Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Every meter of free space should be used wisely, perhaps, it is thought that the designers, combining kitchen with living room. Such joint projects have been particularly popular in recent years.

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Skilled zoning allows designers to differentiate in kitchen design combined with living room, with stylistic elements. The furniture also allows you to create a unique atmosphere, emphasizing the dignity of each zone.

One of the most important elements in kitchen design combined with living room, is the floor. It can be used to carry out an effective zoning. Effective separation can be achieved by changing the levels. For example, the height of the floor can be 15 centimeters higher. But you don’t have to resort to such radical changes. Enough in the kitchen to lay the tiles, in living room flooring.

In the design project of the kitchen combined with living room, plays a significant role on the light. Take existing design concept, in which the separation element is the dining table. Above it hung a special diffusers that create a light curtain between the two zones.

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

The color scheme also need to be considered when creating the project, a combined living room and kitchen. It is not necessary to resort to drastic measures. Some designers, in General, fulfill both parts of the room in the same tone. However, the dividing element is still needed. In his capacity, you can use the arch with decorative brick.

Of course, the design of the kitchen combined with living room, can not do without dining sets, desks, countertops, sofa, and so on. Nevertheless, when choosing furniture you need to consider that it must perform certain functions in the created concept.

Take for illustration a sofa. It can be used to effectively separate the kitchen and living room. Enough to put it back to the kitchen and you get the best living room, which is practically independent.

To create a good kitchen design combined with living room, you can rent linens gray, and the walls are everywhere painted in white or pastel colors. This will allow for minimal cost to create clear zoning.

The pros and cons of the enterprises ↑

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Of course, the design of the kitchen combined with living room, has many advantages, but about disadvantages should not be forgotten. Only after weighing carefully all the pros and cons, you will be able to make the right decision about the profitability of a concept. Let’s start with advantages:

  1. The project combined kitchen and living room allows visually to expand the space. Now in the same room a number of sources of sunlight increases twice.
  2. The possibility of organizing large celebrations and parties.
  3. Open kitchen. Guests can see their food being prepared. In addition, it allows the chef to communicate with everyone during the cooking process and even to attract mates.
  4. There is no need to buy another TV or media center. One large TV is more than enough.

As you can see, the advantages of the joint project of the kitchen and living room is more than powerful. However, we should not forget the drawbacks:

  1. The smell of food being prepared and fever.
  2. The sound of kitchen equipment, even the water flowing from the tap can prevent proper rest.
  3. Increased demands on the cleaning.

At first glance, these deficiencies can significantly affect the making your decision regarding the implementation of the project combined kitchen and living room. However, there are effective countermeasures that will eliminate almost all the above defects.

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Take, for example, the smell of food being prepared. It is enough to establish a good hood and about him will be forgotten. A special nozzle on the faucet would make the sound of running water is almost imperceptible. Besides, while watching TV, hardly anyone would be distracted by extraneous noises.

The finished designs kitchen design combined with living room ↑

Before you choose one of these projects myself as a guide, you need to make one important remark. Each following project was calculated under the premise of a certain type. So depending on the square footage you need to make adjustments. And exactly the same furniture to find very difficult.

Standard project combined kitchen and living room with work area ↑

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Pictured above, the project combined living room and kitchen shows as possible in one place to accommodate multiple zones. The main role is played in this bar. It actually shares a kitchen and living room, but that’s not the end.

It is important! Note the dining area. Four chairs and a table easily create the right atmosphere and provide comfort. The main asset of the area is soft sofa.

The working area is small, but very functional. The project combined kitchen and living room — this is quite common practice. A full study of the house who need a little.

Since the room is small, the kitchen has a corner-style layout. This allows space to achieve maximum functionality.

Nevertheless in creating the project corner of the kitchen there are rules that must be followed. First and foremost, stove and sink should not be apart at a distance less than one span. Otherwise, greatly increases the risk of accidental circuit.

Project for real cooks ↑

If you love to cook and a lot of their time in the kitchen, this project is ideal for you. In it, the designer has significantly expanded the kitchen space. In comparison with the previous version changed the location of the TV. He moved to the bar.

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

Dining area was more accentuated. Now it plays a major role in the planning. Kitchen set is installed with the letter «G».

It is important! Despite the increase in free space, you need to try to make the best use of every spare inch of the kitchen.

G-shaped layout allows to create an optimal work triangle, which provides convenient access to all components of the headset. Employees engaged in cooking, can efficiently move between the stove, sink and refrigerator.

It is important! In this figure, the refrigerator is located close to the stove. In reality, such combinations should be avoided. High temperatures can interfere with the normal operation of the freezer.

A project with a large lounge area ↑

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

In this figure you can see a linear kitchen layout. The separator of the two zones serves as a Breakfast bar. A similar version of the draft will be very useful for people who like to collect the noisy company at home.

If desired, the kitchen space can be turned into a real mini-bar, where guests will make delicious drinks. This plan allows you to greatly expand the area. Also for the desktop.

It is important! Despite the fact that the bar can be used as Desk, separate dining area still need.

The best option ↑

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

If you do decide on the demolition of the wall and a complete change of the external appearance of your house, be sure to pay attention to this project. If you take into account the balance of comfort and ergonomics, it is unlikely you will find anything better.

In this project, the kitchen, combined with living room, the designer gave free rein to their imagination and this has resulted in a truly unique concept. As you can see, it also uses the corner of the kitchen layout. But it went beyond one zone. It is possible to significantly save space and improve the ergonomics of the system.

In between the drawers, on which stands a TV and a sink there is free space, which allows not to be afraid of splashing on the equipment. Here is the Desk, it is possible to install as a desktop computer or laptop.

In this project, the kitchen, combined with living room, the designer maximum use of the ability bar. Here it serves as a kind of partition between the kitchen area and a sofa. This distinction is very useful, as it allows not to mix holiday cooking.

Dining table with chairs located in the corner. On the one hand, it is not very convenient since you have to carry food across the room, but such a kitchen design combined with living room allows to organize a comfortable and cozy place for a meal. Here the whole family will feel very comfortable.

The only drawback of this kitchen design combined with living room is close to the location of the working area and TV. If you don’t have headphones, it will be very hard to concentrate on work.

The nuances that must be considered when creating a project ↑

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

It all starts with the creation and approval of project kitchen, combined with living room. The agreement needs to be made in the BTI. Without this stage to demolish the wall. It will not only be a violation of the law, but also be able to create an emergency in the house.

The project for the demolition of the walls, which will need to certify to BTI, you are able to do themselves or entrust this work to a specialist of the project office. Although if you have basic knowledge in the field of architecture hiring one is not necessary.

It is important! Remember that the demolition of the bearing wall can lead to collapse of the building. So be very careful when selecting partitions for dismantling.

Special attention in the design of the kitchen combined with the living room needs to be paid to the selection of the refrigerator. He must not only be suitable for the room form factor, but still and quiet.

You have to spend family leisure time in this room and loudly humming refrigerator can spoil the fun. Besides, the living room can be used as a room to accommodate guests for the night. To sleep under the loud hum is not very nice.

Projects kitchen, combined with living room

When choosing furniture, special attention should be paid to the upholstery. The ideal option is leather. You can also use any water and dirt repellent material. You should note that close to the kitchen sooner or later lead to contact with the surface of the oil, water, juice and so on.

Try to include elements of the multi-function headset in the project combined kitchen and living room. The ideal option is considered cabinets podiums. With the greatest rationality of the free space allows you to use the creation of the second tier and equipment under his sleeping place.

The results ↑

Modern technology and multi-functional furniture allows you to create a unique and ergonomic projects combined kitchen and living room. A huge number of various options of zoning allows you to make a unique concept that will fit perfectly in your footage. In one room you can create a working, dining, and kitchen area.

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