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How to choose a frame pool for the garden

It’s not a vacation if the kids in the country there is no possibility to swim and sunbathe. Even the most beautiful places and interesting ideas of active pastime for a teenager or a baby fade in comparison with the opportunity to splash around in any time of the day in their own frame pool for summer.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

In fact, it is the only effective argument that can persuade to go to the country’s most capricious of children.

Dignity frame pools ↑

If you are interested in this question, most likely, you have no pool, even the most simple and accessible, or inflatable frame. Why do people buy such things? It is enough to compare water activities at hand and the supervision of the parents with the rest on the river or lake. And the wireframe version of the fun and holiday cottage get the most affordable and safe.

A number of parameters frame pool is much more attractive than other options:

  • In Packed condition the construction of a frame of the pool is a bale of lightweight reinforced waterproof fabric and a set of power elements, the whole frame set medium size easily fits in car universal;
  • To mount the pool for teenager, it is easy to make, once having participated in a similar Assembly procedure frame basis, and / or to familiarize yourself with the Assembly sequence frame pool in the country from a picture online;
  • Price frame version of the pond to give much cheaper a monumental concrete or composite tanks.
It is important! In the latter case, the opportunity to clean for the winter will protect the pool from the brutal creativity of fans to destroy and deface property or ordinary thieves.

In the presence of protection of the design can easily spend the winter under the open sky. Brand frame pools for the villas is always deep and with proper care, frost – proof.

Features of frame pool ↑

Nothing special in the use of frame pool is no different from plastic or inflatable options. Standard depth capacity can be from thirty inches malyshovogo the option up to five feet for Teens and adults. The size and shape of the possible variants of circular and rectangular frame pools for the villas of up to five meters in length or in diameter. Swims in such a pond will not suit, but for five people is a lot of space.

The device is place under frame pool ↑

The very design of an artificial reservoir can be installed on any flat ground no inclines and pits, often under a canopy or in the immediate vicinity of the house. Before installing the selected location is aligned on the horizon, the ground clean of grass, roots, riprap sand or tamped to increase rigidity.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

When choosing where to embed the frame structure in the country, consider the following:

  1. The mirror pool must be located at a maximum distance from electrical wiring, night lights, construction machinery.
  2. Better if close to the floor there are no trees or high bushes. Foliage, fruits, insects, broken by the wind the branches may cause discomfort to bathers;
  3. Around the sides of the pool should be enough space for inspection and repair if necessary. On the perimeter, approximately 60-70cm from the side of the frame, lay out the tile or riprap gravel.
  4. Rainwater flows don’t have to heat a little the skeleton frame pool if it is not possible to lift it 10-15cm, care should be taken proper drainage.

Often the surface area is filled with concrete mix and level the horizon level. This prevents the drawdown of the support surface or slide the bottom of the pool on the wet clay soil. In addition, hard surface concrete pad protects the fabric of the bottom of the pool from damage.

Tip! Despite the manufacturer about the possibility of installation on any platform, should go to the place of installation more carefully. The accident with the fall of the support walls can lead to volley a spill of several tons of water and flooding of vital sections of the house or garden.

What made the frame structure ↑

Frame pool is a soft capacity of glued sandwich material held in the working position of the frame system of the tubular supports. After filling with water the frame structure becomes high rigidity and stability. The fabric has a special, very resistant to moisture the polymer layer, impermeable to water even under high pressure.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

If you frame the pond of a circular shape, the entire load of water on Board is transferred to the upper part of the frame system, designed with huge Hoop or ring. For square or rectangular diagrams lateral edges are enhanced by the special panels of sheet material, the load of water and increase the rigidity of frame bases.

Region and place of articulation tissue with scaffold tubes are reinforced with reinforcing tape, so the local breaks of the material can not be afraid. The frame is mandatory is attached to the pad.

It is important! The standard design is calculated only on the mass of the water in the pool, so don’t try to climb on him and try to rely on a tube frame the additional elements of roofs, stairs, platforms. This can lead to deformation and destruction of the structure.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

Competent operation and maintenance of the swimming pool ↑

Standard when buying a frame pool provides the hoses for filling and pumping of the mass of water of the stairs to be able to comfortably get into the frame of the pool and back, and minimal care. All other necessary accessories can be provided in the form of a bonus, but most of them have to be purchased at their own expense.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

The maintenance of water quality ↑

Even a small frame pool in the country will require at least a ton of water, and at larger sizes the volume can easily reach ten tons. In the hottest time from the mirror surface of the water is evaporating, even if the sky is covered with clouds, so the water supply will have to fill. Periodically, water must be drained for cleaning or washing the inner surface of the fabric.

Sources to fill the pool at the cottage not so much. If you have a personal well, it will give a day at least 100литров, which is sufficient to compensate for the loss, but for the initial population is not enough.

Categorically you should not use lake or river water, if not a specialized filter pump unit, which allows to conduct high-quality disinfection and water purification. Is such a pleasure not cheap. A relatively simple method is to delivery required amount of water to the country in the food barrels. Some enthusiasts swim in the pool at the cottage uses rain water missed through the household dust bag.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

Repair and maintenance of frame pool ↑

Design for summer are quite simple to maintain. Every few days you should verify the integrity of racks, power components, and tissue on the perimeter of the container.

Checked and cleaned from sand and dirt integrated dirt filter. After bathing the bottom of the pool are checked for lost items or belongings. If the status frame of the pool does not cause claims, the mirror at night, close the awning from plastic film. To do this necessary at any time. Even a slight breeze in the country is able to dust water on 300-400g of dust per day, not to mention the birds and flying insects.

In the event of a puncture or a cut-through damage closed two-sided patch with branded self-adhesive patches, or using segments of polyester fabric for a quality waterproof glue. In the latter case, the edges of patches sheathe thick nylon thread.

Selection of frame pool ↑

The only correct decision in choosing a frame pool is to see and appreciate the quality of the product «live» in a real situation, even better to experience yourself. The second way is to read and think about the subject, which pool to choose for the garden, based on the feedback from friends and knowledgeable people.

But even if there is no information, should focus on the reputation of the manufacturer and quality workmanship. In fact, these two selection criteria are universal in any situation. For example, frame pools for the villas of the us-China Intex are the most sophisticated and easy to use. How long that frame the pool will last you in the country, depends on the forgery you bought or the original.

How to choose a frame pool for the garden

Summary and conclusions ↑

Thing, undoubtedly, useful for the recreation of children. Often purchased for children, so in addition to the purely practical and utilitarian considerations, is to ask their opinion. In modern conditions of Informatization and development of the Internet, your child will enthusiastically help to choose the appropriate option, then all summer to be able to swim in the private pool in the country.

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