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Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

In fact, we are mostly familiar with the mechanism to connect the telephone Jack. In fact, there’s nothing too difficult. If you have basic training or even theoretical knowledge, then you can manage for half an hour, given the wiring.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

The types of telephone sockets ↑

Are going to connect the phone? To answer the question of how to do this, you first need to determine the kind of outlet. A few years ago this question would not be asked, because there was only one type – RTSC-4. In every house where there was a telephone mounted such standard devices. Today, the Soviet-rooted standards was replaced by the European – RJ11 RJ12.

RJ11 is used in apartments and houses. It is just two wires.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

RJ12 is connected to four wires. It is used as a wiring PBX with a large number of channels. If you are planning to install a telephone at home, it is better to focus on the RJ11.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

The methods of installation phone sockets ↑

If you have minimal knowledge, to connect the own telephone network can for 5-10 minutes. There are two ways of installation – indoor and outdoor. Open method involves the installation on the surface without removal of the finishing layer.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

For example, if you have fully made the repairs and now you need to hold your phone, then install the socket directly on to the Wallpaper or paint. The cable channel, while hiding under the baseboard. Outdoor mounting method can be carried out without mounting on the wall socket can be on the floor.

It is 4 screws. The two closest to the connector, do not need to touch. The wires are fixed in the two remaining screws. Then laid insulation – cores are joined to the clamp and are fastened by screws. Thereafter, the housing cover is closed. Work ready.

It is important to know! All the work on the open installation should be carried out wearing gloves. It is better to use latex. There have been cases of occurrence of the voltage when the phone tried to call. At this point you can strike shock. The impact will be, of course, is not lethal but sensitive.

A hidden method of installation involves laying the telephone wire before it is connected to the outlet. In this case, pre-planned location.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

Sometimes hiding wires in the wall, and the outlet carry out. Visually, this method of attachment looks like a standard electrical outlet. Hidden and open methods of installation are called external and internal. Overall, fundamental differences, they do not exist.

Connection RJ11 telephone socket ↑

Before you begin installation, you should prepare a basic set of tools and materials:

  • wire size 0.3-0.5 mm. with two wires;
  • sharp object to remove the insulation. Suitable kitchen knife or pliers;
  • flat and Phillips screwdriver;
  • tester to measure the voltage in the wires;
  • rubber gloves.
    Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

Modern telephone sockets are available in different sizes and colors. To independently connect the RJ11, you need to use the following scheme:

  • rubber gloves. This is a mandatory measure in the telephone wires have a voltage of 60 can deliver up to 120 Volts. It will not cause harm, but can cause discomfort;
  • then you need to get rid of isolation. It is removed to such a length that it was sufficient to connect. Remove the insulation is assumed to be very carefully, because if you damage the core, it will break, leading to malfunction. In the future, you will forget that the failure in another place, that takes a lot of time;
  • in the next step, attach the socket to a power source. In the device represented, the wires are attached to pins located in the middle. This can be guided by the following schematic sketch:
    Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit
  • then you will need a tester. You can use a multimeter. It is needed to determine the exact polarity of the wires, i.e. where «+», where «-». Minus is designated in red and plus – green. Many argue that the definition of polarity is not necessary in case your phone is connected, but in practice it is proved that if the polarity is initially determined incorrectly, the unit will operate with interference;
  • the next step involves the fixing of the bare wires between the plugs in the socket housing. Grooves, to which are attached the wires have a specific characteristic shape, so that the wire is better kept. After fixing you do not need to wrap the joints with electrical tape;
  • the last stage is the consolidation of the housing. Some hulls have an automatic latch or requires the consolidation of the case with screws. Since we are talking about the external installation, the socket can attach double-sided tape to the wall or floor.
  • Installation to the internal sockets is slightly different. First, in the wall making the hole which will be identical to the size. Then mounted escutcheon that in the future when installing new, you can quickly change it. The cable is fixed by analogy with the method shown above.

Read more about connecting phone sockets you can see in the video:

What to pay attention when connecting the phone jacks ↑

Phone Jack standard RJ11 or RJ12 contains 2 and 4 the contact. They look like small metal fork. The cable is fixed between the teeth of the fork. All devices are fixed only to the two contacts. Professionals can use it to pin jumper knife, but in the everyday conditions of ordinary kitchen. It is not necessary to spend money on a special tool, if the connection will have to conduct one or a maximum of two times.

Braid of the cable is removed by about 4 cm Cores should be separated from each other.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

Many do not buy modern RJ11 sockets, since there are parts from the Soviet period. Here are some signs that surely you will need:

  • RTSC is a Soviet standard. Now, such devices are no longer available, but to operate the phone may today, with their help. They have 4 pins and key.
  • XPW – wire copper-based, consisting of a single core. It is covered with insulation from polyethylene. In most cases, such a cable is available standard in white. It is used for the inner strip in the house or apartment;
  • TRP – distribution cable designed for laying telephone lines. This wire-pair, which consists of bare copper conductors, insulated with polyethylene. Has a divider base.

How to work on the scheme ↑

So, most of the professionals work when connecting phone under the scheme. If you use the device the old standard, not a European one, it is better to buy a universal outlet. In her modern mounted connector and a connector with four contacts. Fifth – the plastic tab. Connecting sockets of the old type similar to those described above for the connection RJ11 or RJ12. The two wires of the wiring connected to the contacts located around a plastic tongue.

It is important to know! Before connecting the outlet you should make sure that in the fork, suitable to the apparatus, the wire is introduced, mirrored similar contacts in the socket.

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

In addition to these standards, RJ11 and RJ12, there is still a standard RJ25. It is equipped with six contacts. These outlets are not installed at home, but there are times when ignorance is still acquired. If that happened, then the phone will need to connect to the third and fourth contact, as shown in the picture:

Connection rj11 telephone socket, the circuit

These contacts are connected red and green wire, so they will be easy to find. To the outlet of any subtype of connecting standard cables.

As we can see, nothing complicated in a direct connection telephone Jack no. Good luck!

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