Remodeling: approval, documents, time

The few owners of standard and compact flats like layout. Very limited kitchen space, bathroom or unnecessary barriers – the most common causes of unhappiness. Especially today, when there is an opportunity to create a unique and individual interior design. This applies not only to the residents of Khrushchev. Owners of the new modern housing is also frequently want to rebuild it, based on personal preferences do not always meet building regulations.

Not always creating a new interior is possible without redevelopment areas. However, any changes are very difficult and troublesome thing. This is connected not only with the construction activities, but first and foremost is the registration of various documents. So, before you begin repair work associated with the redevelopment it is better to first explore all the features of the process of preparation and coordination.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

The need for harmonization of redevelopment ↑

Any repair, especially the capital with a significant change of premises, it is better to start with a definition of their plans and desires (what is going to change, divide or combine rooms, move walls, make new openings). It must be done, though, because in the future when conducting any real estate transactions have a problem, and in addition will be imposed with a considerable fine. But this will not solve the problem of the legal registration coordination.

But the matching redevelopment apartment it is necessary in order to exclude even the possibility of tragedy. There are cases when unauthorized restructuring caused discomfort to neighbours and even leads to tragedy.

Very often the owners are trying to increase the kitchen area due to the shared ventilation shaft. This leads to the fact that the tenants of the lower floors have problems with the flow of fresh air.

Some residents of the upper floors trying to build permanent concrete walls. But the result is the collapse of the floors, are not designed for this load. In the best case, only complete collapse, no casualties.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

What is allowed during the redevelopment ↑

Sometimes minor changes can be issued after completion of the work. But you need to know which measures changes in the apartment without approval.

Remodeling without approval in the following circumstances:

  1. Is any repair work associated with the replacement of finishing materials.
  2. The installation or replacement of any built-in furniture.
  3. Transfer to another location (within the kitchen) electric or gas stoves.
  4. Any kind of work for finishing of balconies or loggias, with the exception of the conclusion of the overall heating.

All other work (especially everything connected with the walls) best to coordinate with specialists, as making alterations after the fact will cost much more and will take time much longer.

When remodeling with decoration of matching possible:

  • combining toilet and bathtub in the bathroom;
  • reverse action for the separation of the bathroom into separate rooms for bathroom and toilet;
  • the increase in area of the bathroom or bathrooms due to the corridor;
  • the combination kitchen and dining room;
  • the increase in area of the kitchen or room by removing the mezzanine, analysis of the walls of the pantry or corridor;
  • the extension of a doorway or the arrangement of the new doors in the walls, non-load-bearing.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

Despite the need for harmonization, not all activities are allowed to produce during the reconstruction of the premises.

These activities include:

  1. creating holes in the walls, which are the major carriers;
  2. dismantling the outer walls, with the aim of uniting of a room or kitchen with loggia or balcony;
  3. the transfer is connected to the General heating system of radiators on the balcony or loggia;
  4. dismantling floor decks by combining several apartments on different floors;
  5. arrangement under the apartments of the first floor of basements;
  6. the extension of any premises to apartments of the first floor;
  7. any work related to the work of the common system of ventilation;
  8. the installation of heavy (massive) overhaul walls.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

The procedure of approval of redevelopment apartment ↑

If the repair changes to the layout solved the issue, we need to prepare the project and to coordinate it.

The creation of the project responsible step, therefore, requires special knowledge. Entrust the drafting of a professional office. If this possibility for some reason is missing, look for ready-made model projects that match your needs, but having official approval.

Prepare all the necessary documents for approval of redevelopment apartment:

  • this is primarily a technical passport if it is missing, contact BTI technical inventory of premises;
  • the document proving the identity;
  • the certificate (or its notarized copy) on the right of ownership of housing;
  • ready redevelopment project;
  • the consent of all other tenants of the premises (if any) to redevelop;
  • permission of bodies of protection of monuments of architecture, culture and history.

In addition, it is desirable to obtain the neighbors ‘ consent to carry out works.

Bring the collected documents to the local administration. There write installed the sample application for approval of the draft redevelopment apartment. Specialist, receiving documents, is obliged to make an inventory of them in two copies, one of which, with the date shall be given to the owner of the premises. The deadline for approval of redevelopment – not more than 45 days from the date of filing the official statement.

If a positive decision, it will take another 3 days to complete all the papers.

After receiving the documents, you can begin to repair. But after its completion need to be sure to invite members of the Commission to check compliance of the works carried out for the draft. By results of check is drawn. It is the basis for the manufacture of a new technical passport.

Video expert advice on the redevelopment:

The project redevelopment apartment approval sample.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

Agreement, after the redevelopment ↑

What to do if the result of matching is negative? In this case, you must be very serious reasons, that is prepared by the redevelopment project does not meet construction standards and legislation. In fact, if you do not agree with the Commission’s decision, you can appeal it in court.

More complicated to deal with cases where redevelopment has been completed, and the permit was not received. In this situation there is only one way to collect the documents and go to court.

The documents must contain:

  • a passport or other document proving the identity;
  • the data sheet before and after redevelopment;
  • consent of the management company and neighbors to redevelop;
  • a certificate from the Department of architecture at the place of residence;
  • the conclusion of the independent experts confirming the safety of the conducted alterations.

If the court is in favor of the owners of the premises, then upon his or her decision, you can contact BTI at the place of residence, to receive a new registration certificate.

Some useful tips ↑

A few important points that you need to pay attention.

First, when buying a home be sure to check the technical passport. The floor plan in the passport must match the layout of the apartment, otherwise you will have to get the approval in court, because now you are the owner of the premises. Only then you will be able to register the transaction with the purchased housing.

Remodeling: approval, documents, time

Secondly, any alterations made should not pose a threat to the life or health of neighbors.

Thirdly, according to the housing legislation all illegal actions to redevelop the premises needs to be fixed. In other words I will have to rebuild the layout according to the data sheet. And in those cases where the court refused to legitimize redevelopment, the owners will terminate the agreement of social hiring the apartment. It can be sold or transferred to other owners. It happens very rarely, only if the redesign is a real threat living in the apartment and their neighbors.

Before you begin the repair, especially the capital by moving walls or changing floor space, consult with experts, if you can’t say with certainty that redevelopment is not planned. Not worth the risk, because as a result of unauthorized alterations to the premises will give you a lot of problems associated with the loss of money, time and nerves.

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