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The pool at the cottage with hot water

Becoming the proud owner of a pool in the country, many are faced with the problem of insufficient heating of water in a natural way. The question is particularly relevant for regions with a small number of Sunny hot days. To solve the problem will help pool equipment optional equipment for heating. What are the options of water heating in the country in the basin exist, and you should pay attention when choosing, consider the details.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Operating conditions and aspects of the selection ↑

The desire to extend the period of use of the pool at the cottage natural. To plunge into the warm water and pleasant late spring and early autumn. Not all are the owners of the hardened body have tendencies walrus, a comfortable temperature of water required and children. According to existing sanitary rules, along with compliance with chemical composition, temperature for swimming pools is set within the following limits:


Temperature, onWith

Swimming adults


Wellness treatments


Children up to 7 years


Children older than 7 years


Hot tubs


Based on the above rules, the owners of pools in the country should be determined with the methods of water heating. For these purposes, use the following equipment:

  • tankless heaters;
  • heat exchangers;
  • solar panels;
  • heat pumps;
  • other methods (fuel water heaters, heating blankets, etc.).

When choosing a suitable option water heating in the country, considers the following factors:

  • pool dimensions and volume of water subject to heating;
  • the location of the communications;
  • personal preferences of the owner.

Let us describe the details of each method.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Instantaneous water heaters ↑

Installation of the flow heater is relatively inexpensive and simple way to ensure at the cottage the heating of the water in the pool. The principle of operation of the electric machine based on the heating of the continuous flow of the liquid due to slight differential pressure. The compactness of the devices allows to do without the arrangement of additional technical space to accommodate enough small boxes. Features of electric heater designed to pool in the country, the following:

  • The case is made of titanium, plastic or stainless steel.
  • Due to the durable alloy, the heater withstands high temperatures.
  • The maximum power of the electric heater flow type with 18 kW. This may not be enough to heat water at the cottage in the large pool. If the fluid volume exceeds 36 mThree, have to think about alternative ways of heating. Moreover, such capacity will be sustained by every transaction.
Warning! It is important to choose the right power equipment. For small pools, installed in the heated room, will have enough water heater capacity 3 kW.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Let’s sum up. The advantages of the unit to pool in the country electric heaters of the type:

  • the ability to adjust the water heating temperature;
  • quick warming-up process;
  • the automatic operation control;
  • the presence of safety sensors that disable the equipment in the absence of water circulation in the pool.

The shortcomings of the system of water heating by using the heater:

  • works effectively with a small amount of water;
  • significant costs of electricity;
  • not suitable when equipped cottages weak wiring.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Heat exchangers ↑

To heat water in the big pool better to install a heat exchanger that is part of the heating system of a residential building. The design of the unit is the coil with hot water, enclosed in a flask. Thanks to the work of pump and valve, cold water enters the flask, washed the coil and after heat moves back into the pool.

Comment! A heat exchanger for heating water in the pool frees you from any control over the process. The only required step is to set the thermostat to the desired temperature.

The capacity of the unit varies from 13 to 200 kW, the choice of appropriate technological options depends solely on the size of the pool in the country. Of course, the power affects the warm-up period water. The important point in the process, equipment is the need for a continuous water heating with maximum power in the first two days of connection. Then the system is running in maintenance mode. Installation of the heat exchanger is between the pumping station and disinfection system. This helps protect the unit from damage due to the presence of chloride in water. If there is excessive chlorine content in water, experts recommend to buy titanium heat exchanger.

For clarity, consider the following connection scheme of heat exchanger in the heating system:

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Summarizing information, note the following: while saving power consumption, more power and ease of management there is a lack of duration of heating water to desired temperature.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Solar panels ↑

Every year is gaining popularity is the idea to use for heating water a heat radiation of the sun. To access the inexhaustible energy source regardless of the location of the pool in the country. This option is suitable for structures installed both indoors and outdoors. For the conversion of solar radiation using various systems. The individual modules are executed in the form of screens, flasks or tubes, each of which is able to provide heating a certain volume of water. Depending on the size of the pool in the country, calculated the number of necessary modules.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

The principle of operation of the equipment described below:

  • External finish of the manifold performs the function of receiving sunlight, usually has black color.
  • Due to the intensive absorption of solar radiation, the water inside the equipment is heated to high temperatures.
  • After the hot water circulation pump starts to work.
  • Some models of solar collectors are equipped with sensors and a three-way automatic valves. This allows to provide continuous water circulation.
Comment! The option of heating the pool water in the country with the help of solar collectors are most effective in regions with a large number of clear days. Cloudy weather greatly reduces the efficiency of such systems.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Heat pumps ↑

A relatively new way of heating the pool in the country is the installation of a heat pump. Among the biggest advantages of the equipment – rate of heating water, the limit for purchase may be the high cost of the product. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • The primary heat source can serve domestic or industrial treated wastewater.
  • Piping located underground, due to the operation of the circulation pump is moving the fluid.
  • Then the mixture moves to the heat exchanger.
  • After heat transfer to the refrigerant to boil (even a low temperature it will be enough).
  • The process of boiling is accompanied by the formation of steam, which, after entering the compressor is compressed to 25 atmospheres.
  • It helps heat up to 55onWith.

After reaching the desired temperature, the water moves in the pool. An important advantage of the system is the possibility to use for heating the pool at the cottage the earth’s heat or exhaust gases, which are free sources of energy.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Alternatives ↑

Engineering every year lots of new inventions, among them a heating blanket designed for swimming, located on the street. Use it at the cottage on a Sunny day can increase the water temperature by 3-4onWith in a few hours. Product benefits – efficiency, accompanied by associated protected water in the pool from falling leaves or insects. Disadvantages of this solution of the problem – heating of solely the top layer, so you should also turn on the filter pump for mixing in the pool water.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Ingenuity of folk artists knows no boundaries. Among the interesting ideas on the heating of the pool at the cottage to celebrate the unit, working with wood, which has no analogues on an industrial scale. Design is a metal coil mounted inside the furnace. The water supply is by means of a pump, after heating it on the second hose moves back in the pool.

It is important! Such equipment is necessary to correctly determine the velocity of the water. With the rapid passage she did not have time to warm up, slow pace will lead to boiling liquid.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Equally important is the issue of preservation of heat in the pool, because water heating is often spent considerable energy. To this end, the pool should be equipped with a canopy which has a different design: fixed, sliding or hinged.

The pool at the cottage with hot water

Choosing the best option of heating your pool for a long time will delight the inhabitants of the villas.

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