The project is a small dressing room

You have not bothered to put all things in a narrow closet, or 20 minutes to look for lost among the socks tie? If you are familiar with the feeling of anger from the inability to find the right thing, then it’s time to think about the project of the dressing room.

It is important! Dressing room should not be large. With skillful planning it can be done even in a small room corridor.

Modern technologies allow to place in a confined space with plenty of shelves, hangers, mirrors and even Ottomans. Most importantly, all true to design and after a few days you will have a full dressing room. Forever eliminate the need to run from the living room into the bedroom, finding the right jacket to the pants. Now all things will be stacked in one place.

The project is a small dressing room

Compact dressing room ↑

The first thing that draws the attention of a professional designer when creating a drawing of the dressing room is square. From this parameter depends on how you can expand your imagination.

So, the design of the project a small dressing room starts with some constants, more precisely, with four feet of free space. So much needs to create a space that will comfortably find the right clothes.

It is important! Possible and more compact options for the organization of the internal space in the closet, but then a full room this room not called out.

To make the dressing room is large enough to partition off part of the living room. You can also take the closet in the hallway. An interesting variant is the triangular zoning, allowing the most efficient use of available space. Indeed, a corner walk-in closets are now incredibly popular.

Design project the corner of the dressing room ↑

The project is a small dressing room

The creation of the project of the dressing room starts with the selection facilities on the highway. The main advantage of space is in this format is compactness. The unique layout allows you to break the Canon of four meters, now only 1,5×1,5 m.

The uniqueness of the project of the dressing room with a corner layout is cutting off one corner of the room by a partition made of plasterboard from common areas. As a result, when the minimum square footage possible to achieve maximum free space.

It is important! To create a partition it is best to use drywall, it is simple to install and after it is virtually no waste. An additional advantage is that the weight of the structure is extremely small, and this creates a minimal load on the ceiling.

Inside you can arrange the furniture according to two schemes. In the first embodiment, all the shelves and cupboards will be lined up along one wall, the second on both sides. The second option is preferable, as it enables more effective use of available space.

The project is a small dressing room

Special corner elements allow not only to give the room an unusual look, but also provides maximum ergonomics in one square meter of space.

Another good option is the spiral jumper between the shelves. If you create a project of the dressing room with this element, you will be able to smooth the corners, thus externally increasing the available space.

The Council! Racking is best done open. This greatly allows you to save free space.

In the project corner of the dressing room need to include a wide entrance. The ideal option is a door-accordion. Moreover, such planning can not take care of the walls.

The sliding door allows to fully open the inner space of the dressing room. Just one click and you’ll connect the living room and a dressing room. Such a decision included in the project, allows much greater comfort to choose things and do the fitting.

Other popular designs small closets ↑

Design project of a linear-plan ↑

Similar projects are now very popular because of its simplicity and compactness. The arrangement of the headset near a wall allows to significantly reduce necessary to accommodate the entire furniture space.

The project is a small dressing room

To understand what constitutes a finished project linear dressing room, look in the photo above. It’s not so much room, how much niche. However, only one movement of the hand to the accordion door slid to the side and opens a whole world of clothing.

Especially popular in such projects dressing rooms use retractable hangers. One slight movement and all your jackets right in front of you. This is very convenient.

Depth to the corner of the dressing room should be not less than one and a half meters. Width depends solely on the square footage of the room. But it is better not to try to make narrower the free space through partitions. More space in the room will not be a part of the free space will be lost forever.

It is important! Dressing of linear type, you can easily store all my clothes. But the place for vacuum cleaner and Ironing Board are unlikely to be found.

The project is a small dressing room

In the project of the dressing room corner type it is best to include open shelving. Stands also allow you to save some space. If the wall is long, and you can afford to increase the depth of the room, use simple cabinets with doors.

G-shaped layout ↑

The project is a small dressing room

This project is the dressing room has its own specifics. First, there is no need of any partitions. Actually dressing room is part of the common room. Secondly, this project widely used open shelving. They allow you to maximize space.

The project is a small dressing room

It is important! The cost of construction of the partition can reach the value of half of the total project dressing room. Therefore, the absence of walls allows to save much.

The dressing room project in the form of letters «P» ↑

The project is a small dressing room

It is believed that dressing in the form of letters «P» possible only in large rooms. But this is absolutely not true, which proves the picture above. As you can see, this project has a futuristic touch. However, such a plan, despite the extravagance, is highly ergonomic.

Set in this project contains a single monolith. It’s not just shelves placed on the sides. This complex has everything you need for each dressing room elements, such as:

  • hanger,
  • closed boxes,
  • special sections.

The designer when creating the project managed to achieve the most efficient use of space. But his merit is totally different. He managed to create a bright and spacious room with extremely limited footage.

Dressing room in the form of letters «P» in fact is a separate room that is completely separated from the living room. However, this plan is not always appropriate. It is best used in long, narrow spaces.

If we take into account the above presented project, it is possible to make some changes to achieve more efficient use of free space.

You can increase the width of the upper shelves up to 60 inches. This in no way will affect the ease of movement within, but will allow you to store up bags and seasonal or special clothing.

Parallel dressing room ↑

The project is a small dressing room

This project enjoys great popularity due to its simplicity and functionality. Everything you need to create this partition and divided headsets.

However, the parallel layout is not reasonable to use everywhere. For example, if you want to organize the storage space in the pass-through room, that is just perfect. But when it comes to windowless room, better to give him. Because it will be more practical U-shaped layout.

The project is a small dressing room

A very important parameter in this space is the width from wall to wall. It should not be less than 1.6 meters. Otherwise, you will experience considerable difficulties during the passage from one end to the other.

Important! The distance between racks cannot be less than 80 cm.

For optimal use of space best set end hanger. More compact and convenient option is simply not to find. Cabinets can be traditional, with sliding panels.

The Council! A small dressing table and mirror are also extremely relevant.

Make a dressing with your hands ↑

To create a comfortable and convenient room for storing clothes, you need to consider many nuances. Start with a selection of furniture. The best option is a ready-made set. In fact this whole complex, which only need to install.

You can also collect furniture and of the individual modules. The advantage to this solution is that you can pick up any sort of configuration that is optimal for your needs.

The project is a small dressing room

When creating the project, the dressing room is also impossible to let go of the spotlight lighting. In a small room, the best option are the spotlights located in the proper places. From the suspended ceiling should be abandoned.

Important! You will also have to think about the ventilation system. You can install air conditioning, the usual hood or a complete system.

The results ↑

To create the project of the dressing room in the first place you need to focus on the parameters of the room. If the room is extended, the best option would be a U-shaped layout, you can also simply place the racks on both sides without jumper. Of course, there are other projects, for example, an angular or l-shaped walk-in closets.

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