How to choose a flat lamp

Is not a secret that the creation of really high-quality artificial lighting is a pledge of comfort and coziness in any home. Lamps are not only able to create a home cozy atmosphere, but in addition are also important elements of the interior. Select the lamp means to find your home attractive product, which can emphasize advantageous some parts, and hide the rest. Often just by changing the fixtures completely changed the way the entire room.

If you want to choose a lamp for your home, first you need to understand what type of lamps you are interested in, and what parameters will need to pay attention in order to choose the most optimal model.

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First and foremost, you should understand why you installed such lighting, so as to choose the lamp you need for home specifically for the goals that you are persecuted:

  • The overall lighting. This is enough to be used in home pendant lamps, but in recent years has gained wide spread high floor lamps or wall lamps equipped with special lenses;
  • Local coverage. This option provides for the provision of light in a certain part of the premises (often this is a reading area or coffee area). Here the best would be to use wall sconces or floor lamps and recessed ceiling lights. Recently becoming popular is also an option with the equipment tokoprovodu system;
  • Mood lighting. In order to select light and any attractive elements of the interior used small furniture, ceiling or even wall lights.

Design and material ↑

How to choose a flat lamp

Regardless of the type, the lamps will represent the design of valves and lamps, which are fixed to the main body. The materials of construction elements, should be extremely high quality, and also differ in the resistance to high temperatures. In the majority of cases the lamps are made from crystal, porcelain, metal, or fireproof plastic.

Quite often designers prefer to use any available materials such as wood, cloth or paper, whereby the lamps will look good in the house, but if you decide to choose, be prepared for the fact that they will last long. In addition one should not forget that such materials are unstable to temperatures, as a result it is not recommended to choose this lamp if there is a risk of fire.

Light, made of plastic or the same plastic, differ quite a good performance, but more importantly they are practical. Such lamps often decide to choose for the house for the reason that they differ in durability, security and ruggedness to care.

Glass and crystal is the most popular to date materials for lamps, because they prefer to choose in most cases for homes and apartments. Besides attractive appearance, they are practical and resistant to high temperatures, and due to its quality will last you for a long time.

Size ↑

Today fixtures for the home are made of different sizes, ranging from compact light bulbs to volumetric shades. Choose the size depending on the volume of the room in which they will be used, and the desired area of illumination. Volumetric lights are more suitable for spacious rooms, while in small rooms with a low ceiling they will only take up more space and give an excessively large amount of light.

In small rooms it is better to use several smaller lamps, thus you can even use various products that will divert the attention from any flaws in architecture or interior.

How to choose a chandelier for home ceiling or suspended ↑

How to choose a flat lamp

To choose a chandelier for your home you need depending on the features and dimensions of the room. For example, in the kitchen you can use a ceiling lamp, which will be able to adjust the length of the cord. In addition, also provides for the option of a ceiling lamp equipped with three or two shades. It is recommended to choose a lamp to the kitchen, he was extremely easy to care for, that is was made of such material that will easily wash away the contaminants.

The living room is a traditionally the biggest room in any house or apartment, it is not surprising that it is there to use the pendant chandelier in which a large number of lamps. Its appearance will depend directly on the characteristics of the interior of the room. Thus, hanging chandelier, classic design, will look attractive in a classical setting, while the modern designs more relevant the lamp-modern.

For kids room you can put a bright lamp, made in the form of some fantastic character. It is worth noting that the lighting in the room should be soft, but at the same time quite bright.

For the bedroom will be perfect to use a chandelier, which will be a function of dimming. Thus, you will be able to make the light softer or, conversely, to add brightness. In order to make the atmosphere in the house more comfortable, it is recommended to use lamps, fitted with fabric or frosted shade. Because the bedroom represents a space in which you do not need to create a very bright light, so in the process of selecting a chandelier you will need to pay attention to such lamps in which the ceiling aimed at the ceiling. If you are interested in some original variations, it is quite likely that you will approach the lamp with paper shade.

If you decide to choose a chandelier for your home, you definitely need to take into account the height of the ceilings. If they are too low, most likely, you are better to completely abandon the hanging chandeliers and instead use the ceiling. This chandelier looks more like the ceiling or the plate and pressed tightly to the ceiling, which will occupy a minimum of space in the room.

How to choose sconces ↑

How to choose a flat lamp

A sconce is a wall light, a shade which goes up or down. In the majority of cases they are used to provide local coverage for some areas in the room, for example, this is often done to illuminate mirrors or a certain picture. Sconces are often applied as additional light sources, and in this case, manufacturers are the whole sets, which are composed of several chandeliers and sconces United by one style.

Bra is a ideal choosing for small houses and rooms in which there is no possibility to hang a chandelier. In this regard, they are often used in hallways or corridors, allowing visually expand the dimensions of the room. Thus, if the bra looks up, provided by visual lifting of the low ceiling, but in a small room with a high ceiling will be more relevant to use a bra, looking down, as you will be able to improve the visual perception of your room. If you want to make a narrow room seemed wider, then the widest wall should be installed such lamps.

It is also ideal to use wall sconces in order to create a bathroom lighting. Of course, preferably in the bathrooms to use overhead lighting, for example, to choose for your home, several ceiling lights, but sconces are meant to highlight areas such as the mirror and sink. In this case, you need to choose the wall lamp so that the lamp does not blind your eyes, so it is best to choose it with a white or frosted shade. Pretty original appearance have fixtures that are manufactured using coloured glass.

How to choose floor lamp ↑

How to choose a flat lamp

Choose a floor lamp for the house prefers not everyone, since we have a rather unusual lighting option, but at the same time it is very convenient in some cases, as when needed it can be easily moved between rooms.

Classic floor lamp includes a shade and support, but modern models may be used and other specifications. For example, often produce lamps without shade, as well as models in which a large number of lamps attached on a common basis.

If you are unable to decide how to choose a lamp, the video below should help you:

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