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Children’s pools for the garden

With the onset of summer every child has a desire to visit the lake, river or be on the beach. But the opportunity to get out of town or going to the sea is not for everyone, so the best solution is to install a kiddie pool for the summer cottage.

Children's pools for the garden

A variety of children’s pools ↑

For children created a variety of products that differ:

  • form;
  • size;
  • design.

Common round children’s pools for the garden because they can be installed in various locations. While they are easier if floats more than 4 children. The smallest wide reach only five feet. It is enough if the family has one or 2 small children. But it is worth remembering that in a few years you will have to purchase large sizes. If you want to buy design for swimming with the whole family, you should purchase rectangular pools, which reach a length of 7 meters. Such dimensions enough for swimming not only family members but also guests.

Children's pools for the garden

Children’s pools are divided into:

  • frame;
  • inflatable;
  • stationary.

The last type a is not considered, since their construction requires a lot of time and money. Easier to install a ready-made design and please the children swimming on summer day.

Frame products ↑

Such designs are easy to install yourself. If the area has no Central water supply, for filling the tank enough to buy a pumping station. Such pools can be carry in the car and install on any smooth surface.

Children's pools for the garden

Create baby frame pools for the villas subject to the rules of safety so they can safely swim adults and children. The maintenance does not require a lot of time.

The advantages of this product include:

  • low cost;
  • the possibility of mounting on various surfaces;
  • quick Assembly.

This suggests that if you are going to buy a paddling pool for the garden, you can pick up cheap and at the same time spacious design.

It is important! The disadvantages of wireframe models can be attributed to the relatively small service life under heavy use.

Inflatable ↑

Inflatable products are used more as they have less weight and faster set. The walls of these pools are made from polyester and vinyl. Thanks to this design strong enough to withstand the load when bathing several people. Inflatable structures have different sizes, so you can pick up for one child, and for 8 people.

Children's pools for the garden

Products for children have bright color, making each like a small child. Set inflatable pool is easier than the frame, so such models and are purchased by most owners of country houses. Inflatable design is easier to transport because they are lighter and fold smaller than the wireframe model. If I want to not only purchase a pool, but also to surprise him, you can find design custom forms. Drawback – the complexity of the water drain after bathing.

Installation rules ↑

Children's pools for the garden

In the process of installing an inflatable pool for children, you should consider a few rules:

  • design should not be set under trees because the water in this case загрязняе6тся faster;
  • area need to cover with tarp to prevent damage to the bottom;
  • you can make a design based on where the water will drain;
  • the pool is inflated only at the place where it will be used.

Subject to these rules, the installation occurs exactly at the point where the location will be more acceptable. Kids inflatable pools with a roof for the garden can be installed regardless of where the trees.

Inflatable pools for the little ones ↑

Distributed products intended for children under 3 years. They are very simple and take very little space. Some models are fitted with a special visor that protects baby’s skin from the sun.

Children's pools for the garden

The advantages of such products:

  1. The ease of use. Pools for small children are inflatable design that quickly filled the air and comes down after use.
  2. The presence of additional elements intended for the game. Instead of purchasing a standard model for the child to buy a special product in which it will not just swim, but also play.
  3. Low cost.

The disadvantages include the fragility of products and a low side. But if they are purchased for a small child with the expectation of use for two or three seasons, this is perfect.

Pools with fountains ↑

To play are not tired of the baby over time, you should look for products whose design involves the installation of the fountain. Children in delight from such pools, so you can be sure that the coax from x to get out of the pool will be difficult. These products are easy to use and are more appealing to small children than standard options.

Children's pools for the garden

It is important! Please note that the products can be easily damaged by sharp objects.

Playgrounds ↑

These types of inflatable pools are complex structures and the presence of different elements:

  • waterfalls;
  • slides;
  • calabresi.

In such complexes, can play several children at the same time without interfering with each other and using different design elements. At desire it is possible to find a complex that would be suitable for a certain child. For example, for girls, you can find design, made in the form of the Palace with mermaids, and boy model, designed as a pirate ship.

Children's pools for the garden

Advantage of children’s inflatable pools with slide for the garden is the ability to play a large company. Also, these inflatable structures simply installed on the dacha. The basic rule which should be observed when using them for games not to use toys that are able to pierce the material. Purchasing baby pools with slide for the garden, consult with the children to choose what they like.

Inflatable pools with additional stiffeners ↑

The described items are to be purchased at a higher price, as equipped with a drain system and adapted to connect the motor intended for water circulation. They are more durable than inflatables and can be used for several years. It is possible to find pools of large sizes, so the kids could swim in the company of friends. Similar designs sustainable, so you can not worry about while bathing the children deformed the pool or overturned it.

Children's pools for the garden

How to choose ↑

To select the best option, you should think about several factors:

  1. First of all, you should determine the number of children who will be swimming in the pool. As well as their age. Even if the pool is purchased just for one child, you need to consider that it may come friends. Often the owners of suburban areas are becoming swimming pool suitable for both adults and children.
  2. You should also determine the most suitable location for construction. It is best to install the pool where it will not be able to see people outside of the suburban area.
  3. If pool owners want to use it in the winter (for hardening), is to choose the frame structure, having inflatable elements.
  4. Before buying you should think about the amount of money that you are willing to spend. This should take into account the costs of purchase pump, installation, and cleaning capacity.
  5. Displacement also affects the choice. Determination of the most appropriate option depends on the availability of water at the site, as the capacity is necessary to periodically clean and re-fill.
  6. Appearance. If the site is designed in a certain style, some items can spoil. This is especially true when bought big design.

If you follow all the above tips, you can find exactly the variant that will blend with the landscape and appeal to children. Before buying you should read the rules of the maintenance of the pool and learn how often need to change the water.

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