Balcony and loggia

Furniture for balcony and loggia

Balcony is the part of the apartment, which many people assign a normal pantry, while it is possible to create a full-fledged living room. Of course, no one living room is not complete without at least a minimum set of furniture, including a balcony. When selecting suitable items of furniture, you should think not only about their visual appeal, but also functionality and compactness that will allow you to create the balcony is really comfortable and beautiful design.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

What to consider when choosing furniture ↑

Glazed or not? ↑

The presence of glazing on the balcony is one of the important criteria according to which you need to choose the right furniture. If the room is not glazed, then it is recommended to buy foldable furniture for small balcony, which can be easily carried out in the apartment if it started to rain. If you do not want to buy foldable furniture, you should opt for plastic.

Appointment ↑

To simplify the selection of furniture is possible by a precise definition of the purpose of the balcony. If you wish to establish in its place a extra living room you should consider that the use of district heating in this case will not work (forbidden). Therefore, in cold weather here is not too comfortable, and upholstered furniture for the loggia or balcony should be appropriate.

To solve the problem with heating, balcony and in other ways, for example, system installation «warm floor». Due to this the interior design you can use almost any furniture.

  • To choose the furniture for the balcony should be based on its size (this is perhaps the most important rule), because now you can find not only the standard balconies (which have different sizes), and advanced.
    Furniture for balcony and loggia
  • Furniture loggias and balconies must be compact so that the room remained more free space, otherwise the balcony will turn into a warehouse of things.
    Furniture for balcony and loggia
  • For the environment it is recommended to use only the necessary items as surplus «eat» the already limited space.
  • Also pay attention to the humidity, otherwise the furniture will quickly become worthless (especially made of wood). The best option is to use accessories made of plastic or metal.
  • When buying it is advisable to choose furniture that can be disassemble and assemble, so it’s not stuck in the end in the doorway. This rule is true even in those cases, if the furniture is made with your own hands directly on the balcony. It is likely that one day you have to replace a new one, so its removal should not cause any problems.
    Furniture for balcony and loggia
  • In creating the interior should pay special attention to issues relating to layout of furniture, as due to an incorrect calculation of the number of shelves using items can become extremely inefficient. That is, if, for example, in the closet proved too much free space, instead, it would be rational to use a stand that clutter the space, not so much.
  • In addition, when arrangement of furniture should pay attention to the direction of sunlight, as, for example, upholstery, constantly exposed to UV rays, can burn out very quickly.

What furniture is best for balcony? ↑

Bar chairs and a wide window sill ↑

A great combination that allows you to solve the problem with lack of space on the balcony. When using this option, the window sill turns to the bar, where you can put all the necessary things. Underneath it can be equipped with additional shelves and drawers, where you can also store something useful. For more compact boxes it is recommended to equip the sliding doors. If you want, you can use Roman blinds that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

Corner sofas ↑

The main distinctive feature of furniture of this type is that it allows you to save and without that small space. To make room for even more free, on the cabinets, near the ceiling, it is recommended to be equipped with additional shelves where you can store unnecessary things.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

Versatility ↑

One of the most important requirements that apply to furniture for balconies. If the premises of the planned development is not just a living room and a full bed, of course, require or bed, or sofa. In such cases, the perfect model of the sofa chest design which can be folded a few things (for example, the same sleeping arrangements). If space allows, you can purchase a model of the sofa with drawers.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

Minimalism ↑

One of the most successful solutions for the construction of balcony furniture in a minimalist style which blends perfectly with the interior shape of the room. If it is not possible to buy this at the store, it can be made to order.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

Colors and materials ↑

Given that the space of the small balcony for the environment, it is recommended to use the furniture on the loggia to order bright colors, which visually expand the space. Along with this, the materials should have good resistance to light, moisture and extreme temperatures.

The furniture on the balcony with his hands ↑

Wardrobe on the balcony ↑

Wardrobe undoubtedly one of the most indispensable pieces of furniture. Now there are plenty of models for every taste: fitted wardrobes, corner wardrobes.

When building a simple room you choose and buy the model of the Cabinet without problems, as in any furniture store features quite a wide range. In turn, the choice of wardrobe for the balcony is already a more complex task, since such models are not produced in mass production, hence finding them in stores is not so simple.

To resolve this situation usually have to order wardrobe in furniture companies that are ready to perform under the order furniture of any size and design.

Attention! Telling the representatives of the company, the size of the future Cabinet, should take into account the thickness of the wall (if at the moment of the balcony is under repair).

If the proposed range of furniture organization is not satisfied, it is possible to manufacture the Cabinet with his own hands. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare drawings of the Cabinet and dry material (for these purposes, perfect lining).

Attention! For decorating the balcony is perfect narrow pencil case remaining from the set of an old wardrobe.

In addition to Cabinet, your own hands can be made small Cabinet, which process of manufacture does not differ from the wardrobe.

The first step is to construct from bars sturdy wood frame which is then carefully sheathed with clapboard. In the manufacture of the first door is binding, then the diagonals checks the correctness of the manufacture. Then the piping is filled with clapboard.

Doors are hung using conventional furniture and accessories. In the end you cover with a double layer of varnish.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

The rack on the balcony ↑

Installation of the rack, considering its compactness and functionality, is a fairly urgent question. It occupies a very small part of space, it is equipped with a large number of shelves that allows you to place a maximum number of needed items.

The shelves are divided into two types: closed and open. An indoor rack like the simple Cabinet, as supplemented by the doors. Outdoor, in turn, has only the frame and mounted thereon and shelves.

Furniture for balcony and loggia

In the manufacture of open shelving can be used metal, plastic and wood. If the choice fell on a metal structure, it is desirable to give preference to aluminum alloys because they are lightweight, reliable and resistant to corrosion.

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