Draft baths with veranda under one roof

Have a bath with a veranda has its own unique charm. Currently used projects with open and covered terraces, depending on size.

Draft baths with veranda under one roof

The main requirements to be fulfill terrace:

  • comfortable wide porch;
  • spacious indoor outdoor.

Veranda is a great place to stay, so it is important to consider the style of its design. Moreover at the design stage baths with a porch you need to consider the option of entrance to the terrace: in the form of a rigid structure, or by fastening to the wall. Bath and a terrace built of the same material. Using the professional advice of the designer, you can select a finished project to complement it with the design of adjoining terraces. Projects enclosed bath with veranda under one roof to solve the following tasks:

  • the use of space (for the organization of tea parties);
  • the use of verandas for relaxation outside bath room;
  • creating additional places for domestic purposes.

Select the draft baths with veranda ↑

Draft baths with veranda under one roof

The project to search the Internet, studying numerous construction sites. There are certain subtleties that need to be considered when selecting the draft baths with loft and porch:

  • the size of the bath;
  • allowable cost of construction works;
  • the territory for construction;
  • the number of domestic premises;
  • timing of construction of the object.

Draft baths with veranda under one roof

Draft baths with terrace of logs ↑

Among «favorites» highlight the projects of baths with veranda made from beams. Covered porch leads directly to the bath. The railing on the porch are hand-made, striking in their beauty. Bath the corridor has three doors:

  • in the rest room;
  • in pair room;
  • in the shower with swimming pool.
  1. In the first phase of construction baths with a terrace erected a log house of the profiled bars. Its technology is similar to the construction of the walls for the house. Stack frame of crowns, piping doing on the base. The underside of the salary cleansed with antiseptic and covered with a special protective mastic.
  2. In the bath make inner frame-panel partitions. To assemble them use bars 50 by 50 mm, they are laid in the insulating material, then a partition sheathe wood paneling. Doors for sauna rooms select durable, resistant to temperature extremes – dveri – massiv.
  3. As a material used for covering the ceiling and walls in the steam room, use aspen. Under aspen paneling, attach a special heat-reflecting foil. For decorating the rest of the bath facilities used pine, spruce. Finished floor of grooved boards (34-36 mm thickness) used in the rest room.

Draft baths with veranda under one roof

During the construction of the overall bath with a small deck (2 to 4 m), intended for household needs, you can save significant financial resources (no need to decorate the porch).

Interest is the project of a bath with a spacious veranda with 2-3 Windows on one side, a blank wall with a bath on the other side. The space of the verandas can be divided into two zones: for rest and tea.

Construction company, specialized in the construction of baths, offer lodges with baths and verandahs, perfect for suburban areas. The house is sizeable, wide veranda, steam room. Bath project is being built on the ground floor, fitted bathroom, lounge, and washing. On the attic (second floor) are the living room and two bedrooms.

The Council! Such a combined project of the baths suitable for a comfortable summer holiday.

Design baths with a loft ↑

The construction of the attic is performed together with the construction of the bath. Otherwise there will be a solid commit to the winter porch «depart» from the main frame. To eliminate the gap between the house and the veranda, use the plinth.

The villas and the verandas are doing the same Foundation. It is important to carefully calculate it to on the veranda, not cracks and distortions. Lately in the project of the bath assumes the construction of the terraces with sliding walls. You can bath with the traditional veranda to terminate in an open terrace.

For problematic terrain suitable multi-level baths with attached thereto terraces.

Plan baths 6×4 with veranda ↑

The construction of a separate bath with a relaxation room will be a costly exercise. The most common is the project of a bath 4 on 4 with a veranda designed for a family of 4-6 persons.

Materials for construction ↑

Attention! Before construction is necessary to determine the material.

You can purchase ready-made frame of a bath, to build it yourself, using a few bars. At desire it is possible to build a 6×6 bath with a loft, making washing, steam.

  1. Timber is a common material for construction of baths. Its environmental characteristics are fully allowed to experience the pleasure of visiting bath. The tightness of the wooden frame is provided with linen strips, they make between each row of lumber. For a log log does not need special additional decoration. Thermal insulation characteristics of wood do not require the use of special insulating materials, you can save considerably.
  2. To plan bath 6×4 with a veranda it is important to consider some nuances:
    • the number of those who will use the bath room;
    • consider need special places for bathing;
    • to provide a place to embed, washroom, dressing room;
    • area bath should not be less than 10 m2.

    A complete plan for the 6×4 bath, with veranda involves sewage channel system for hot and cold water, vent and electrical wiring. All systems shall fully comply with the rules of fire safety. A distinctive feature of the project is 6 6 is the construction of additional terraces.

    Draft baths with veranda under one roof

    The layout of buildings ↑

    Any 6 bath 3 veranda involves the construction of the anteroom or vestibule.

    It allows you to keep in cold weather, the heat in the steam room. Additionally, you can configure the body in a warm bath outside using the vestibule.

    The Council! Preferably between sauna and steam room to make the shower room with a pool.

    Prior to construction check with the professionals of the usefulness of your draft baths with loft and porch, put all the required stamps in a variety of departments.

    The construction of a frame of 4×4 or 6 x4 ↑

    1. For a start, purchased building materials, pre-calculating their required quantity:
      • window units;
      • lumber;
      • nails.
      • Prepare for a future bath area. Remove plants, bushes, their root system is not destroyed the Foundation. Plot perekidyvaem, remove root system.
      • Prepare the Foundation. Dig a hole, put the soil and the soil and the Foundation selected small depth. As the draft baths with veranda and barbecue does not involve a significant pressure on the Foundation, not deeply dig into the soil.
        ?Attention! The choice of Foundation depends on the percentage of freezing of the soil, and the level of underground waters.
      • Make the trench in cross section about 30 cm in the corners of the trench line put poles. For pouring the Foundation it is important to prevent its complete drying, suitable for dry leaves, moss.
      • After construction of the Foundation, the laying of the Foundation, you can put crowns. Provide the size and location of doors and Windows, through the large Windows of the bath will leave heat.
      • Please note that bath with a loft and a veranda is being built in several stages. After laying the first wreath on the Foundation, you need to wait 2-3 months. When carrying out construction works in winter time, the waiting period is 5-6 months.
        Draft baths with veranda under one roof
      • A roof can make a gable or shed depending on the size and layout of the room. The gable roof has a beautiful appearance, suitable for a project with veranda.
      • Doors and Windows choose from natural solid wood. Wood does not emit toxic substances, for a long time retains heat.

      In the steam room you can put wooden stools and shelves. The best option professionals believe the installation of stoves – stove, fully ready for operation. In the project of the bath provides arrangement of ventilation, sanitation, electricity after all construction work will be completed.

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