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The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

In hot weather what could be better than swimming in a cool pool at the cottage after a tiring work in the garden? But to install a strong and durable pool you must know how to install it. This article below will be given step by step instructions for installing the pool at the dacha with his hands.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

The construction of concrete pools ↑

First you need to determine the financial part of the construction design. Digging a pool at the dacha with his hands is quite possible, and so you will save money on hiring workers, but because the materials still have to be purchased. The most appropriate options for the pool on a summer residence: the hollow, composite or frame. Choose suitable design and size of the pool, and then look at the site is the best place for your pool. The area must be Sunny, convenient to wire communications without drafts. The depth of construction may vary from 120 to 180 cm and a width of 400 cm Set design needs in open space, without trees nearby, otherwise the water in the pool is always cold and polluted by the fallen leaves.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

Then, if you decide to build a trench pool, you need to purchase all the necessary materials for construction: sand, cement, stones, twigs, nails, screws, rope, boards, shovel, shut-off valve, solid bar, etc.

The area and depth of choose yourself, but keep in mind that the more these indicators, the more will come to you and install the facility and its care.

It is important to know! If your site is on a slope, do not install the pool at the bottom of the yard, otherwise there is a risk that it will be sunk, or groundwater it will be harmed.

For the layout of the construction site you will need a rope and stakes. You must retreat 50 cm from the projected size of the pool, you can also prepare space for sun loungers and a barbecue.

If you dug the pit for the pit the topsoil spread across the site, they can be used to fill low places or to take them off-site. The bottom of the pit is better to make with a slight slope. Measure 30 cm from the planned design for the level of occurrence. The walls of the area make smooth.

The drainage hole that you make should exceed the height of the sides of the structure. To the drain pipe need to connect this hole. Next you need to install the valve on the side of the bowl of the reservoir, in order to drain the water.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

Attention! A thick layer of coarse gravel is necessary to fill a drainage ditch. Overflow system set to purified water.
  • The design bottom put a layer of sand 30 cm For compaction of material, use bar.
  • Cheap bitumen roofing material you need to prepare for the waterproofing. After you finish the waterproofing layer, put small stones on top, put reinforcement bars, or you can lay the reinforcing mesh. The distance between the bars should not exceed 30 cm, to strengthen use wire.
  • From wooden boards install the formwork of 15 cm from the walls inside the pit. Reinforcement mesh to put inside the formwork. The formwork and the walls can be closed by waterproof tape.
  • Next is the most important and critical part of construction concrete is poured. Well, if you have a mixer.
It is important! Concrete shall be poured in small layers and well compacted to avoid holes in the walls and on the bottom, so the design will be stronger.

After filling you need to wait until the concrete hardens, and then remove the formwork and to start to finish. Spread the bottom and sides of pool, tile, stucco or glass mosaics. To be comfortable and not slippery to use the pool around him to lay a trail of ceramic tiles.

Video for installing a pool made of concrete

Disadvantages of concrete pools ↑

If it is wrong to carry out the installation of the pipeline systems or is wrong to lay the water system, then this can cause problems. If you correctly implement all the work, then no further trouble will not.

To avoid water leakage, you need to use layers good waterproofing, high-quality concrete, and put it right.

If you do not want your mosaic or ceramic tiles peeled off, then use a good quality adhesive for this purpose.

When the fungus you need to regularly clean and treat the surface with special disinfectants. Therefore, prevention of the fungus is the regular care of the pool.

Construction of frame pool ↑

Alternative trench pool will frame. This design is constructed from wood and installed inside the aluminium sheets for cladding, because aluminum looks beautiful, and in itself a reliable material.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

To build the studs of the frame will need pine timber. Thick boards, apply between the upper and lower part of the frame. You must also install a hose with a valve on the bottom of the structure to drain the water to clean the pool.

The advantage of this design is that the cold season such a pool can easily be disassembled.

For the construction of a pool must use the sealant – it can be an ordinary plastic film. Wood should be processed special means, which is resistant to water. Frame pool is acceptable for the price, looks nice and can be built on any site.

To create a pool for the home and garden suitable conventional PVC film, as it can take a while to serve you, not to pass water. Even if most of the cracks, the film still will not pass the liquid. The details of the film can be constructed using thermal welding.

Very popular is also the pool from fiberglass, which you can install your own hands. It does not require additional coverage, and break this material is very hard. The only downside is that you need to take all the communication.

If you plot on a very small scale, then it is recommended to install an inflatable pool. The advantage is that to install such a pool is very easy.

Video how to build timber frame construction

Installation of finished bowls ↑

Technology installation of the finished bowls is quite simple and is performed in the following stages:

  • You need to dig a shovel deep hole, which should be 20 cm longer than the planned pool. These 20 cm are needed in order to on the bottom to release the sand, fill it with water and thoroughly compacted. You also need to take into account laying paving slabs around the pool.
  • Next, you need to first install the bowl. To do this, just gently lower it down, dug in to her hole. This should be done carefully so as not cracked plastic.
  • Bury the bowl with sand, spilled his water, so he sat down.
  • At the end of the installation work for pool you just need to fill it with water and begin to water procedures.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

At your discretion you can equip the area around the pool.

How to properly care for a pool ↑

Preferably immediately after you have installed the pool, treat it with disinfectant to combat bacteria, algae. If the water in your pool is taken from well water or summer, then you need to clean it from rust, sand and clay, a special filter. Also in addition to these treatments, it is necessary to produce the mechanical cleaning of your pool and water filtration.

The pool at the cottage with their hands: step by step instructions

In order to fight the algae, you should buy chemicals. Inexpensive are chlorine-based products, but they have their disadvantages, for example, unpleasant odor, eye irritation and they also dry the skin. It is recommended to add the water solution of potassium permanganate because chlorine not cope with all the bacteria.

Apart from using chemicals there are also other means of cleaning the water is ionization and kvartsevanie, however, such processing is more suitable for structures of large dimensions.

To prevent the pollution of water, should regularly conduct preventive measures since it is much more difficult from the muddy and dirty water to crystal clear.

To construct a pool yourself is not so difficult and considerably cheap. Therefore, building a pool with their hands, follow all the above recommendations.

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