Connection and installation

Install the lamp with your hands

How to install spotlights in that case, if their number significantly, and they need to be mounted at a distance of 50 centimeters? To solve the problem of installation need to use special wire, paving to the very first of the devices. To do the operation you need to install the dot product in the ceiling, then the wire would need to stretch from one point to the next lamp.

It is important! The optimal solution will serve as a multi-strand flexible wire, which is distinguished by its quality and reliability.

As an example, you can use stamps, PVA, VVG, copper cable, hard or soft does not matter.

Install the lamp with your hands

Should properly consider how to perform the installation, taking into account the voltage drops. You will need to choose a product with a cross section of about 2.5 mm, which will eliminate voltage drops between the individual components. Length between individual bulbs should be the same to avoid any difference in voltage drop. The cable must be routed so that then not to be lost in search all, at the time of connection. Otherwise, if you do not know beforehand at what distance set spotlights is to perform the necessary measurements.

Drilling, preparing holes ↑

You can now see how to install spot lighting in drywall, to prepare a hole of the necessary diameter. What should be the value of the diameter can be found by viewing the data on the packaging, however, it is important to measure yourself. The optimal parameters are the dimension values in the 60 and 75 mm, under which it is considering the option how to install the lamp in a plastic panel without much effort. For cutting holes, you will need crowns in diameter and 59-60 74-75. During execution of the work provided for deviations from the specified parameter of the order of 3-5 mm.

It is important! If you are installing in ceilings of Armstrong type, the crown is not required.

In turn, when drilling holes in a standard tension structures, as the value of the diameter and where to set the node determined at the stage of design works.

Install the lamp with your hands

To avoid possible overheating of the film from heating lamps, an extra set of heat rings. Also thermocole provide mechanical strength in the attachment area of the design. It is necessary to determine how many units to install, their total capacity, an important parameter of crowding. Attention should be paid to the quality of cut through holes, to avoid irregularities, as well as significant deviations of the diameter from the norm. It is difficult to fix the damaged structure. This is especially true when you need to hang spotlights in the stepped shaped ceiling. Universal way to solve the problem of installation will be the presence of the Builder performing the strip lighting units, search magnet.

Install the lamp with your hands

A ceiling-mounted spotlights ↑

How to install spotlights with their hands to get things done efficiently and stylishly? The installation is performed only after papering or painting the ceiling. The wire is laid in each hole, then you need to start the build. Keeps the item on the ceiling through the use of special «antennae», which when mounted are brought together, after which they must be inserted into the prepared hole. After installation, the tendrils will disperse in the cavity of the structure, holding equipment to a surface firmly and securely.

It is important! We can recommend during the installation, together with standard antennae wire, which is then cut in the ceiling.

Best will be this setup with the possibility to guarantee the safety and durability of the design surface that will last a significant period of time without breaking down.

Install the lamp with your hands

The jumper will need to be made from high quality insulated cable, which can perfectly complete the task, with no risk to damage any surface element.

Connection ceiling spotlights ↑

Finally, we can consider how to fit spotlights in the final stage when the connection of the elements in the General design. This process is commonly understood as the connection of the base product to the prepared in the first stage of work installation wire.

Install the lamp with your hands

It is important! This scheme of installation is not proper, the best option will be the option with the supply pins to the junction box, where each article gets its own wire.

Install the lamp with your hands

There is a connection of all elements of the construction train, which will somewhat complicate the installation process. This option is relevant in the phase after the construction and installation of junction boxes. Installation of all required items is performed by using the terminal-terminals. If you are installing a halogen lamp is mandatory for dimmer, by which regulates the brightness setting of the lighting in the room. By installing this element in the composition of the lighting system kompensiruet the disadvantage of halogen lamps, namely, the prevention of significant overheating in the process of incorporating.

It is possible to argue that the items in ceiling mounted and ready to use.

Install the lamp with your hands

How to install spotlights video can be viewed here:

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