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How to install an electric meter in a private house

All the vital components of comfort in a private house associated with the presence of normal electricity supply. Without it – anywhere. But to access power lines is possible after completing the necessary paper formalities and requirements, well-known Rules of electrical devices in the 7th edition. In order to understand how to connect the electric meter in a private house, we need Chapter 7.1, in which compressed specific the General requirements for the supply of housing, including private homes.

How to install an electric meter in a private house

Sometimes there is a problem – how best to connect the electric meter in a private house. But in any case, the construction of new and overhaul and rebuilding of the home will have to spend a lot of time and effort to fight the requirements of the RES.

Before starting work ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the capacity and, accordingly, the voltage assumed for the house;
  • To select the location where you plan to install the electric meter;
  • Choose your model of electric meter, circuit breaker and packet switches.
The Council! Before turning to the RES with a request to include a private home network, read the forums in the Internet, the issues that arise when dealing with representatives of RES. Read the normative documents regulating the requirements for each of the possible schemes of installation of electricity meter in a private house. This will facilitate the conversation with the bureaucrats.

The first step is the calculation of the future electricity consumption ↑

Unlike apartments, the amount of electricity consumed in a private house, maybe in different time periods to double or even triple exceed the peak value at the individual electric meter in an apartment building. The reasons can be mass. For example, for private homes is not uncommon to use a whole list of auxiliary machinery and installations, from boiler to heating or air-conditioning system of a private house, machines, pumps, bath heaters.

How to install an electric meter in a private house

For apartments in high-rise buildings, the load on the electric meter rarely exceeds 2-2,5 kW. Therefore, use a single-phase network and, consequently, easy to connect the meter. The peak load in a private house can reach 10kW, it is possible to provide only three phase power supply. Accordingly, the meter also needed three phase.

Dividing the load between multiple inputs and counters is impossible, paragraph 7.1.22 the above mentioned rules defined the installation of one electric meter for metering energy consumption on entering a private house or housing.

For supplying three-phase network and install the appropriate meter, you’ll need to complete the project of wiring a private house with a calculation of the load and the characteristics of the consumer, the transaction, a location of the ground loop. After that is agreed upon maximum power consumption and the technical conditions for the electricity meter installed in a private household. Very often the representatives of the RECs are trying to slip a client to a specific model of the electricity for private household, but this is pure arbitrariness.

Step two – choose the installation location of the electric meter ↑

To get a clear answer to your questions about the installation of the meter, located in a private house, the representatives of the RES is extremely difficult. To complete the installation according to the rules of connection of electric meter in a private home, people often use the services of advocates or legal practitioners. The connection of private homes to the mains can be done only after a written contract for the supply of electricity.

How to install an electric meter in a private house

The Council! In order to avoid misunderstandings require reflection in the agreement of all the nuances associated with the attachment of the shield installation and the correct connection of electricity meter in a private house, a division of responsibility for certain actions related to the operation of the meter and its connecting.

Installation of electricity meter in a private house on the street ↑

One of the most common problems is the requirement of RES to set the meter on the outside of the house. For three-phase meters requirements even tougher, they generally require to wash from the walls of a private house in a separate box or Cabinet. Thus, the controllers of power service the opportunity arises, regardless of the owners stay in the house to control the electricity supply meter and the energy consumption in private households.

Often owners of newly constructed or repaired private houses indicate and agree on the location of the installation, which will subsequently be the inner wall of the attic or warm veranda of a private home. This trick provides protection from weather and attacks by vandals, which can bring the meter down. In these rules there is no requirement to install the meter outside the house, but there are conditions protect from moisture and frost.

Rules of installation of electric meter in a private house ↑

Among the main requirements for installing the meter it is possible to note the following most important:

  1. The installation of the meter complete with the automatic overcurrent protection, short circuit and packet switches, which can break physical contact with the input circuits. Elements of the installation are collected in a single body, with a glazed window for reading the meter. Compartment for the meter must be equipped with «ears» for the imposition of the seal of the controller.
  2. Wiring diagram of electric meter in a private home should also include the ability to disable the meter from the external voltage. As a rule, use the contact external coupler or additional packet switch.
  3. The installation of the meter in the electrical panel is on the vertical surface of the wall of a private house or a special rack, at a height of not more than 1.7 meters, in a position allowing unimpeded read indicator.
  4. The meter is installed in a private household shall be removed from pipelines and water supply of not less than one meter.

After the contract is executed the scheme of connection of single-phase electricity meter in a private house, a project in which is fixed the location where the meter will be installed in a private house, showing the presence of the necessary service devices and wiring from power lines. Before starting installation work, the scheme is subject to approval by RES.

How to install an electric meter in a private house

It is important! When negotiating schemes should further clarify how the work will be performed by employees of RES and how it will be implemented by summing up the supply chains to the counter when installing.

The most common method of installation of the meter is the placement of it and service machines in a single metal mounting box. Box drawer is usually well protected from precipitation and strong enough to withstand any possible attempts of breaking or damage.

With the exception of a private home used as a seasonal temporary accommodation, for example a holiday cottage. If there is no protection, the meter must be removed for the winter period, in agreement with the RES, or the installation of the device immediately to run in a protected location in a private house.

The Assembly of the electrical panel presents no special difficulties. As a rule, in the design of the flap already provided for cells and mounting for installation of meter and switching device of the packet switch and circuit breaker. Mandatory within the distance of 1 meter from the Foundation of the home is a ground loop. Welded area or rebar frame ground is dug to a depth of not less than half a meter from the metal contact bus, which is connected to «earth» the mounting of the shield.

Wiring diagram wiring when you install single-phase meter is simple, you must correctly connect to the output terminals of the shield and not to confuse the two wires – «zero» and «phase». The wiring from power lines carried out by specialists of RES after verification of the correct execution of your work. The fact of the connection will be a paid service, so it is always an act for the connection of a private household to power grids.

It will be more difficult in the case of installing a three-phase meter. If you do not have sufficient experience with three phase lines, use the services of a private firm licensed to conduct the work of wiring, outlets, ground loops, and installation of the meter and the appropriate protective equipment.

Step three – what better meter ↑

To decide which meter is better to put in a private house, is to first decide where and how it will be used. Modern design counters are well protected and fairly reliable. The market is currently dominated by three main producers:

  • JSC «Concern Energomera», located in Stavropol Krai;
  • Holding «Incotex», Moscow;
  • Moscow factory of measuring instruments.

How to install an electric meter in a private house

The first manufacturer has a market share of 30-35% of all sold in Russia single phase household electric meters, the product quality matches the price. The rest are a little more modest, but also have considerable potential in the production of electronic electricity meters. Counters brand «Mercury», production of HC «Incotex», declared in uptime in 250thousand. hours in a private household, whereas the guarantees of competitors ‘ products have a lifespan of 100-110тыс. hours less.

Before you make the choice of the model of the meter and its mounting in the private housing construction, it is worth remembering that liquid crystal displays, the most frequently used in the counters, it can not tolerate low temperatures, at temperatures below minus 5onWith to read the data, it is impossible.

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