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The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Which pool is better to choose for summer? This issue worries many owners of country sites, as in our time, the pool became a kind of «the highlight» gardening area.

The selection factors ↑

When choosing a design option, it is important to take into account many parameters. Manufacturers offer different types of similar devices, differing operating and structural performance, size, cost.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Functional features ↑

Summer pool in the country may be intended for children, adults, simply serve a decorative function in a suburban landscape. In addition to the pond, you will need different accessories that will significantly increase the overall cost.

Attention! Before proceeding to the arrangement at their summer cottage swimming areas, evaluate the level of groundwater. Otherwise there might be problems with its operation and maintenance.

The installation of the reservoir is determined by the square footage, the presence of trees and low shrubs, outbuildings, buildings. Provide an overview of the options of country ponds

The Council! There are other options, so choose the outdoor pool to give better with the help of a professional.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Depending on the design characteristics, all country artificial reservoirs are divided into several types:

Inflatable models are assembled in 1-2 hours, have an operating life from 30 days to 5 years. Designs do not involve the filtration system, debris accumulates on the bottom will have to be removed mechanically.

The Council! Below this reservoir the water is not «bloomed», not grew turbid, occasionally in water to make chemicals based on chlorine are also sometimes to change the water.

Frame construction consider budget options for the organization of the holiday vacation. You can pick up frost pool for the garden that will not need to dismantle after the onset of cold weather. The package includes the following items: skimmer, ladder, filter system, hoses, and nozzle for return water.

Stationary rectangular pool for the garden can be supplemented with water attractions, whirlpool, counter-current, illumination, small waterfall.

By way of the overflow country designs are divided into two groups: skimmer and overflow. Overflow offer installation around the perimeter of the pool a special grid that covers the storage tank. Here enters the water in case of overflow of the bowl. Skimmer options will need to fill with water only up to a certain level (on edge should stay about 14 cm).

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Depending on the finish, you can pick up:

  • propylene finish, based on the application of polymer material of high strength, resistant to aggressive chemicals;
  • PVC film finish, performing to the same waterproofing properties;
  • tile or mosaic decoration is used for private pools, allows you to create unusual designs

Depending on the openness you can choose the outdoor or indoor option for your country site.

Types country reservoirs ↑

Depending on design features, there are the following types of swimming pools for summer:

  • mobile;
  • stationary;
  • collapsible

Mobile options are seasonal structures that have a low cost. They are often put on the summer time, and with the onset of the first frost, dismantle.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Stationary pools represent the capital facilities to which the used a pit for the bowl, drain equipment, purification system. These pools for the garden, dig in a special pit, have a high cost, but long operational period.

Collapsible options ↑

Modular construction of swimming pools in summer visitors are most needed. Oval inflatable pool for the garden is easy to install and affordable. In order to install on your site such design, it is sufficient to clean it under the ground, and to pump billet pump. For the manufacture of such structures manufacturer used a polyvinylchloride film, glued in a double cover. The depth of this pool is not more than 1.2 meters, its diameter averages 5 meters. Such options pools ideal for bathing children.

Disadvantages of inflatable structures:

  • instability;
  • the difficulty of draining and filling;
  • the lack of filter systems

Frame portable pools for the villas consist of a frame made of galvanized steel, which is fixed with PVC liner bag. They are a little more expensive than normal inflatable models, thus have greater resistance.

Manufacturers offer frame options for pools with walls made of sheet steel coils. The package included the steel cross beams, lateral struts. Such design is quite suitable for use in winter. Feature of maintenance is the periodic replacement of the liner. Sometimes the walls for frame pools made of wood, soak it with special water-repellent compositions.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

Stationary country pools ↑

Decorative swimming pool to give a stationary appearance is the dream of many owners of suburban housing. In the classic version of these designs represent concrete bowl, decorated with ceramic tiles. The creation of such a pool implies the installation of above him a canopy or awning, construction quality waterproofing, installation of special equipment. Such structures are expensive, plus they require sufficient space, would be inappropriate on a small summer cottage. Such large pools for the villas are not suitable, especially if there is exploitation only in the summer.

The most expensive are coffered pools. They have a metal or plastic Cup that is installed in the pit. The high price of such facilities kompensiruet a long operating period, high aesthetic characteristics.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

On the benefits of creating a reservoir in the suburban area ↑

Homemade pool at the dacha with his hands is a perfect decor item. In addition there will be the opportunity to make a tonic morning of the procedure, «to escape» from the heat, enjoy the vacation. Psychologists say that swimming has a positive impact on well-being, psychological comfort. In recent times the appearance of suburban areas has changed significantly. It’s rare that you see the beds, but there is a beautiful lawn, swimming pools, gazebo for relaxing. Among the main advantages of decorative pools for the cottages, made with his own hands, the opportunity to cool off in hot weather. Even small decorative pools for the garden (pictured are a few options), help to create a relaxation area on the site with special microclimatic conditions. Besides the pool itself will perform the function of storage and storage «water». For children artificial pond will be a source of positive emotions, the ability to realize the dream of swimming even in the absence of natural water source.

The types and features of swimming pools for the garden

How to make the plot simple stationary reservoir ↑

First you need to find a place to dig on the site of the pit in the length and width of 4 meters, depth of 1.5 meters. When you remove the soil, it is important to remove the roots of shrubs and trees, so they do not interfere in the process of laying the thermal insulation material. Prepared the bottom is thoroughly compacted, then forming another pit depth of 40 cm covered with gravel of medium size, so that the water was able to leak out of the reservoir. The bottom of the pit poured quartz sand, install sink drain, then spread the foil, check for leaks. The final stage will be the aesthetic design of the outer part of the reservoir, it is possible to arm all their creative imagination.

Conclusion ↑

If you wish to organize at your summer cottage, artificial pond, first rate material resources, expected time of operation, size of the field, your physical abilities. Only then proceed to the installation of the chosen design, taking into account all the recommendations of the manufacturer as well as the characteristics of the soil at his dacha.

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