How to make a small dressing room with their hands

Dressing rooms are in small size now at the peak of his popularity. This is not surprising, because after almost a century, people again began to realize the convenience of the premises.

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

In the early XX century almost every noble family in Russia was a dressing room. Moreover, at the time it was hard to imagine a house without this attribute, well-being. But the revolution came, and the morals have changed. In the new state wardrobe rooms the place was not.

Fortunately, now beginning to revive forgotten trend. The main feature of the present dressing rooms — accessibility. Ergonomic approach to the organization of space allows the room or corridor to turn into a place where you will store your clothes.

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

The advantages of small dressing rooms ↑

Before you arrange a dressing room the room is small in size, you need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons of such a decision. This will help you with maximum efficiency to equip available free space.

Modern closets small size have the following advantages:

  1. The interior space can not only build cabinets, shelves and drawers, if you have the imagination in the dressing room, you can set a few stools, an Ironing Board or even a mirror.
  2. A well-designed dressing room is small in size that you have arranged as ergonomic as possible, you can not only store things, but also to carry out the fitting. Therefore, it is important to create inside a cozy atmosphere.
  3. Dressing room is small in size, equipped on the highest level, frees up a lot of space inside the apartment. After you arrange a new room — a necessity in many pieces of furniture will simply disappear. Will be more don’t need wardrobes, dressers, mirrors, tables and other pieces of furniture.
  4. Proper selection of furniture and ergonomic arrangement of the small dressing rooms, can significantly reduce the time for searching and selection of clothes.
  5. Recent studies of foreign scientists have shown that things stored in the dressing room the room is small in size that you have built according to all rules of ergonomic design, significantly longer retain its presentable appearance.

A small dressing room in your home is an opportunity at any time to go to the store and pick out something to your liking. The fact is that if everything is properly set up, then inside you will feel like in a trendy boutique somewhere in Milan.

Equip walk-in closet small size ↑

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

You should start with the selection of the right furniture. The emphasis should on the finished systems. In this case, equipping the dressing room is small in size, you will not miss any detail. The furniture kit includes the following items:

  • hanger,
  • Laundry basket,
  • shelves,
  • drawers and much more.

Special attention is given the possibility of combining. You can design a complete concept, using a variety of modules, thus creating an original and comfortable arrangement of dressing rooms to the small size.

The Council! Largely visually increase space mirror help.

The types of projects ↑

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

Dressing rooms small in size with each passing year gaining more and more popularity. It is not surprising that now there are many projects that allow you to arrange the room as comfortable and functional:

  • The corner placement. This type of arrangement of the dressing rooms of a small size are now extremely popular. The fact that it allows you to give beautiful and stylish look to the room, while giving the opportunity to maximize every inch of space.
  • The layout of the letter «P». It is also very compact and functional way to arrange the dressing room is small in size. It allows you to place inside a large amount of clothing and provides convenient travel. If the space in which you decided to make a dressing room, has an elongated shape is perfect.
  • In a single line. Imagine the wardrobe, just without the sliding doors. It will look like a dressing room is small in size with equipped along one wall shelves.

Choosing the type of accommodation you first need to pay attention to the room itself. In some cases, much more practical to choose the layout of the letter «P», in other best option would be a corner placement. You can arrange the interior space according to a linear scheme. The linear layout is in demand in a very small space.

To create partitions of the dressing room is small in size, it is best to use drywall. This material is easy to install, and its cost is at an acceptable level. Bonus is the almost complete absence of construction debris after completion of work.

Ventilation and light in the closet ↑

Light ↑

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

To increase visual space in the room to properly organize the lighting. To achieve the desired result, you first have to abandon the suspended ceiling. They take up too much space and give a little light. Moreover, because of the angle at which the light falls from the suspended ceiling, formed of dark corners in the interior, which «devour» space.

Lighting should be point. So you can create the desired illumination. Install spot ceiling lights. Also you can build them into the cabinets.

The Council! The latest developments in this field are lights in the floor along the line headset.

Ventilation ↑

Note that in this room you will be spend hours selecting the appropriate style for business meetings or cocktail parties. Therefore it is necessary to provide good ventilation. Fresh air prevents the formation of humidity, mold, and prevents insects.

It is important! The ventilation system allows to create inside the room is small in size, the right climate, which in turn has a positive impact on the conditions of storage of clothes.

A good option will be to install a separate ventilation system. The only disadvantage of this solution is its high cost. You need to create a project to hire workers, buy the pipes and hood. Much easier to put an exhaust fan. Such devices are often not equipped with exhaust in bathrooms.

It is best to install in the wardrobe room of the small size of the air conditioning system. Modern air conditioners have anti-bacterial filters. They not only quickly clean the air, but killed any odors.

Scheme shelves ↑

To properly equip a room for storing clothes, you need to pay much attention to the scheme shelves. Basically the location will depend on the chosen type of project.

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

For example, if you decided to make a linear layout, all the shelves will need to equip along one wall. Naturally, to save space it has to be mounted directly on the wall.

When planning the dressing room is small in size, in the form of letters «P» — all the shelves will be located on both sides, are interconnected by the arc. This scheme is very convenient and it has a futuristic look.

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

In a small walk-in closet corner shelves are settled along the corners. This layout option allows you to create a big Playground where if you want you can put a small stool or Ironing Board. As you can see, even the dressing room of small dimensions can be build properly.

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

You also need to follow certain parameters themselves shelves that will allow you to effectively arrange the space, and thus achieve maximum comfort for themselves and their families. When you create a project try to make sure that the shelves would meet the following parameters:

  • Width lower shelves should be in the range of 30 to 40 cm.
  • The top shelf is recommended to make a wider 45-60 centimeter is more than enough.
  • The thickness of the shelves depends on the material that was used in their creation. This parameter varies in a wide range.

The upper shelves are wider because they are in most cases stored suitcases and seasonal clothing. Also it is possible to place infrequently used equipment.

Additional elements, without which no cost, no dressing room ↑

How to make a small dressing room with their hands

To arrange a dressing room the room is small in size properly — you need to present the following elements:

  • pull-out hanger for trousers,
  • hangers for ties and belts,
  • rods and pantographs,
  • special sections
  • the modules are for storing shoes.

Many owners to save space equipped dressing rooms without standard boxes. This under no circumstances to make impossible, as the crates can protect things from the negative effects of dust.

It is important! Special sections exist for unique accessories like Ironing Board, vacuum cleaner, detergents, and so on.

The results ↑

The ergonomic use of modern technologies allows to achieve a truly outstanding results in confined spaces. Moreover, there are a number of tweaks that will dramatically increase the visual volume. For example, the installation of spot lighting.

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