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How to connect generator to house

In this article, we consider such a device as a generator, his work will give some tips on proper connection of the generator to the network home and other useful tips. We will also show you how to make the right purchase.

This is a fairly complex equipment, which anyone will frameobject electricity, in case of its absence. Onopordum in those homes where the electricity supply is not stable or very poor quality.

How to connect generator to house

This picture shows a petrol engine.

Connecting the generator to the home network ↑

Without the initial knowledge and skills on connecting to the network – this is difficult work. Don’t take it not knowing exactly what to do, as it can bring a lot of trouble.

In principle,the connection of the generator in the private domain must be very difficult, but if you are unsure of your abilities, it is best to seek help from professionals. Everything is done in stages:

  • Select the specific room where will be located your device.It should be equipped with ventilation and soundproofing. Before installing you need to vnimatelnost the data sheet and view all specifications.
Warning: the location you choose for installation must comply with all safety regulations.
  • To the shield of the house hold wire from the unit.
  • Be sure to connect a generator to a home network,you need to flip the switch, because there are three modes 1-0-2 and his presence will further make easier the operation of the generator:
  • when voltage is present, the switch is in position one;
  • when there is no electricity, switch off all the machines at a time, switch rocker switch to zero and then after a couple of seconds put it in position two.

After all these actions can be directly run slovoobrazovanie.

Attention: to find out, and when restored the supply of electricity, look at the diode, which is located in the meter. If the electricity is off, the diode goes out, and when it appears – it is included.

Another very important point. After came electricity, it is necessary to otklyuchaetsya. In this case,in the reverse order toggle rocker switch.

Everything we have described above is a connection without avtobuska.

How to connect generator to house

In this image, rocker switch.

How to connect generator to house

Shown here counter.

Wiring diagram ↑

In this subsection we consider in detail the wiring diagram of the generator to the home network. If you have at least some knowledge on the subject, it is possible to do all the work, and not to go to spetsialistam. You just need to read the articles and watch tutorial videos. Below the link to the video:

The connection diagram is quite simple. Go to it.

How to connect generator to house

This diagram shows the connection of the generator to the house through the outlet.

The cord must pass on the load switch. Also there must be an energy meter and protective autofilllocation or differential machine (in the diagram we have shown two, but it all depends on how you have a big house). Line QF3 – this is what we nugeneration for the connection.

Important: outlet generator must be installed in the outer wall of the house, and there must be some kind of a canopy.

Not allowed to include petrol in the closed premises without good ventilation. After the outage, you must immediately put autovalidation to the off position is a must. Then do the ground, start it and connect to the network.

Attention: After electricity has been turned off and you connect equipment to the network, it is strongly recommended to use powerful electrical appliances.

The network connection of the generator ↑

We rassmatrivayutsya generator to a house for example benzinovo using the rocker switch. Now,it’s time to learn to Kakodkar generator.

One option is with the use of urban tension. Perhaps the easiest type of connection.

How to connect generator to house

The correct connection.

Another option, considered more reliable and advanced. Installation of automanagement of your device will provide good protection and use. The difference is that the system itself starts and heats it, when you shut off the electricity. Obratnaia when electricity appears. Automatically switch from the generator to the shared network, and he after a certain time turns off by itself.

Attention: To the unit worked on the machine, it needs to be equipped with electric starter.

How to connect generator to house

An automatic control system for generator.

Single-phase generators ↑

Many wonder: «How to hold a connection a single-phase generator to a three phase network at home?» Answer this question below in our article.

Sometimes there are differences between experts in this field. Namely, what is the unit you need to buy for a three-phase network at home? Some suggest single phase other – phase. We will explain what are the consequences of using three phase. It threatens «imbalance» means that in the first phase the tension subsides, and the rest is growing. As a result, there may be a serious damage the generator and appliances that worked this time. Therefore, I advise you to buy single phase. They will be working on each phase of the house will be correctly distributed all of the load of appliances.

Observe all rules of safety ↑

In our review, we gave some advice on connecting generators to the network at home. We had considered petrol and generator, and multiple ways of connecting.

You have to remember about the important things: without preparation and without knowledge of how to connect, do not handle the installation and observe the safety precautions below to avoid the negative consequences that affect your health. Trust the professionals.

The connection method and which generator to buy we are told. The choice is yours. Good luck.

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