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How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

Installation the hob is a convenient and practical option for your kitchen. Thus, you can significantly save space, which is very important for the standard small kitchens domestic Khrushchev. Besides, cooktops work on the same principle as a massive plate – so why not replace them with a more convenient option. It is important to note that setting the cooktop into the countertop – completely simple process and cope with them can anyone who has a specific set of tools.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

In order to understand the installation process and correctly put it into practice, is to predotvraschaet each of the stages of repair work.

Creation of an opening ↑

Those who once faced similar works should know that there is nothing difficult to install the hob into the worktop. Video about this work, which is at the end of the article is the real proof of this. In order to highlight all the nuances of the installation, it is necessary to consider the process in detail.

  • The first thing you should know before installing countertops is its size, which will allow to avoid possible errors during the measurement. In order for them independently, you’ll need to eaperience and determine the width and length with a tape;
  • Do the layout on the countertop. It should match the settings of the hob;
  • Using an electric jigsaw drill hole, which will begin to cut. To ensure that the cut did not crumble – it is better to use a jig saw with fine teeth.

The process of sealing ↑

Sections which are formed after cutting, is treated with a sealant. It is necessary that the counter tops are not swollen, and also to prevent dirt from entering.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

It is important! To seal the edges you can always use aluminum tape. In addition to its basic protective qualities, it will protect the countertop from extreme temperatures. Pay special attention to the choice of sealant depends on the preservation of the appearance of the countertop and its functionality.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

What kind of cooktop purchased – electric or gas – will depend on the method of installation. Consider separately both.

How to connect the electrical panel? ↑

The demand for electric panel consistently high. This fact is easily explained by the fact that such devices are highly reliable and durable. Still, if such a plate and have to repair, then it is no problem to unplug and take into the workshop.

Before you start to build an electric hob, it needs to be flipped and put on the countertop. The inner side plates will be drawn reverse wiring diagram. Be especially careful if you have to work with the connecting plates alone. Here wagesetting wires correctly.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

In that case, if the electrical panel has a single wire shield, there is no need in the plug and the socket. Just connect the wire and install the panel in the tabletop. After that it will be fully ready to work.

How to connect the gas panel? ↑

Initially you should pay attention to the way in which fasten the panel. Set it to the countertop, align it and secure it. For the bottom model has a special bracket and turn on the electric wire in the socket.

It is important! Before an independent gas connection you should definitely familiarize yourself with the basic safety rules. The throttle needs to be closed. Make sure and only then, connect the hob to the pipe with flexible hose.

In the nuts is to put paronite gaskets. Then, open the gas and turn on the burners in order to test the strength of the connection and eliminate possible gas leak. For checks, use a gas analyzer.

The rules for the installation of the hob over the oven ↑

The induction cooker has many positive characteristics. Among them:

  • Bistrorestaurant to a certain temperature;
  • Perfectly smooth surface, which allows to provide optimal care of the plate;
  • Significant savings electricity;
  • Safety for children (with the exception of high temperatures, presence of gas and open fire).
    How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

As you can see, the benefits of this option mass. So it is not surprising that you also wanted to install such a stove at home. How to do it properly? Installing the hob above the oven has a certain sequence and rules. In order to further understand this question, it is necessary to consider all the features of panel mounting.

  • If you initiated such a process as the installation of an induction hob over an oven, you should know that it needs to be equipped with forced ventilation and cooling system;
  • Remember that the mount must be on a perfectly flat surface. Otherwise, you may experience deformation that will disrupt the correct operation of the cooking plate.

Installation procedure ↑

  1. Take a short blunt screws and screw the 4 springs into the holes that are located on the sides of the device;
  2. Insert the hob into a kitchen module, align it and push slightly on the centre – this will ensure the smoothest installation.
  3. If it has a side profile, then after you put it in a kitchen module you want to insert the 4 mounting hook. Please note that the screws for the alignment springs must remain accessible.
It is important! When installing cooktop over an oven, the electrical connection and embedding of scopadulin to be separate. To do that, click follow on the basis of the safety rules when working with electricity.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

Before connecting the electrician should check out:

  • the status of the outlet: it should be grounded and conform to all technical norms and standards;
  • larosetta meets the required voltage when connected;
  • does socket plug.

Note that setting the cooktop into the countertop with your hands or panel installation above an oven requires you to limit care. You must consider many requirements that will help you quickly and efficiently to install it. Guided videopornoamatoriali, you will not need to engage specialists to undertake this operation.

How to properly install the cooktop into the countertop

Before connection, it is necessary to carefully check the voltage and frequency of electric current in the outlet and the compliance with all established norms for safe independent installation panel.

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