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Installing a frame pool in the country

Hand on heart, not many avid gardeners have the money, time and desire to build on the site of the huge concrete hole in the stationary reservoir. More attractive and interesting financial option was the portable pool. The installation of the pool at the cottage is more suited for children. For a real summer vacation need the reservoir, to stay in the country, the best option would be a frame option. You can go cottage, and the children under the supervision.

Installing a frame pool in the country

A great big plus is the ability to build a frame pool with their hands in the country even without assistants. The higher the quality of the purchased set «DIY», the stronger and better will the construction of the pool. This files most often on the CIS market are actively traded on Chinese goods under the guise of leading brands.

The Council! In the process of solving the problem of the choice guided by the feedback of friends, how to choose a frame pool for the garden. Practice areas allows you to learn about the weaknesses of some models of swimming pools prior to purchase. Will save money and nerves.

How to install frame pool in the country ↑

Before purchasing a scheduled models make reference on the ground to assess free site, the availability of communications and water supplies. Often design have to have in close proximity to the wells and drain pipes in the country.

With all the abundance of a variety of types, sizes and design wireframes distinguish the main varieties:

  • Round frame pools with solid supporting Hoop and the support posts;
  • Square or rectangular products with durable inserts;
  • Frame model with rigid load-bearing walls.

In any case, it is useful to watch a video about installing a frame pool in the country, set out details will help to avoid gross mistakes in the work.

Preparing for installation of pool ↑

Most models of frame pools are designed for use primitive Assembly operations, requiring no additional construction equipment. For the youngest users it is quite suitable round model in the three-meter diameter and height of walls not higher than the smallest of future users.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Such models are exceptionally simple to build, installing them usually requires several steps:

  1. The choice of location in the country for setting, marking and preparation of the sole pad under the pool;
  2. Stretching «tissue of the body» in a prepared place in the country, installation of frame members and the connection in one design;
  3. Summarizing the supply and drainage hoses connecting the filter and filling the tank with water;
  4. Check for stability and structural strength of the frame.
Note! The set frame for the garden pond usually includes a filter with a circulating pump, but in practice they are thin and extremely sensitive to clogging with dirt and sand.

So often, pool owners are becoming more powerful and expensive model. It is necessary to ask the most reliable and effective models of filters.

Development site for frame pool in the country ↑

The most difficult and delicate operation to install the product in the country is the markup and the layout of quality sites for the reservoir. Most of the difficulties associated with the need to find in the country a free place with a slope of not more than 5 degrees. Best choice for support of the bottom is considered to be the planned concrete pad to withstand the water pressure at the surface without precipitation, progress and «quiet» slide.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Rate the selected area from the point of view of usability in the country. At the beginning of the alignment required for the completed layout to cut the sod and grass to a depth of 12-15 cm Process area with a margin of 60-70cm to the side from the dimensions of the future bottom of the pool. Perimeter slept in the sand, but better than laying non-slip tiles.

With the help of pegs and polypropylene pull cord contour future design. Using a Builder’s level to adjust the horizontal position of each line is the stretch cord. Further, on the light bracket put the required 150 mm and use it as a template for removing the soil. Very convenient to control the horizontal position of the pit dug, using a similar bar and the tense cord.

If the soil is clay, the surface should be pour large slag in a layer thickness of 3 cm and a hand tamper to compact it. Next put a layer of dry sand and thoroughly compacted and leveled using a two-meter lath and building level.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Often in the country expect the season to the middle of the first Indian summer. Therefore, regardless of the availability of opportunities to heat water or not, should decide how it is easier to insulate the frame pool in the country. Most often in the base, under the bottom design fit polystyrene insulation boards with a thickness of 20-25mm.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Installing a frame pool in the country ↑

Most of the options frame is sold with detailed instruction, allowing the correct stretch fabric panel. Do not rush to lay the basis of the pool at the prepared site. Turn it, spin upside down and carefully check the condition of the bottom, in case of doubt, it is better to return the product than to suffer with punctures or marriage.

Installing a frame pool in the country

If the condition of the fabric base bought a frame pool is not satisfactory, gently with a couple of assistants to move and stretch the cloth on the prepared site in the country.

Cusp round frame structures ↑

The main power element round frame pool is the upper power ring or Hoop. Almost always a solid skeleton-based pool is collected from the individual arcs threaded through fabric loops on the sides and connected T – shaped tees. At the junction of the tees and curved frame sections have holes for setting the mounting pins. It’s convenient and reliable. The absence of threaded or clamp connections in frame-based allows quickly, without the use of additional tools to collect the pool.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Installing a frame pool in the country

In the Assembly process frame upper ring of the pool, be sure to check the planting density of all elements of the design, if there are claims to the strength of the arc, it is better not to use it, and the pool replaced for the complaint. It’s easier than to suffer in the country with flowing capacity.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Assembled frame ring rests on vertical posts. Each T-shaped tee in the package is a vertical stand with a plastic bearing pad-a patch worn on the lower end of the stand.

After Assembly, round frame pool, don’t forget to install the nozzle head and the selected fitting is located at a short distance from each other, approximately at the height of the middle of the Board. In addition, the pool is sure to is equipped with a drain valve, it is also necessary to check and install. To facilitate the installation of the mating surfaces lubricated with a liquid soap.

Installing a frame pool in the country

Installing a square or rectangular frame pool ↑

The Assembly is non-circular frame pool in the country more difficult, and it requires careful and accurate handling of frame based. Unlike the previous design, in most cases for rectangular varieties additionally use a support rack, hammered into the ground. In this way, it manages to pull force frame elements and to provide acceptable stability of the foundations.

If the soil in the country under the hammering stakes is very soft, not reinforced with grass roots and turf, you will need to perform additional strengthening of the stakes. In place of driving a stake with a shovel dig a hole on the bayonet wide and a half in depth. In the pit lay a stake or stand and the remaining space tightly filled broken bricks or stone which can be found in the country. Top neatly paved dirt, or sand.

Often in a rectangular frame construction uses a system of arcs and power straps passed under the bottom of the pool. In this case, it is necessary to mark and prepare the places of packing these belts belts so that after Assembly and filling the pool with water it did not hurt the stacked insulation bottoms.

Installing a frame pool in the country

To increase the rigidity of the boards used frame insertion of sheet plastic, they are inserted in special pockets inside the tissue and interlock with each other and the vertical uprights of pool.

For the largest frame pools often utilize a frame construction with exterior rigid walls. Often in this case, for Assembly in the country employ an expert company-seller. In addition to fabric base, in this design there is an upper hard belt assembled from individual elements.

The lower zone is collected and placed in the base of the pool from the outside of the structure. Between the upper and lower belts in the grooves are installed and fastened plastic sheets outer frame side. Sometimes the Board can be made not from the individual sheets, and in the form of a roll of material is unwound at the perimeter of the frame.

The results ↑

The most expensive and most simple models may vary in price in the order, but fun for kids will be commensurate with the terms of the holiday cottage. Therefore we should not build a pool on a half plot garden, this is expensive and inconvenient. For children the ideal would be a round version of a frame of pool that is easy to take with you or remove unnecessary.

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