The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Construction technology is constantly evolving, it is not surprising that it is now possible to do a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands with minimal cost. The scheme of construction is not very complex and allows you to create durable and reliable construction without any special knowledge.

However, you should know some details and just follow the instructions to the building has served you faithfully for many years. So if you’re interested in how to make a septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, in this article you will find instructions with detailed list of works and construction schemes.

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

What are septic tanks? ↑

Before proceeding to the construction of septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, you must decide the type of design. In fact there are lots of them. Depending on the working principle there are the following types:

  1. Cumulative. Imagine a system that works on the principle of the sump. The design consists of two wells, in which there is a separation of waste into liquid and solid part. That capacity does not overflow from them the need to periodically pump out the sewage. This scheme is suitable for summer houses. Pumping can be done once a year, if you come to the cottage just for the weekend.
  2. Filtration. These septic tanks are also made of concrete rings, but represent a more complex design, which has far more opportunities. Inside the sewage is separated into fractions, and then through the filter waste into the soil. This technology can be used in homes where people reside. The only negative — difficult to install.
  3. A septic tank of concrete rings with a system of bioremediation. This is one of the most advanced technology which provides the highest level of cleaning. Moreover, this construction allows after cleaning, pour waste into the water bodies without causing any harm to the wildlife. Inside the vessel are placed anaerobic bacteria, which decompose organic matter. Cleaning is carried out every 5-7 years.

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

If we talk about the cost, the option pit will be the most cost-effective. However, he has a lot of disadvantages. First, the cesspool should be cleaned periodically, and it’s not really a lot of fun. Second, the odor will be in the toilet all the time. The only saving grace are the special chemicals that allow it to overcome.

The most practical and eco-friendly is considered the septic tank of concrete rings with a system of bioremediation, however, its construction is not only costly enterprise, but also challenging. However, long term operation without cleaning and ease of use, it is worth all the difficulties.

Perhaps the best option is filtration of septic tank of concrete rings. It is moderately difficult during construction, but has a high reliability and a long operation period without cleaning.

Classification of septic tanks according to the number of cameras ↑

The more the septic tank from concrete rings, the chambers, the better. In modern construction uses all three versions:

  1. One camera. This septic tank of concrete rings serves as a reservoir for sewage. Volume calculation is as follows: the internal space should be 15 to 20 times more daily reset. Installation of drainage is not required. In the design the presence of the bottom is optional. The main construction is a reliable insulation of the joints between the rings.
  2. Two cameras. In the first tank settles out heavy waste, in the second liquid. The bottom is made of gravel and sand. Due to this, the liquid almost completely into the ground. This design works on the following principle: first the chamber is filled almost completely, fill the second depends on the filtration rate and daily amount of waste.The device of septic tank of concrete rings
  3. Three cameras. These septic tanks are considered the most perfect from a technical point of view. The first two wells play the role of settlers, and in the third it is filtered. It is very important when digging the pit for the third well to reach the sandy layer (if the hole digging in clay). The fact that the sand is pervious to water, and therefore, waste will be quickly absorbed.The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Septic tank installation ↑

The installation of a septic tank is a technically simple procedure that requires care and exact adherence to instructions. The installation process consists of these stages:

  1. the choice of location,
  2. the preparation of the pit,
  3. the installation of concrete rings,
  4. installation of pipes,
  5. sealing joints,
  6. laying slabs.

The final stage is filling the well with sand. Before you start the construction project, and the calculations are made. Depending on the amount of waste, choose a number of cameras. The same applies to the principle of operation.

According to current building codes septic tank of concrete rings should be placed at a distance of five metres from residential buildings. A distance of 50 meters should be no ponds and aquifers (this does not apply to structures with a system of bioremediation).

It is important! The data of the drainage system is not recommended to build in areas with a low groundwater level.

Installation ↑

At installation it is necessary to consider that the groundwater should be located no closer than one meter to the rings. On the designated project place dug a pit. At the same time its diameter must be greater than concrete rings, but not much.

It is important! The clearance needed for the laying of waterproofing layer.

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Many novice builders give too much attention to the form of the pit. In fact, it can be both round and square. It’s not a particularly affects the further process of installation. However, square hole more convenient for installation of the concrete slab. If you are going to make a screed, then form is irrelevant.

In the pit you need to fill up the sand with the expectation that the thickness of the sand layer should be about 30 centimeters. Only after that, the screed or concrete slab is laid.

It is important! Before laying the concrete slab need to pre-process cement.

Ring down inside one by one. The joints are sealed with cement. Special attention in the process of installation of a septic tank of concrete rings should be paid to the pipes that come out of the rings. They must be treated with special insulating material.

It is important! Cement is not suitable for pipe insulation. Necessary material which will not crack when compressed.

The fact that over time the septic tank from concrete rings will shrink. Naturally, this negatively will affect the cement pipe insulation. To avoid depressurization use silicone grease. It will provide a reliable and durable air tightness of the whole structure.

During installation of filter rings you need to do some additional manipulation. First in the bottom chamber of the well bore of wells that will go into one meter, it can be clearly seen in the diagram.

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Wells are placed inside the pipe. As a material it is best to choose plastic. He is invulnerable to corrosion, causing the service life of these pipes reaches 50 to 100 years. Inside is filled with gravel. It is necessary that the wall was not formed and the organic sediments.

Of particular importance is the laying of the waterproofing layer. To get it you need a concrete ring septic tank coated with clay on the outside. But this, of course, is not enough. The inner surface also be processed. It is best to use bitumen mastic or a solution of liquid glass.

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Especially carefully it is necessary to treat the joints between the concrete rings septic tank. For this to work well suitable polymeric mastic. For example, «Hydrotex» or «Gidroizol».

The septic tank of concrete rings should be good ventilation. At the time of its design you have to focus on two tasks: ventilation and vacuum air in the sewer pipes.

In traditional scheme of a sewer pipe connected with the ventilation shaft. A conclusion was made on the upper slab of the septic tank. When designing it is important to calculate the diameter of the pipe riser. Navigate to the pipe connecting the septic tank with the sewage of the building. Experts construction business, it is considered that the optimum hole diameter is 110 mm.

It is important! If the section is large enough, the flow of water will block the lumen.

At the end of all papers set the lid on the septic tank of concrete rings. Alternatively, you can consider plastic manhole. It is a plate and has an aesthetic appearance.

Useful tips for installing ↑

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

Every year the popularity of the country septic tanks of concrete rings is only growing. It is not surprising that builders were a number of recommendations that allow to increase the service life, and make the design the most reliable, among the most important:

  1. For each capacity, it is recommended to mount the vent pipe.
  2. To lay a concrete ring septic tank without the aid of modern technology — an impossible task. So before you begin construction work take care about renting the appropriate equipment.
  3. To increase the durability of the whole structure of the concrete ring septic tank can fasten metal straps.
  4. The lid of the septic tanks should be hatches. It is impossible to concrete structures tightly! Luke need to from time to time to check the internal condition of the building.

If you follow these simple recommendations, the construction of a septic tank will pass quickly and without any difficulties. Moreover, their implementation will greatly increase the life of structures.

The results ↑

The device of septic tank of concrete rings

A septic tank of concrete rings is easy to construct with his own hands. You can choose both simple and complex design. The modern installations allow you to mount the tank in the vicinity of water. It is a unique treatment systems and anaerobic bacteria that process the waste.

If funds are insufficient, you can choose more economical options like filtration of septic tank of concrete rings. The number of underground tanks in the filtration septic tank ranges from one to three. The more, the better the filtration.

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