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How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Full ventilation of greenhouses allows you to create a comfortable microclimate, accelerate the ripening of fruits and vegetables. Full ventilation in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate lets you quickly remove the treated plants, the air, does not allow to accumulate in the soil excess moisture.

Varieties ventilation ↑

Improper care of fruit-bearing plant, it will not bear fruit, dying. Currently there are two types of ventilation structures:

  • auto;
  • manual (mechanical)

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Automatic ventilation can be done:

  • bimetallic;
  • electric;
  • hydraulic

Manual option ventilation (ventilation) suggests the presence of a different number of vents, doors, simple and affordable.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Attention! Regardless of ventilation, the manual ventilation through opening and closing vents.

The advantages of this ventilation air for homemade greenhouses:

  1. No cost for special tools.
  2. Saving of electric energy.

The disadvantage of manual ventilation requires the presence of the owner of the greenhouse.

Those who has no ability to care for plants, try to use automatic ventilation of greenhouses made with your own hands. Tip! Necessarily look for a expert to create ventilation, it is possible to cope with this problem on their own using ready action algorithm.

Among the advantages of the automatic ventilation mode note the chance to create for certain plants need a climate regime.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Let us consider in detail the algorithm for generating automatic ventilation facilities.

Electric ventilation ↑

This is the most budget option of ventilation. If you decide to make such ventilation in a greenhouse with your own hands, you’ll need an electric fan and thermostat. It thermostats will be the main element of the scheme. It allows the vacationer to establish the function of the ventilation system at a specified temperature, to give the fan a signal about the need to start work. Immediately after receiving the signal, the fan begins to function, cooling the air inside the greenhouse. What are the main benefits of such a cooling system?

  1. Cost, availability of the device. Such ventilation in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate may be made with your own hands.
  2. Install the desired number of fans and relays along the entire length of the greenhouse.
  3. Proper installation of such ventilation of a greenhouse with your own hands gives you the opportunity to adjust the density of the air flow. In the event of significant overheating or sudden cooling can change the fan speed. Exhaust fan when you create a slight vacuum to the outside brings the hot air, instead in the greenhouse gets fresh air flow.
  4. Thermostats are considered reliable devices that give a clear testimony. Modern models of thermostats require the installation parameters, allowing them to be disabled and enabled at a certain time.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

The Council! To improve the efficiency of such a system of ventilation can be set at opposite ends of a greenhouse window that opens when the fan is in operation. Unfortunately, alternative sources of energy (sunlight, wind power) is not enough for the smooth operation of the system.

Methods of ventilation in greenhouses ↑

The downside of the system is the complexity of the supply uninterrupted power in case of outages of electric current, the necessity of using expensive additional hardware. It is important in flying the hot season. If you disable the ventilation system in 2-3 hours increases the risk of plant death.

The Council! To partially solve such problems, you can use solar collectors fixed on the roof of the greenhouse.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Hydraulic ventilation ↑

This method can be considered a brilliant invention of modern times. The most durable and reliable hydraulic system consider the option of ventilation of greenhouses. This system includes the following elements: levers, connected by a transom.

The essence of the arrangement and functioning of this scheme:

  1. Pour in some liquid capacity. In the process of heating there is a gradual expansion, during cooling the partial compression.
  2. With increasing volume of liquid (when heated) is the opening of the vents. By reducing the volume of water, the aeration is stopped. As the thermometer acts as a vessel that is installed inside the greenhouse. The compensator serves as a receptacle fixed outside the greenhouse structure. To capacity have become communicating vessels, use hydraulic hoses (they connect the outer and inner containers to each other). When the pressure in any capacity, there is an instant response – normalization of the index, resulting in the upward movement of the transom.
  3. The transom will never reach the maximum position, so that ventilation is carried out gradually, slowly.

Disadvantages of hydraulic ventilation ↑

  1. This process is inertial, that is, in the case of a significant temperature drop of outdoor air, closing is very slow. For cold sensitive plants this is sufficient for their complete destruction.
    How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate
  2. In such a system is not expected vents, which is inconvenient for growing many horticultural crops.

The advantages of hydraulic ventilation ↑

  1. Easy installation.
  2. System reliability, durability.
  3. Low-cost maintenance, no need to constantly monitor the process.
The Council! Selecting a hydraulic opener, it is important to consider the opening angle, for each system it picked individually. You can use a similar technique with engine oil.

Biometric ventilation ↑

This method of arrangement of the automatic ventilation implies an increase of the material in case of temperature increase.

For Foundation use two metals having different coefficients of expansion, different qualitative characteristics. The operation is as follows: during strong heating occurs, the deflection of a single plate, resulting in pushed out the window. With decreasing temperature there is a gradual cooling of the plate, this closes the window.

Positive features of this method of ventilation ↑

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Long operational period.
  3. The minimum cost of the system.

Disadvantages of the system ↑

If the metal is warmed enough, the plate will not be able to open the window, ventilation would be impossible. There are plants that die when overheating, for them this system of ventilation is not suitable.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Types of vents ↑

Polycarbonate greenhouse is perfectly diffuses the sun’s rays, prevents overheating in the building air has a long operational period, excellent performance.

  1. The window for ventilation features in the upper part, in this case inside will come sufficient flow of air.
  2. Incorrect installation of the greenhouse, inside the drafts that will negatively affect plants.
  3. It is desirable to put the system in a polycarbonate constructions of forced ventilation. In the end, will be optimally tuned new air masses for the selected time period, in the greenhouse, will form the necessary microclimate.
  4. To remove exhaust air will need a standard hood.

Currently polycarbonate greenhouses use two kinds of vents: classical type of blinds.

Zhalyuznye option has a complex structure, gives the maximum effect, a guarantee of income inside the greenhouse air flow, avoiding drafts.

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

The natural ventilation system will have to consider the wind direction, monitor the temperature of the air requires huge time costs. Such problems would be completely solved with the installation of automatic ventilation.

Automatic ventilation of greenhouses with their hands ↑

As always, the craftsmen will come up with the easiest and most affordable way to ventilate the greenhouse. Using fishing line or twine ventilator is attached to the construction of two vessels of water which are located at different heights. The vessels are connected with a thin hose. When heated air in the greenhouse heats up and the water in the vessel Expands until it flows from one jar to another, and the window, at the bottom the weight of water opens. During the cooling of the air, the water returns, the window closes

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

So it is easy to adapt the two banks to ventilate the greenhouse in the absence of the owners

How to make ventilation in the greenhouse from polycarbonate

Conclusion ↑

Creating polycarbonate construction with ventilation right climate, it is important to consider all the nuances: moisture, temperature, plant variety.

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