Illumination of stairs

How many opportunities conceals the process of thinking through and implementation of individual design in the design of your home or cottage! Especially if it is a two-storey or multi-storey private house. It is here, the owner is given the freedom to choose almost everything: the interior layout, building facade, interior design, lighting, decoration, etc. Here lurks and plenty of opportunities for the realization of the flight of his imagination. It is very important to think about every detail and bring it to the desired shape.

The ladder is one of the most important elements in two or more storey building. It is used not only as a binder between the floors level but as a full-fledged element of decor. And since stairs are very different, made of different materials, different styles and types, then using it, you can achieve almost any desired effect in choosing the style of your home, from classic, vintage to modern and avant-garde. Houses with an internal staircase to the second floor always look stylish and elegant.

Illumination of stairs

Apart from style and material that you want to think about a very important lighting of the stairs. It is the part of the design, which brings a completeness and individuality to the style of your home. A sound approach to the question of stair lighting, will provide a spectacular top of the picture and make the movement of the stairs as safe as possible at any time of day, even on very sharp turns. The technical development of modern lighting systems are so advanced that when choosing your suitable design and architectural design lighting dazzled. Therefore, further we will consider some types of stair illumination.

The choice of lighting for home ↑

Illumination of stairs

The light on the stairs to the second floor is a pretty important step, as this may depend on the security of the entire family, especially children. If it is poorly lit, up it night, it is easy to stumble or slip, was injured. Consider the basic types of lighting:

  • Illumination of stairs if the room is enough light, there are Windows or stained glass, for lighting you can use just the illumination for the steps. For the night, this lighting is perfect – you can leave at night, with stairs, do not need to include a more bright light and disturb his household;
  • if the stairs are not always, only from time to time, it is advisable to use lighting only during lowering and lifting.
It is important! You need to choose the type of lighting that is most suitable and the room, and ladders, their General style, not forgetting about the comfort.

Automatic backlight ↑

But what if you don’t want to turn on and off the switch, find the button in the dark? Here come to the aid of automatic backlighting stairs. Smart lighting responds to movement in the room and smoothly switches the light on the stairs. For convenience, such systems are equipped with functions like:

  • speed setting is enabled.
  • time action;
  • the number of stages in the standby mode, in case you want to switch on the lights gradually, step after step.

Also, the type and brightness of lighting will depend on the length of the ladder.

Illumination methods ↑

The main methods of lighting are:

  1. Illumination of stairs Lamps. If the staircase is straight, it is better for them. Appropriate to pin them on the wall, at the level of human growth. They can be supplemented with lamp shades or diffusers. Special comfort will create and floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps that can be installed at the entrance to the stairs. A lot of options. Everything depends on the desires and imagination of the home owners. Very popular spotlights that give the house a contemporary minimalist style. They are embedded directly into the steps or are located just above.
    Illumination of stairs
  2. Led bulb. A very good lighting solution for stairs can serve as led light bulbs. For LED-backlight steps use recessed downlights low power. They are suitable for spot lamp and lamp with diffuse light. Also, you can choose the highlighting of stair in warm white or cool white color. To other positive aspects of led lamps as lighting for staircases is that they do not hurt the eyes in the dark, have low power consumption, no heat lamps, which provides safety even under continuous illumination. The voltage regulator will allow you to adjust the intensity of light in the most appropriate way, creating the right atmosphere.
    Illumination of stairs
  3. The led strip. Led backlight stairs are not only functional but also decorative. And with the led strip, you can easily create original lighting for the stairs to the second floor, attaching it to the railing, to the wall along the stairs. The level of light greatly affects the colour tones of walls, floor, ceiling, and material finishing. This should be considered when selecting lighting. For example, the white color creates a natural lighting effect, makes the space visually larger. More warm colors create a cozy atmosphere and are in addition to artificial light.
    Illumination of stairs


  • Illumination of stairs feature of led strip, which makes its use indispensable for designers is the high flexibility, the ability to adjust the length;
  • incredibly low power consumption, allowing you to keep the light on all the time;
  • the tape does not emit large amounts of heat and does not heat the surrounding objects, and thus is absolutely safe to fire, method of lighting.


  • the high price of tapes of the same type highlighter relative to peers, changes color;
  • connects tape is not directly, it requires you to connect two units: for energy conversion and direct connection.

Thus, the use of led tape allows you to solve many design problems. To focus on the stairs is now easier than ever.

Illumination of stairs

To choose the ribbon is based on what your staircase steps. The speakers on the steps it is best to mount tape adhesive. Standard, resort to additional Refine the profile. The installation process is not too time-consuming and may be carried out independently, using available tools and a simple set of tools that everyone has at home.

Street lighting ↑

Paying so much attention to lighting stairs in the house, lighting a street of steps should not be underestimated. Illumination of street stairs require no less attention than internal. The choice of lamps for the streets are different from what is inside the house.

Illumination of stairs

Usually, outdoor lighting is:

  • General;
  • accented.
It is important! In the dark the lighting was bright enough. Sometimes additionally used to stand a lamp or lamps.

In order to choose the right coverage for a particular case, you need to determine the type of stairs. Consider the most common. Country houses are often equipped with a wooden staircase, which greatly facilitates the weight of the building and harmoniously integrated into the rural landscape.

Illumination of stairs

However, for outdoor stairs, the easiest way is the use of metal positioned vertically, which helps to quickly and safely access the attic or loft.

The Council! Wiring insulation should be sufficiently hardy and reliable.

Lighting external stairs are often made of the lamps on metal supports or on the wall along the direction of the stairs, illuminating the facade and the stairs at night. Cables for external lighting it is recommended to hide, in order:

  • to exclude the influence of environment, temperature and precipitation;
  • to prevent tripping and mechanical damage.

The lighting device outside the house – this is a difficult but essential task.

Conclusion ↑

The question of whether to install lighting on the stairs a definite answer – Yes. It’s stylish, beautifully emphasizes the design of the house, makes the space more or creates an atmosphere of warm cozy nest, makes using stairs safer and makes it part of the decor. Lighting is easy to install and there is a huge selection in color and method of illumination. This is a wonderful way to make the house a reflection of his personality.

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