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How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

Each summer resident wants to have their own home nearby which would be a river or a lake. Water relaxes well, so after all the hard work it would be nice to enjoy the refreshing water, especially on a hot day. But, this possibility is not at all. Most people just sit in the car and drive to the nearest pond. Still, there is another option – a homemade pool in the country.

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

If before the pools were a luxury, now they are available to all. It is noteworthy that do not have to hire builders and pay them money for work performed. You can make a convenient pool at his dacha. It will delight you and your household. In this article, we’ll look at how to make a pool with their hands in the country.

How to choose a place to pool ↑

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

The first thing you need to know when construction of the pool – where it properly and conveniently placed. Choice is very important, in the future you won’t have any problems. Moreover, it will simplify its maintenance. Let’s look at 5 of the regulations on the placement of the pool.

  1. It is desirable that the soil at the site was clay. Such soil will stop the fluid leak, if there’s a problem with waterproofing.
  2. When on site there is a place with a natural slope, it is better to choose it. It will be easier to dig a pit, and problems with the placement of the drainage system will not appear.
  3. Near the pool there should be no tall trees, because their roots will feel the presence of moisture and will be attracted to the walls of the pool. The result could damage the waterproofing. Yes, and you often have to clean the water of leaves and other debris (when the trees are in bloom, water from the pollen can acquire a yellowish tint). In the case when the space without trees, it will have to do, cut down the trees. This procedure will cost less than rebuilding a damaged pool.
  4. The next thing you need to pay attention to the wind, namely, in what direction it blows from most often. The pool should be placed so that the movement of air passing along the bowl. This is done to ensure that the debris and other dirt nailed to one wall. On their edges and you need to install the drain system.
  5. Pool better to do closer to the water. So it will be easier to fill and carry out the necessary communication.

Calculate the size and shape of ^ a

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

Having defined the location, you need to choose the desired size and shape. These settings depend entirely on your goals and desires. For example, if you want to swim and not to bask in the water, preferable rectangular shape of the pool. Then the scale will be stretched. But if your goal is relaxation, recreation and swimming family round for you. Much more important is the depth of the tank.

As is known, the optimal depth that allows the swimmer to feel free to turn under the water, to jump and to swim easily, is the depth of half a metre, not more. If you want to make a ramp and jump from the height, not the rim, the bowl needs to be deeper from 2.3 m But it also has its moments. You can do such depth only in the area of diving. While depth in other areas may reach 1.5 m.

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

When you have children and the pools are you doing mostly for them, the optimal depth will be two feet. Your children will be able to wallow in the water, swim and play without risking their health. Much harder to do a combined variant, when the depth will satisfy both children and adults. This requires you to create a solid partition separating the area. It originates from the bottom of the pool. Thus, children will not be in the area for adults.

Please note! When the pool has several different depths, the bottom is you want to make shallow, to make it a smooth transition from one size to another.

It affects your safety, because surges can lead to unpleasant consequences. Swimmers can be distracted, will dramatically begin a lot of depth and he, having gone down, may nahlebalsya water. The moment of surprise will play a role.

Now, let’s consider in detail the instructions on how to make a pool in the country.

Pools ↑

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

You need to know that all tanks can be divided into two types:

  1. Frame.
  2. Trench.

You must choose what to do for your garden. For example, the frame structure can be above ground, or a little to act it out. A feature of such pools is that they are a framework. It gives a lot of advantages: if necessary, the tank can be moved, transported and dismantled in winter. Of the minuses – the price. They are more expensive trench. Still, you can make a simple pool at the dacha with his hands.

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

Trench pools are not as expensive, and you also can do yourself. All you need is concrete, rebar and waterproofing materials. Pit digging in the ground, the tank will be flush with the surface of the earth. Cons of the design: it is stationary, so to dismantle it. In addition to heavy excavation work, because the pit can be up to 16 mTwo.

Do trench pool ↑

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

So, at this stage you have already chosen the shape, size, location and type of pool. Now consider a phased instructions on how to make a swimming pool in the country.

  1. At the selected place make marks of the rope and peg.
  2. Proceed with earthworks, focusing on the layout. You can dig the pit yourself, and can hire special equipment. Note that you can excavate need a little more of the original size. You will do a layer of waterproofing, therefore, increase wall 40-50 cm.
  3. When the pit is ready, you want to align the bottom and walls, and waterproofing. A layer of 30 cm lay on the bottom of the sand and tamp it. On this pillow lay 2-3 layers of roofing material and lubricate all bitumen mastic. Note, laying roofing felt, you should block wall of the pool.
  4. At this stage you need to consider the discharge of water, and then proceed to the walls.
  5. Now, it’s time to make the formwork. There are several options: from boards, chipboard, plywood or steel sheets.
  6. Next you need to pour concrete into the formwork. You can cook it yourself or order a ready-made. To strengthen the walls and to make the concrete stronger, inside put a grid of rebar.
  7. After the drying of the concrete (about a month), you can remove the formwork. The walls need to handle a mixture of water and concrete (dry topping).
  8. The bowl of the pool is almost ready, left to do the bottom. Place a layer of gravel and pour all the hydro concrete. Do not forget about the reinforcing mesh.

Most of the work is done. You just have to line the walls and bottom of self-leveling compounds, to coat them with waterproofing, and perform a decorative finish.

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

Materials to finish can be very different: foam PVC, mosaic or tiles. Attention! The PVC film will serve as a decorative layer, and to act as a waterproofing material. If you want to make the ladder, then it needs to be installed when there is pouring of walls.

Frame pool ↑

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

As for frame pool, then there are two options for how it can be done. The first is to buy ready – made polypropylene bowl and set on the prepared place. The second is to make the frame yourself. In the first case everything is simple: the bowl is placed in the excavated pit, to her supply of communications and all. Due to the polypropylene, the bowl is the perfect waterproofing. But to make a bowl myself, a little harder.

How to make a pool at the dacha with his hands

The frame can be made from wood. Design must be strong to withstand the water pressure. As the bottom and sides will be PVC. Its advance should be connected so that the canvas could be stretched over a wooden frame. Joints should be airtight and not leak. It remains only to make a ladder from the same tree and fill the pool with water. Now you know how to do the hollow or frame of the pool at his dacha. All you need is desire, effort, and follow the instructions. But the result will please not only you but also your household.

Summary ↑

In fact, the options for building simple swimming pools in the country, there are many. You only need to show imagination and ingenuity to implement the plan. What are some makeshift swimming pools in the country you can see from the photo posted below.

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