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How to hold the socket in the bathroom

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

How wonderful invention of the humanity was the automatic washing machine. How it facilitates the heavy work, like Laundry. Especially if it’s something voluminous ? bedding or blanket.

Below is a wonderful device to work, it needs electricity, that is, free outlet. What’s the problem? ? can someone think. Yes seems to be no problem when the machine is installed in the kitchen. But, if in the bathroom, then what? Everyone knows that in a standard bathroom outlet has never been, and I understand why. Constant dampness, water spray not the best neighborhood outlets, and when you consider that in the USSR, when they built most of the houses, there was no such equipment, it all becomes clear.

Later in the article, we will focus on how to hold the socket in the bathroom and right to connect.

Preparation ↑

First, you need to determine where the outlet in the bathroom will be energized. It can affect several factors. The first is the location of the bathroom. Second – where the light meter is installed or flap. Why is it important? Washing machine, very large consumer of energy, especially in the time of water heating. The power consumed from the network during heating, can reach 3 kW. Not so much, but for the old aluminum wiring is almost the limit. Moreover, the length of the line from the shield to the bathroom rather big. A lot of times you can see a picture, when the heat is undervoltage (the brightness of the lamps decreases). This happens due to the large resistance of aluminum wire. Because of this, the wiring and lay in boxes heat that can cause fire. Given that the machine is left alone, it can all end sad.

Peculiarities of the Assembly line for the bathroom. ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

Not to change the whole wiring in an apartment on copper, sufficient to hold a separate line in the bathroom, for cars. All you need to do out of the box near the bathroom, but directly from the input panel or output of the counter. This would require a copper wire PV-3 2.5 mm? or cable PVS-2*2.5 mm?. It all depends on how you plan to do the installation. In homes where there is real ground (high-rise buildings with gas stoves), you need to have three wires, one ? protective earth.

It is important! Do not connect «zero» also on the grounding terminal of the outlet, in the case of otherany working «zero» the flap on the housing of the washing machine will reverse «phase».

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

If no ground or it is unclear how it is able, it is better to install an RCD on the line to the bathroom for a washing machine. By the way, if you have a bathroom installed boiler, in its supply chain, the RCD will not prevent. The principle of operation of the RCD or differential automatic is that when the leakage current to ground (damage to the Heater), devastat disconnects the line from the network. This is a very useful device, but quite expensive. If you have a washing machine or boiler in the bathroom, do not take the money, install the devastat, maybe it will save your loved ones life. What can be more precious.

The wiring for the bathroom ↑

There are several ways of installation the supply line outlet in the bathroom.

  • in the box;
  • stroebe;
  • in ripple behind drywall;
  • in the corrugation above the suspended ceiling.

Installation of duct ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroomHow to hold the socket in the bathroom

The choice of installation depends on the characteristics of your apartment. For example, mounting the box will be more practical, if repair has been made, and plaster walls and ceiling there, of course, no one stroebe of walls will be. Then take the smallest box? just two wires in it was placed. Gently nailed him with plugs from the panel, to the conventional holes in the bathroom. Where to make this hole, you need to watch to come as close as possible to the installation site of the socket. At the same time that it does not spoil the external appearance of the corridor and the bathroom. It so happens that through the wall of the bathroom out into the corridor, drill a small through hole. Then a box or strobe, you can do the installation outside the apartment, and to get closer to the shield. In the apartment interior does not deteriorate, and the dust remains outside.

If that does not work, then do the line installation only indoors.

It is important! The wiring in the flap, produced only after the full completion of installation of.

Sometimes in the plastic moldings has a hidden box ? it is also a good option quickly and without damage to the walls, to bring the wires for the outlet in the bathroom.

Installation stroebe ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

Method of mounting the wire in the chase, reliable, but requires partial damage to the walls. Is very good to do before the new scheduled repairs. The wiring will be hidden and protected. To do the chase, it is recommended that at least the path to the bathroom. It is useful to lay one extra wire, just in case one of the workers on the way to the bathroom somewhere peredaetsa.

Installation in cavities of drywall ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

This is the simplest and easiest way to pave the line to the bathroom. It is necessary to measure the length of the corrugations from the plate to the entrance hole to the bathroom, and then cut the desired length. Corrugation necessary to protect the wires from damage and fires. In addition to working wires with them, it is desirable to stretch a strong rope. This is necessary in case you subsequently need this line to hold the extra wires not only in the bathroom, but in another room such as the kitchen. The corrugation itself which are tied up to clamps, nailed to the main ceiling. If it is absolutely lazy to be engaged by the clamps, can be put directly into the suspended ceiling, as long as it does not SAG under the weight of the wires. Drop the plate and in the bathroom outlet. Then it’s neatly nailed the box or in stroebe, as you wish.

Mounting sockets in the bathroom ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

The choice of outlets

The first thing you need to do is to choose the appropriate outlet for the bathroom. Why not one, but several? Yes, because a socket will not be enough. As a minimum you need two. One for cars, one for the dryer. You can of course and one outlet to dispense, each time sticking the plug, but it is inconvenient, and the contacts of the socket in this case are weakened, which leads to their heating. The best option in order to hold and install the outlet in the bathroom will be waterproof, the outdoor socket with protection class IP 65. Of course, you can use the outlets, but they will not provide a complete seal against moisture, which is unacceptable for the bathroom. You can use either double or triple, but the best result is obtained when the mounting of single, closely adjacent to each other. The contact portion of the single outlets, are always superior in quality to double or triple, placed in a single package. And so, as load the washing machine at the time of heating water up to three kilowatts, poor contact between the plug device and the socket, results in heating and melting of the latter. In view of this, the inner part of the socket should be ceramic and have good clips and contacts.

Housing outlets for the bathroom, must be sealed, no extra holes and have rubber tabs to input wires. Also mandatory for raw space is the presence of the cover covering the conductive contacts.

It is important! Don’t put the socket too close to the washbasin or bathtub, it is better to do it on the opposite wall.

The mounting location of the selected outlet in the bathroom, now on to making the mounting holes. Therefore, in the right place using a level, make a straight line for marking. Then dismantle the body of the sockets. Should remain only the main, back part. In its lower part, the edges, have holes, which will be used.

Markup options ↑

The first method is to attach the hull exactly in the center pre-marked strips, it was possible to make marks with a marker in place for drilling holes for fasteners. Do it one at a time to the socket housing, pointing at the same token the region of the body. We need this in order to tag, you could put the following case. Thus performing the layout, it turns out that the body of the outlet will adhere to each other.

The second method involves the use of a stencil. To do this, take a sheet of paper, and put the top all the hull outlets, close to each other on the same horizontal line. Now gently? not to shift? make marks on paper, holes in the buildings. Remove the housing outlet, and make holes in the paper where a label, with the awl. Next, apply the stencil exactly on the line on the wall, and a marker through the hole in the paper, mark. On the bathroom wall get the exact place for drilling.

This method also helps to ensure that the body will fit snugly, and it reduces the probability to see jumpers from the wires that connect the case together. Further, the perforator or drill, drill holes in marked points. If it’s the tiles, first in punch mode include «drill», but once we passed the tile mode «punching». If you just punch the tile in the bathroom can crack or break off, which is very desirable. Now inserted into the prepared hole of the dowel without the cap, and attaching the enclosure, fasten them to the wall. When all the buildings in place in the holes to skip connecting jumper two wires. Put the wires on the clamps, collect the sockets, leaving open only that to which connect the wire coming. If they supplied the box, then start them at the top or bottom of the case, and if stroebe, directly through the through-hole in the wall to skip the wires in the housing preferably with the rear of the through hole is made. So the wires will not be seen. Hook them and close the last female cover.

It is important! Before you connect the shield of this line, check it with tester if there are any short circuits between the wires.

Installation of switch outlets in the bathroom ↑

How to hold the socket in the bathroom

In addition to the outlets in the bathroom can make the switch. For example, in the case of installing multiple single sockets nearby, also right next to them, you can put a switch in the same housing and the same company. Then the whole unit can be installed right at the entrance to the bathroom. Despite the fact that the switch needs to be closest.

In this case «phase» taken from these sockets is connected to one of terminals of the switch. With the other wire goes to the lamp. Zero, you can also take it away, or leave? if there is one that came previously, if the lamp is not tolerated. In the event of a change of the place of lighting in the bathroom, it is better to hold and «zero» the new wire from the fixed block.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that you need to take responsibility for this work. Failure to comply with the basic rules of installation in wet areas such as bathroom, can be grim. Take care of yourself and your family.

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