How to pick a chandelier for interior

Those who once faced with a repair, you know that sooner or later you have to choose a chandelier. It is here that problems begin. Going to the store, it’s hard to find exactly what you need because of too large range. Advisors be happy to help you, but without knowing the layout and features of the house – to do it will not be easy. How to be in this situation?

How to pick a chandelier for interior

How to choose a chandelier for the interior? ↑

The choice should be taken seriously, because it depends on how it will look bathroom. Don’t forget take into account when choosing interior.

Attention! Don’t forget that light walls reflect light better than dark. So if the interior is in a dark tone chandelier needs to be stronger to fully illuminate the room.

The important role played by the ceiling height. If they are high, the lamps should be large, but small capacity. If low, it is better to use lamps «plate». In addition to the room you can add wall or table lamps. If the room is spacious – it is best to install the chandelier to the switch, to be able to change the lighting and to include only the desired number of bulbs.

Special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the chandelier but also to the combination of its size with the size of the room in which it will be. In addition, you should pay attention to the number of lights that the room was lit evenly.

Note the color of the chandelier. Designers are advised to choose the color, starting from the General color scheme of the room. It is best to choose warm colors.

Next, you should determine the type. Depending on the ceiling height, material and finishes of the ceiling – you can choose a pendant or a chandelier on a ceiling.

Choose a chandelier in the bedroom ↑

The situation in the bedroom should be comfortable, because in this room you spend a lot of time. Lighting plays a very important role. In order to properly find a chandelier in a room it is necessary to know its dimensions. In a small room with low ceilings it is not necessary to hang a large chandelier. So it will seem bigger than it is actually, and the room visually becomes even less. The function of the main lighting will be able to carry lamps, their light will gently disperse throughout the room.

How to pick a chandelier for interiorHow to pick a chandelier for interior

It is important! If you do decide to buy a chandelier – ceiling needs to be colored or frosted glass, it will help make the light not so bright.

For large rooms fit the classic chandelier. Light bulbs can be bought in the form of candles, they emphasize the design of the room and add a little tenderness. See that the light is scattered all over the room, not just the center. Note chandelier with paper shade, you can easily select the wall lights or lamps.

Not worth buying for bedroom megolamania chandeliers, they will come too much light.

The choice of chandeliers in the kitchen ↑

The chandelier is an important element of any kitchen. In order to choose it correctly, you should start from her style.

If the kitchen is made in modern style, the chandelier should be the same. Most often it is a designer chandelier with elegant balls, cones, cylinders.

For classic dishes fit something simpler, for example, of colored or transparent glass, it can be crystal pendants. You can also use the traditional chandelier with fabric shades. But this type is not for everyone. If the kitchen is small, the chandelier will be close to the cooking and the ceiling will quickly become contaminated and lose all delicacy of his appearance.

How to pick a chandelier for interior

In the kitchen, made in Italian style, will look good wrought-iron chandelier with lamps in the form of candles.

Kitchen in Japanese style, suitable fixtures made in the same style – chandeliers or lanterns from the tree.

How to pick a chandelier for interior

How to choose a chandelier in the living room or hall ↑

Lighting in the living room is very important, that is why when choosing a chandelier you should remember that if you make a mistake – the light will overshadow the main design of the room. Chandelier and lamps should be suitable for the dimensions of the room and combined with each other.

How to pick a chandelier for interiorHow to pick a chandelier for interior

Attention! Remember that the chandelier should match the style in which you made your living room.

The chandelier is an important object of the interior, and it should emphasize its features and not outshine them. That is why you should remember a few simple rules of selection of chandeliers for interior.

  1. Remember, there are many styles, each has its own peculiarities and distinctive features. When choosing a chandelier it is necessary to consider in the first place.
  2. To ensure that the chandelier blends seamlessly with the interior, you need to choose the right size. It can be done correctly, designers have developed a simple formula :

(Width of room, m + the length of the room, m)X10= diameter of the chandelier, cm

  1. When choosing a chandelier for the interior, it is necessary to consider the color scheme of the room. If the color is to fit into it, she starts too stand out that will distract from the room itself.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
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