The design of the dressing room to the small size

Dressing room is intended not only for storage but also changing rooms, so its preparation should be treated more carefully. It can be a separate room or part of a room, separated by screens. Creating interior walk-in closet, you should place it in the same style.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

The history of ^ the

The tradition of creating separate rooms intended for storage of clothing, can be traced from the temporary existence of ancient civilizations such as the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. In those days these facilities were created only in the homes of wealthy people who had the opportunity to have a large number of things. In Russia such a room was in many homes up until the revolution, when they decided to get rid of as attributes of wealth.

If to speak about Europe and America, there is a tradition to create a separate room for the things preserved and even developed. If before the dressing room was a small room for the things, now this room is equipped with special cabinets, the structure of which can store a large amount of clothing.

Due to the presence of such rooms were invented compact extendable racks, special racks and other effective systems of storage of things. In this regard, there is not only a new direction in the industry, but also in interior design.

If you are planning to create a separate room for their things in order for her to pick up any design style you can consider the various options of design of a small dressing room. They will help you to understand the color palette and find the right furniture

Features of the men’s dressing room ↑

The peculiarity of women is that they are important, not so much the result of how the process of choosing and trying on clothes. For men it is more important to find a certain thing in a short time. That is why the men’s dressing rooms are made with the expectation of efficiency. But they can be decorated in different styles, emphasizing the individuality of the owner. Design a dressing room, a photo which seems to be more attractive, you can create, both independently and with the help of specialists.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

Here’s a few options:

  • the monotony of colors,
  • minimalism,
  • the predominance of bright colors,
  • contrast on white background,
  • the presence of natural light,
  • room with spot lighting,
  • the combination of dark wood with bright elements,
  • mirror doors,
  • dressing room in grey tones,
  • the use of suitcases as means of decoration,
  • minimalistic simplicity,
  • the presence in the dressing room sink,
  • the design in dark colours,
  • the use of bright colors.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

What should pay attention when making ↑

If you like black wood, the cabinets and shelves made of such a material it is better to install on the background of bright walls. It is important to pay attention to the lighting system. As many dressing rooms do not involve contact with the natural colors, it is better to place the lights under the shelves and around the mirrors. You can also hang a chandelier, if permitted by the chosen style of design.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

When creating a dressing room for men in the first place draws attention to the systematization of the shelves and the contrast in the color palette. To create an interesting visual effect, it is sufficient to use several types of wood. In the men’s dressing rooms can be shelves of untreated wood that also allows you to create in the room a certain atmosphere.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

At the time of registration you should think about functionality all located in room elements. Often in these areas found a pull-out sloping shelves.

Dressing room with island ↑

Owners are increasingly dressing rooms create in the dressing room «island», which acts as an Ottoman or armchair. Even in small rooms you can find a similar elements.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

For a small dressing room is best suited dresser, mounted in the middle. Usually this furniture is used for bags and hats. If the center of the room costs nothing, it is best to use the floor, the color of which will be combined with the cabinets and walls.

Dresser installed in room of small dimensions, it is not just decorative items, but also helps you make better use of the space. For women’s closets, you can use glass shelves, which will give weightlessness to all designs. This item goes well with a variety of fittings and mirrored wardrobes.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

If you put as Islands small Ottoman or a sofa, it not only diversifies the interior, but also will allow you to conveniently try on the shoes. Thus it can be combined with other items or to differ from them due to the selection of colors. Often owners of homes with walk-in closets decorate them in the style of the country, where the island becomes an integral part of the design.

Dressing table as part of the interior ↑

Placement of the dressing table is especially important in female dressing room. Such furniture allows a woman to create a certain image, not leaving the room. The advantage of installing the table is the following:

  • the ability to choose makeup and clothes and immediately see the result,
  • no need to visit other rooms,
  • the ability to make the table attractive design.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

The most successful solution is to create a table of the same material from which made the shelves. To create the necessary for makeup lighting, enough to place near the mirror a few light bulbs.

Some women prefer classic decor, where you use:

  • cabinets with cornices,
  • the original sofa,
  • beautiful chandelier,
  • dressing table.

To bring the atmosphere of luxury by making sure the dressing table of dark wood, which is set against the background of bright walls.

Features create a white room ↑

Ideal for creating beautiful dressing is to use white, as it helps expand the space. Thus if there is no access to daylight, this style will make it easier to perceive a closed space. This is especially necessary for those who spend in this room a lot of time.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

Thus on a light background is easier to see the color of shoes and accessories. This allows you to correctly pick up this or that thing to create the selected image. When creating this style it is necessary to use open shelves, light colours with light. The choice of flooring depends on the preferences of the owners, as many materials are available in the right color scheme. Some people like to walk on wood, and someone will prefer the white carpet. But it is worth remembering that in a small room have often enough to get out.

To make the design more perfect, you need to pay attention to the color of his clothes.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

Dressing room in the attic ↑

Trying to use as much space, many homeowners prefer to create a walk-in closet in the attic. It is very convenient. As it allows to find a use for premises with non-standard dimensions. In such rooms in the largest to lift the ceiling you can position the Cabinet and where there is a slant to put the sofa, allowing comfortable to try on shoes.

In order not to clutter up the already small space, you need to make all the shelves open. The use of the attic allows you to install there items of different sizes without the fear of losing those extra meters.

The use of open and closed cabinets ↑

In cases where the dressing room is given a separate room in the cabinets do not need to use doors, as they visually reduce the amount of free space. This is especially true for rooms with solid furniture. But if the owner of the house like closed cabinets, then it may be a variant of the design, although quite rare.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

For easy access to things you can use a sliding glass door. They not only expand the space, but also allows you to see everything in the closet thing. Popular design in which these doors are used in closets of wood of dark shades. The walls in this room should be light.

To create a cozy atmosphere using furniture in a warm colour. Noble shade of wood will make the room more comfortable. An interesting design is a combination of black-and-white palette and reflective surfaces. Often the men’s dressing rooms decorated in black, which have wardrobes without doors. In this floor covering creates a white.

Tips on decorating ↑

To room more comfortable, you can make a few cabinets of different colors, each of which is owned by one of the family members. This will not only make it easier to find things, but to create a bright and unusual style. If the cabinets do not have enough height for some dresses, they can be stored over the crossbar for pants. However, such things do not stretch, saving twice the space.

If a family has a child, then he better сде6лать separate shelves, which he will be able to reach on their own. To save space in the room allows use of the niches in the wall. Do not forget about the lighting. If it is insufficient, the dressing design can look a lot worse than the project for which it was created.

The design of the dressing room to the small size

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