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How to increase the balcony with his hands

Often a balcony in high-rise buildings raises the question about the purpose of its creation. Conceived by designers as a part of the exterior and internal comfort of the building, this element still needs to be improved. For this purpose, the possibility of increasing balcony area and thus enhance its functionality. Thus the landlord can create additional room: study, recreation room, greenhouse and so on.

How to increase the balcony with his hands

Attention! The extension of the balcony from the front and ends more than 0.3 m require approval by the relevant authorities.

The idea is to increase the balcony with his hands is feasible, especially if you have experience welding and intelligent assistant. Materials are selected depending on the point of removal, by creating a draft (drawing) of the future design. Widespread two structural way of expansion of area from the substrate (soles) and the parapet (top of railing). The first method is more laborious, but allows you to get an additional 2 square feet.

The Council. Before the increase in the area, is familiar with the safety precautions welding and high rise works, perimeter fencing possible falling objects.

The phased removal from the carrier plate ↑

The method allows not only to increase the balcony in the Khrushchev, but also to do a complete overhaul of the carrier plate, which, as a rule, leaves much to be desired.

  1. With the help of grinder and punch dismantled the old railing, pre-tied with a rope (to avoid falling).
  2. With two sides from the carrier plate into the wall mount channel at the level of the length and width of the frame. For strengthening the soles of metal profiles score over it.
  3. Connect the ends of the elements of the steel area along the carrier plate and the ends driven into beams.

How to increase the balcony with his hands

The Council. If there are doubts about the reliability of the soles, you must install an additional backup. With increasing balcony area on the second floor they are mounted in the ground, provided that they do not interfere. If the balcony is on the first floor, then the confirmation, it is possible to equip and cellar brick walls which will be a reliable backup. On the other floors under the base plate is additionally attached «heel».
  1. From steel strips welded a new parapet.
  2. Mounted half – frame is welded to the metal strips, which are attached to the galvanized sheet. If desired, stack the Styrofoam, mineral wool (any heater), and then close boards.
  3. Weld a frame under glass, visor.
  4. Carry out installation of the visor, which should protrude above the parapet is 0.3 m.
  5. Glazed balcony, insulated the roof, walls, parapet. Produce exterior and interior trim.

The phased removal from the window sill ↑

Starting with the sill of the balcony extension is performed in two ways – by means of a frame or brackets. The frame is cooked in if handrails are metal. In this case also required a preliminary calculation of the strength and mass of the structure subject to the glazing to avoid excessive load.

The extension from the parapet with frame ↑

  1. The carrier plate reinforcing sheets – they scald your soles. The old railings are cut, and the rods of the parapet reinforcing struts.
  2. On the railing at intervals of 0.4 m (approx) the jumper the length of the planned increase in the area.
  3. By welding steel strips to the ends of the jumper wires to combine them into an outline.
  4. Mounted the outer struts connecting the bearing plate and the opposite contour of the sill.
  5. Weld the frame under Windows and visor, carry out its installation.
  6. Spend glazing, insulation, exterior and interior trim.

How to increase the balcony with his hands

How to increase the balcony with his hands

The extension from the parapet with brackets ↑

Method is used if the parapet is made of concrete slabs or masonry.

  1. Steel brackets, welded independently of the area or steel strips, are fastened to the parapet by bolts or screws at an angle of 90°. If you are planning a summer glazed using lightweight aluminum profile, for example installation of angle brackets instead.
  2. Brackets join the steel profile, creating the outer contour.
  3. Manufactured glazing, finishing works.
The Council. To determine the flatness of the surface, it is desirable to use a long, 2-metre level, the so will decrease the likelihood of problems in subsequent works (glazing).

Frameless method of increasing the balcony of the carrier plate ↑

This method is less time consuming than the frame, and is perfect for the independent increase of balconies in Khrushchev.

  1. Dismantled railings, parapet, old tie to the rebar in the top and bottom of the plate.
  2. The base is primed. By the nozzle for removing rust on a drill or screwdriver to clean valves. After repeating the priming valve is degreased with a solvent.
  3. On the supporting plate creates the formwork for plain or self-leveling (self-leveling) screed. Notches on the bottom of the plate sealed with finishing glue (you can also plug the stove top, the neighbor’s balcony).
  4. Of sheets of OSB with a thickness of 2.5 cm cut increased the basis of the required length and width, and roof, which are mounted to the plates with a layer of gidroperitny film using anchor bolts. If you want, from plates OSB can be done and side balcony.
  5. The work includes glazing, exterior and interior finish.
The Council. The sheets of oriented strand Board plate before installation should be painted with latex paint to protect them from moisture. For facade finish can be used siding, decking and other finishing materials.

To use the additional space for the organization of the greenhouse, recreational facilities, etc want not all – some prefer to enlarge the room by the balcony. In this case you will need partial or complete dismantling of the separation wall, the installation of the heating system.

Attention. Any redevelopment requires the creation and approval of the project, obtaining permits. If dismantled was only the window and the balcony door, and the parapet wall is left, the permit will require the transfer of the radiator. Therefore, legalization of alterations cannot be avoided, though «in hindsight».

Well to increase the kitchen by the balcony – given that the kitchen space in the Khrushchev on average 6 sq. m. no matter what indoor combined balcony, it is worth considering some rules:

  • before demolition of the parapet wall of the balcony is necessary to glaze and warm;
  • a bridge between the balcony and the living room is forbidden to dismantle, if it holds the carrier plate;
  • if the wall between room and balcony is a carrier, then the top bridge and side piers it is impossible to dismantle;
  • is not laid on the balcony attached warm water floor better to replace it with electric.
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