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Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

The desire to have home-grown fresh vegetables for a long period creates the need to acquire their own greenhouse. With the end of the vegetative period, the gardener becomes ripe the next problem – how to keep your greenhouse in one piece, not to start a new season with repair. The solution of the question lies on the surface – requires the design of the greenhouse with removable roof.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

The advantages of the device ↑

Having the farm is a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, the owners are not without reason, worried for her safety during the winter snowfall. The ability to periodically visit the site for snow not always. Setting the design with a removable roof, a lover of crop production receives significant benefits:

  1. The enriched soil. Fallen on the beds in the greenhouse with removable roof precipitation remove water, perform the function of protection against demineralization. Snow prevents frost in the soil beneficial microorganisms, without which the soil is quickly exhausted. Experienced professionals convinced of the advantages of maintaining the natural environment of the soil, than to subject it to regular replacement, the risk of a new infection or parasites.
  2. The strength of the structure. Wet snow is especially dangerous for polycarbonate greenhouses, even if it is a gable. The resulting thaw of the ice crust in further delay snow cover, increasing the risk of damaging not only the roof but of the whole frame in General.
  3. Prevention of overheating and optimization of indoor climate. The advantages of a greenhouse with removable roof made of polycarbonate and are manifested in the warm season. To optimally provide for the device when the roof is not only removed, but is moved or lifted. Exceeding the optimum temperature for plants leads to sterilization of the pollen and lack of the ovary. Often the vents can’t cope with its functions, and the removable roof will provide uniform ventilation without drafts. Greenhouse polycarbonate is highly transparent to the sun’s rays, but occasionally to give plants natural lighting is very useful exercise.
  4. Greenhouse made of polycarbonate with a removable roof will allow to save on building materials. Design does not require additional strengthening to withstand the snow cover, it can be done in the Lite version.

Like anything new greenhouse with removable roof may be perceived vacationers with caution. Feel all the advantages of the improved greenhouse, over time, the prejudice will dissolve.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

Variants of structures ↑

Offered in the models of greenhouses with removable roof have a very important feature – ease of installation. Do you plan to buy a billet or to do all the work with his own hands – this feature need to pay close attention.

Convertible ↑

Greenhouses are convertible have different options while pursuing the main goal – to preserve the integrity of the structure during the winter period, to ensure the ingress of precipitation into the soil and serve as ventilation in the warm season.

Offer in the form of an arch greenhouses convertible equipment is characterized by the following parameters:

  • the facade is made of stainless steel 2,0×2,0cm, material all welded steel, powder coated in white;
  • width is 2.8 m, height – 2.2 m, length varies from 4 m at the request of the customer;
  • distance between arches – 1 m;
  • there are 2 vents, 2 doors and;
  • attached 9 ties and pins for fastening the frame to the ground.

In the greenhouse, convertible polycarbonate is inserted into the profile grooves, it is easy enough to slide a hand down. For fixing the roof and preventing self-opening side using special clips.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

To satisfy demanding consumers are capable of greenhouses flora convertible with a removable roof. The range includes seven different lengths from 4 to 10 meters. If desired, additional set partition made of polycarbonate, which allows to maintain a different climate for planted crops, the system of automatic ventilation and, if necessary, another window.

Matryoshka ↑

Greenhouse doll with removable roof behaves differently. Its sections polycarbonate superimposed over one another on the principle of the pencil case. The construction, done on a professional level, has the following characteristics:

  • the frame of the greenhouse with removable roof made of galvanized square tube in a closed shape having a section 2,5×2,5 cm.
  • due to double arcs the roof of the greenhouse can withstand a load of 85 kg/mTwo, removing panels figure increases to 200 kg/mTwo;
  • the greenhouse is 3 m in width, length varies from 3 to 7 meters depending on the wishes of the customer;
  • by cutting panels of polycarbonate by channel, eliminates the possibility of mold from fumes and humidity;
  • for demounting the removable polycarbonate roof you will need to manually remove the nuts;
  • greenhouse Assembly is able to fit in a car, polycarbonate panels fold into a roll having a height of 1 m;
  • greenhouse polycarbonate is able to withstand temperature range from -40 to +100Con.

The frame of the greenhouse «Matryoshka» capable of being exploited for 30 years.

Comment! Polycarbonate panels weigh significantly lighter glass, while the bandwidth of ultraviolet rays is not reduced.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

Features of construction ↑

To solve the structure of the greenhouse with opening roof made of polycarbonate in several ways:

  • to purchase a full set of any model and pay for installation design;
  • buy the frame, leaving the right to pick their own Foundation, polycarbonate panels and carry out the installation of the greenhouse;
  • to assemble a greenhouse with removable roof with their hands from their own materials.

Each option has its own characteristics.

Installation of the finished structures ↑

Greenhouse with removable roof, made in industrial conditions, certainly accompanied by Assembly instructions. For the correct installation of a greenhouse, the convertible is prepared smooth surface area. The frame is mounted without major tightening the connections. The final fixing is carried out after Assembly and screening test. Pre-fixing the connecting nodes are transferred to the coating of polycarbonate, after which the greenhouse becomes a resistance and he is not afraid of the cataclysms of nature.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

Much more action involves individual production.

The construction ↑

To make opening the roof in a greenhouse by yourself is quite feasible task. The solution comes in the form of a framework construction with easily dismantled for the winter. Construction is in stages:

  • Originally from galvanized profile frame is assembled greenhouse with removable roof. Before installing the uprights, and their lower ends attached to the corner of the 40/40 made of steel.
  • A right-angle corner is cut for support, warning the penetration profile in the soil.
  • Removable roof profile going to the arch of triangular shape. Stability is provided by cross members and Yoshinari.
  • Stand at the bottom of the greenhouse with removable roof sheathed with boards, placed inside a foam Packed in a plastic bags. Connections are made by means of rivets.
  • To collect part of the applied strap, cut at an angle of 45on, United with glue and tightened with screws.
  • On the reverse side of the strap is glued gasket frame.

To install the frame with a polycarbonate frame greenhouse with removable roof, used metal furniture corners.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

The process of bonding polycarbonate frame with skeleton is quite simple and resembles the design of mosquito nets in a plastic box:

  • we start to frame the top corners of the frame;
  • input to stop the bottom edge;
  • move the frame downward to engagement with the frame.

With the dismantling of the steps are performed in reverse order.

Replacement of old Windows in the house on the plastic releases a lot of window frames, which can also be used for greenhouse with removable roof. You will need:

  • lay bricks to the Foundation in a row, covering it with roofing material;
  • on the Foundation laid timber 5×5 cm, for fastening to it of frames;
  • after installation of the racks is attached to the ridge with the rafters;
  • for the sliding roof frame is attached at the 2 stops of the slats;
  • in the warm period of the frame is raised and fixed, in the winter season the screws unscrewed, and the frame dismantled.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

Each model of the greenhouse with removable roof has its advantages: self-production version saves finances, the acquisition of convertible design, made of polycarbonate industrial way, is the key to high quality and long operation.

Greenhouse-convertible with a removable roof made of polycarbonate

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