Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

Often, becoming owners of one-bedroom apartment large square footage, people aim to divide one large room, having received from it two smaller ones.
It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The only requirement is the experience of the specialists carrying out alterations. Indeed, sometimes the result can be unsatisfactory.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

The redevelopment at the end of all the work you will be the proud owner of two small but separate rooms. Applications of this division are many: living room and nursery, living room and bedroom, living room and office.

Today there are many different variants of planning decisions, If the redevelopment is approached correctly, it is possible to carry out the conversion of bulky one-bedroom apartments in a convenient location without having to coordinate their work with a variety of organizations.

Main thing that is required to avoid contact with the Supervisory authorities not to involve load-bearing walls.

All other alterations, even completely changing the face of the apartment, dependent on the willingness of the owner.

Competent remodeling ↑

Almost all studios one-bedroom apartments include only one wall where the window. As a result, when the redevelopment is finished, only one room will have natural light.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

Best room to share across, as when you split it along, get a room with half window and too narrow for a comfortable stay. Even the installation of any furniture will be a problem.

However, there are always nuances. Only an experienced designer, seeing a specific apartment, you may make a plan for the optimal redevelopment that allows you to achieve the best effect.

Drywall is the best room separation ↑

Plasterboard partitions is no accident widely used in the redevelopment. After all, they are the most simple and available means of the separation space. Installing them across the room. Then plasterboard porubitsya doorway.

The end result is two rooms of a small size that you can furnish and use according to your taste. In the process of installation of partitions in the role of the supporting structure applies the metal profile. To profile the frame is the attachment of the drywall.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

If it is necessary, in the interval between sheets of gypsum material is laid insulation. In this case, the residents of the room will not disturb each other with sounds, easily penetrating through the empty partitions.

But there is such option and disadvantages. Lighting will only be in the same room. Increase the demands on artificial lighting. Fixtures should fully illuminate the room.

To natural light still entered the room without a window, this can be achieved by complicating the septum. The septum is arranged not only the door but also the window opening. To achieve good sound insulation, it is preferable to insert into the window glass. Such a partition will be more expensive, but now both rooms will be open to the sunlight.

In the spaces created by redevelopment is always quite crowded. Required savings for each square meter. In the result of experienced designers are advised to apply original solutions in the form of sliding doors instead of hinged. This gives you the opportunity to save about a square meter. This area can take compact furniture.

Wardrobe is wall ↑

The closets, which are manufactured to order, have a variety of configurations, allowing us to apply them to the original redevelopment Studio apartment. From drywall wardrobes are different in that they are able to perform critical tasks. They not only divide the space into zones, but also are a place to store their personal belongings. In addition, the wardrobe can be designed to be able to use it from two sides simultaneously. The rear part of the Cabinet should be not a wall but a door.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

Pass door is installed directly in the Cabinet. Partition of the wardrobe can be made transparent, allowing access of sunlight into the second room. Of course, similar wardrobes is in a Studio apartment a lot of space. Much more than drywall. But the wardrobe is still needed.

The wardrobe is more practical than a normal headset, as it can occupy space up to the ceiling. If you approach the problem correctly, the Cabinet can be used for storage of any items. The upper part of the Cabinet is used to store rarely used items on the bottom to keep your clothes and shoes. In the closet to find a place for bedding. The design of the racks of the wardrobe can be a good designer decoration apartment. The use of doors with stained glass will add to the design flair, give comfort. Get a area for relaxation and sleep.

Offer of services for the production of wardrobes is widely available on the repair market.

As in the case of drywall, solar lighting will be missed. So you will need additional light sources.

Children should use the room that has the window. For kids in natural light plays a very important role.

The second room is suitable for use as living room and bedroom at the same time.

The rack will share an apartment ↑

If Studio apartment is sparsely populated, achieving the creation of two somewhat simpler than the device the deaf walls.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

Not necessarily in this case to use the high sound insulation of different areas of the apartment. For these apartments sufficient an ordinary rack.

This rack not only divides the room but also decorates room.

Shelves can give an elegant appearance, door with beautiful glass, mirrors or stained glass. The bookcase has many shelves or use to store utensils.

Handle kitchen ↑

Often heard questions about the food. Its alteration is not affected. There are a number of options redevelopment of the kitchen.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

For those wishing to increase the usable area of the rooms a Studio apartment kitchen to donate. Not casually combined with living room kitchen, has become the European norm for small apartments.

To enlarge the room, the wall which separates the bathroom and kitchen, demolished. If this wall is load bearing, so it just does not carry. It is necessary to achieve the desired resolution and to strengthen the walls of the joists. When done, the finished space consists of two rooms: a bedroom and a living room combined with kitchen.

Such a device is the room is very comfortable. But you need to think very seriously about the installation drawing high power. This is necessary to avoid the intrusion of cooking smells in the area.

The loggia, located in the kitchen, can be used to further increase the area of the room when remodeling. In order not to lose heat in this case, you need to use quality Windows, add to the design of the Underfloor heating and high quality insulation.

For those who are on such radicalism is not yet ready, you need to make the transfer wall separating the kitchen and bathroom. Again, the presence of a load-bearing wall can greatly complicate the process of redevelopment. But, usually, if we are talking about «Khrushchev», room a Studio apartment separated from the kitchen by a light barrier, which the carrier is not. Permission for the demolition of such walls is not required. However the already small kitchen after remodeling will turn into tiny. While winning a couple of square meters will make our living room more spacious. In a small kitchen not place the washing machine and the refrigerator. They will have to move to the bathroom and hallway.

To the design of the new redesigned areas pleasing to the eye, to perform work on the alterations you need to look for experienced professionals. This of course will require money, but there will be no disappointment with the result of the work.

Often in the apartment, eliminated storage space, connecting to one of the rooms

Second floor in the apartment ↑

If the ceilings have great height, it makes sense to think about the second floor in the apartment. Many of the older residential areas in cities have a phenomenally high ceilings, reaching 3.5-4 meters. Earlier in the height of the rooms to save was not fashionable.

Options and examples of redevelopment Studio apartmentOptions and examples of redevelopment Studio apartment

If you happen to be the owner of this apartment, you have the opportunity in the process of redevelopment to build not only two, but the two-storey apartment.

These works require quite a complex technical calculations, to the second floor stood a variety of loads.

The supporting structure is often a metal profile, which is attached to the walls of the room. As of the second floor are the Board. For the second floor suitable for children or bedroom. To the first floor when remodeling plays the role of a living room or study. For such a redevelopment will have to take care about improving ventilation.

Smart redevelopment can help you find a nice one bedroom apartment without the consent of authorities.

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