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How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Summer vacation is a strong Association with water treatments. But even with the financial opportunities to go to the sea can not afford one: lack of time, the discrepancy between the vacation schedule in the family, the reasons are different. To partially compensate for a visit to the coast will allow installation at the cottage swimming pool. What is the option to stay: choose from a wide variety of finished products or to build a pool with their own hands, everyone decides for himself. The information below will help to determine the priority of parties each direction.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

The selection factors ↑

To choose to give the pool that will disappoint in the near future, you should consider a number of factors. Manufacturers offer a wide range of products, so it is important to explore all of the characteristic design features, including:

  • Initially determine the functional allocation of the pool to give. He can play a purely decorative role, to serve as a place of fun for children or to be operated by the older generation.
  • An important aspect is the cost of the product to testify. Depending on the chosen design, in addition to the pool itself may need the purchase of equipment for maintenance, digging, additional finishing. All these nuances greatly enhance the final amount of costs of arrangement giving.
  • If you plan to purchase bulk pools with further penetration into the soil, it is useful to ask about the status of groundwater level in the country.
  • It is necessary to plan the procedure of filling the pool with water and organization in the country drainage system, how will be clean water.
  • The shape and dimensions of the bowl, its location on the surface is also calculated in advance.
  • Plays the role of the presence of the free area in the country.
It is important! When planning the location of the pool, the nearest plants should be at least 2 metres from trees is 5 metres. Not recommended to place the capacitance close to outbuildings.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Materials ↑

To choose a quality swimming pool will help characteristics of the materials from which they can be produced. For these purposes, use plastic, polypropylene or composite materials. Features of products are as follows:

  • The plastic design is a very fragile object, so choose such a product for decorative ornaments garden. Sometimes for the garden plastic collapsible create pools of medium size, the main drawback which is the sensitivity to low temperatures. Therefore, the question of storage during the winter period it is necessary to solve in advance.
  • Greater strength is characterized by polypropylene construction. Because of frost, remove them after the summer vacation in the country do not have.
  • For the production of stationary pool at the cottage is ideally suited to composite materials. They provide protection from scratches, dents, and cracks by mechanical action on the object.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Collapsible design ↑

Portable pools for the garden produce of small and medium sizes. Depending on installation options, installation period is from several hours when placed on the surface, up to 3 days if equipment is in need of deepening. Choose a collapsible design can be of two types: frame pool can be truss or modular.

Core option ↑

Frame a set of vertical and horizontal stands, equipped with mounts. Included is a cover of PVC material and pump with filter. The build process does not take much time. First, a special compartment cover lock to the vertical ribs. Then use the grooves is attached a horizontal frame elements. The bag should be carefully smoothed, then mounted the tubing with the pumping unit equipped with a filter. Precast pool in the country is ready for operation.

Among the disadvantages of the design for the garden celebrate the risk of product damage as a result of a puncture or cut. Such portable pool requires dismantling for the winter, its service life is quite short. Also care should be taken to a secure location to store portable pool in the country.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Sectional model ↑

Prefabricated swimming pool for the villas is a separate module made of metal or plastic. After installation in the country inside it stretches the Cup, made of PVC material. There are various ways module connections: adhesive, bolt, or locking. The type depends on the material of the sections and shape of the pool. Depending on the size and configuration of the panels, the water tank in the country can be round, oval or rectangular. The depth of the assembled section of the pool varies in the range of 1.2-2.4 m. This provides the opportunity to make a separate area for diving, the pleasure in the country is rare.

Hard frame pool – more reliable collapsible design for villas, compared to the core model. Provide strength, side stand, guide profiles at the bottom and a steel cross beam. In most cases, a set of collapsible sectional pool includes a skimmer and installation for water filtration. A significant advantage of this modular construction for the cottages is no need to dismantle for the winter.

Attention! Do not forget about periodic replacement of the liner in assembled pool.

Sometimes the walls of the collapsible tank stands made of anodized aluminum, stainless steel or wood, processed by special trains.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Sheet frame ↑

There is another option to become the owner of the pool in the country, when the frame is used sheet metal. The installation process is quite simple:

  • roll unfold;
  • after make the construction of the required shape, fixed with screws and is treated with sealing materials;
  • after Assembly of the frame is placed inside the PVC case;
  • in conclusion, assembled filter, pump and other necessary equipment.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Inflatable copies ↑

The most budget option among the whole range of artificial reservoirs are of a folding type inflatable model. The bowl is formed by filling air double PVC film. Children’s designs for cottages generally consist of several inflatable rings forming the sides of the pool and film the bottom. Large items have an inflatable ring around the edge, sometimes their Cup is reinforced with a metal frame of thin-walled aluminum tubes. The set of individual models includes a filter that cleans the water. In the absence of water requires regular replacement. Such a separable model for cottages have a compact size: the diameter of the receptacle does not exceed 5 m, depth is 0.5-1.2 m.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Among the advantages of inflatable pools of the type noted cheapness, compactness and fast heating of a small volume of water without additional sources. Studying the faults, note the following points:

  • increased risk of damage due to cut or puncture;
  • under the action of sunlight rubber cracks, which may cause rupture of the material;
  • the question of storage in the winter.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

Stationary pools ↑

If you wish to become the owner of the cottage hospital swimming pool, you can go two ways – to buy a container or make a bowl for filling water with their hands. The finished design for permanent installation made of plastic or composite materials.

Plastic and composite products ↑

Plastic container for stationary installation can reach gigantic proportions, there are examples of reservoirs, the volume of which reaches 9 thousand L. of Course, this bowl needs to be deep. The installation process of stationary construction of the pool cottage consists of the following steps:

  • preparation of excavation, the dimensions of which exceed the size capacity of 0.8-1.0 m.
  • the formation of the gravel cushion thickness of 15-20 cm;
  • installation of reinforcing mesh and fill it with concrete mix;
  • cover hardened concrete surface with geotextile;
  • the installation of thermal insulation layer of polystyrene foam;
  • styling thick polyethylene film;
  • install plastic bowls;
  • to ensure reliability stationary pool of plastic on the sides of the bowl also reinforce the concrete with a reinforcing frame.
Attention! Other than the installation of fixed pool, it will require a mandatory installation in the country maintenance of equipment: systems of water supply, drain, filter units etc.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

A permanent pool at the cottage of a composite material is the dream of many owners of suburban areas. In addition to solid appearance, it is characterized by durability. The installation of this model is similar to the installation of plastic bowls – consuming process and is accompanied by significant financial costs.

Alternatively, the stationary pool design can be done without the purchase of a bowl. It is unlikely that you will receive the economic benefits of such a decision, but you can create a exclusive shape that meets the needs of the inhabitants of the villas.

How to choose a pool for the garden: folding or stationary

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