of large floodlights, the installation must take place in the presence of experienced professionals, they know how to install such powerful devices without harm to the human eye. Remember that this lighting is used most often for solid buildings or facilities that provide cultural or historical value.

Whatever techniques you choose to design your site, remember that they must satisfy and delight you, regardless of what fashion trends are taking place at the moment.

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