Connection and installation

Connect the doorbell with his hands

How to connect a doorbell? This is one of the most frequently asked and relevant questions. Despite the apparent complexity of this task, plug door device you can own. This article discusses the features and connection diagrams of the different types of calls.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Principal ↑

Depending on the feed element doorbells are divided into several types:

  • mechanical;
  • battery operated;
  • wireless calls
  • with 220 Volts (electric).

Mechanical devices – designs that emit audio signals by external forces. Including rings, bells, etc. Mechanical design obsolete, they are most often used for decorative purposes.

Doorbells that operate on batteries, do not depend on the supply. Plus, their connection is the safest. The only drawback of the devices on batteries is that the batteries have to constantly be replaced.

Calls, working voltage is 220 Volts, convenient because they are connected do not need to redo the electrical wiring in the apartment. As a rule, all apartment buildings already have a standard built into the wall circuit. Disadvantages – dangerous talk, and dependence on electricity. These door alarm devices consist of rosettes, buttons, speaker and wire.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Wireless its characteristics are very similar to calls on batteries. They are easy to installation, during installation and connection do not have to bother with wires.

Interesting! On the market recently appeared doorbells with camera surveillance. They are remote, i.e., running on batteries. This model is equipped with a surveillance camera that records not only the image but also sound.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Wiring diagrams ↑

Before installing, you need to understand with wiring diagrams:

  1. The most simple circuit is a closed circuit, in which series-connected current sources of the call button. When the electric circuit is closed, current passes through the button and the warning device itself. Verbatium due to the difference of potentials of current sources;
  2. A more complicated scheme when one device is connected two buttons. It is often found in the stairwells, when one button is near the common door, another compartment for the neighbors. The first circuit is added parallel connection of additional buttons;
  3. The third diagram represents the mechanism of a parallel connection of two alarm devices,i.e., for the switch creates a separate supply line, which then diverges into two.
It is important! If you use a third scheme, often used dual switch.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Training ↑

For the installation need the following tools:

  • pliers;
  • drill;
  • screwdriver with a fine tip and an indicator;
  • pliers;
  • button/switch;
  • call;
  • twisted pair cable (2 PCs.).

Two cables are laid from the junction box directly to the button. From box cable lead to the installation of the device. To call worked, it is necessary that his contacts worked at the same time phase and zero.

It is important! It is advisable to use twisted pair cable with a cross section of 0.5-0.75 sq. mm. More powerful leads to use is not advisable.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Steps to connect the electric bell

  1. To determine the location of the doorbell. The optimal distance of 1.5 meters from the floor;
  2. Turn off the power supply;
  3. To lay a cable from the doorbell to the button;
  4. Using the indicator in the junction box need to find wire supply voltage;
  5. Next you need to determine phase and zero;
  6. Connect all of the circuit elements;
  7. Drill a hole at the selected location;
  8. Through him to bring the cable for the buttons;
  9. The wire attached to the terminals and fasten it over the opening;
  10. The other end of the cable must be attached to the two terminals located on the battery call.
    Connect the doorbell with his hands
It is important! If the battery is separate from the main body of the device, the extension wire is passed from the button to the doorbell, dividing the cable into two parts, each of which is connected otdelnoy terminal.

11.The transformer, which can be in the body, connects to a junction box and 2 of the 3 terminals corresponding to the voltage;

12. After all the manipulations, you need to turn on the power and check the operation of the system.

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Tips and recommendations ↑

The outlet door of the device is most often placed directly on the wall. However, experienced masters advise to do otherwise. Most modern manufacturers produce devices with concealed fastening for the screw. During Assembly works it is necessary to twist the plug in the cable on the wall not to the end. On mount hanging light socket, get the wires through the rear cover and connect the system. Acting according to this scheme, you will get a ready bell that hangs on one cable.

If the wall sticking out of the four leads, with the help of the indicator you need to determine zero and phase. To call connect one of the phases. The remaining phase is isolated. All the cables are connected to each other only in the distribution box.

It is important! All work is performed when power cut!

Connect the doorbell with his hands

Limitations when mounting wireless devices ↑

  1. The device may be damaged due to temperature changes;
  2. The distance between the button and junction box should be no more than 100 m. otherwise the signal will be lost;
  3. Wireless design will not work if the apartment/house has a large number of steel or concrete walls. They are a barrier during signal transfer.

With the right approach, to connect a doorbell is not difficult even for a beginner. Enough to carefully study the design of the device, to understand how it works and make the necessary manipulations to connect it. For quality installation, it is important to prepare in advance all the necessary tools. If you have any difficulty connecting, you can always turn to professionals.

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