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How to do country swing with their hands

Many owners of suburban areas want to make your holiday more varied. To solve this problem, for example, through the installation of country swing, which will not only help to make the stay interesting, but also to relax after work on the site. In addition, if the swing is made with their own hands, they can easily become an original structure that will attract views for all guests.

How to do country swing with their hands

The place for installation ↑

Before you begin to create a sketch of the future design, it is necessary to perform two basic questions: where will be installed a swing and for whom they are intended? If these issues are resolved, it is possible to start drawing up estimates, sketch design, selection and purchase of materials, and the preparation of tools.

Categories ↑

There are three main categories of country swing:

  • For the family – swings, intended for the whole family, often have the form of a large bench with a fitted back. They can accommodate several people. The base is fixed to the frame using a thick and strong chain. Also installed a canopy that protects from sun and rain. Such a swing can be used virtually in any weather conditions;
    How to do country swing with their hands
  • For children – designed for children and is characterized by a wide range of different designs. For example, a particularly popular design that do not have a frame and consist mainly of seat and suspension elements or by sitting in a small chair. It is worth noting that if you care about the safety of your child, it is best to choose timber frame construction. Also don’t forget about the equipment where seats special straps, which will fix the child, thereby helping to avoid falls and injuries;How to do country swing with their hands
  • Mobile – the mobile (portable) structures suitable in cases if the swing will be installed in the room. They are convenient because they can be hung not only on land but also in the house or on the veranda.

The types ↑

Today you can find a large number of different types of swings, among which the most interesting cases are the following:

  • single – this option involves the types of swings that do not require erection of additional supports. They can be installed anywhere, whether on land, in the veranda or in the house. They are usually made of wood or plastic;
    How to do country swing with their hands
  • sofa-swing – was widespread among gardeners as it does not require complicated disassembly. In the winter they can be removed from the site on the porch or in the house. Equipped with a soft mattress, headboard and a canopy. Made of wood and metal;
    How to do country swing with their hands
  • hammock swings can be hung on the tree or on special supports that can be made with your own hands. Generally, the standard design can withstand weight up to 200 kilos;
    How to do country swing with their hands
  • swing-sun loungers – this building is designed for three people (two adults and one child). They are quite compact and can be installed not only on the country site, but also in the room. Are mainly made of steel alloy;
    How to do country swing with their hands
  • suspension – this type includes a seat and a rope attached at the sides. To date, among the suspended swing is a fairly wide range. Design can be as traditional (seat and two ropes on the sides), and more original, consisting of a seat and an intricate form of rope for fastening.

The materials of construction swing ↑

  • Wood. Such a swing has already won the hearts of many gardeners that it is not surprising. Due to the fact that wood is an ecological material, it is completely safe for health. In addition, the tree in perfect harmony with the site;
  • Forged steel. The swing, created in forged steel, are a real work of art. Their distinctive feature is the reliability, durability and long life. Naturally, these models have their shortcomings. For example, given the large weight of the structure, to remove or move the swing will be difficult.

How to do country swing with their hands

The advantages of wooden swings ↑

  • the ease of installation. In order to make installation of wooden swing, you do not need special knowledge. Requires only basic skills of woodworking and a bit of patience;
  • affordability. Typically, a swing of wrought iron are very expensive, which is not every cottager can afford them. Wooden model, on the contrary, are affordable and will cost you much cheaper;
  • versatility. Swings from wood suitable for children of all ages, while the steel models for toddlers under four years can be downright dangerous;
  • harmony. Wooden design will fit perfectly in your country site and will not be beaten out from the General view.

Manufacturer «swing-bench» his hands ↑

Quite popular today are the swing-bench. They can accommodate several people, so they are ideal for recreation and entertainment.

Materials ↑

If the suburban area has ever had was the construction work, the search will not be easy. If you need building materials at hand, it is necessary to go to the nearest hardware store. For the manufacture of the swing with their hands perfect, the wood that is quite durable and easily handled. It is best to use in the construction of pine and birch.

A sample list of materials needed in construction:

  • boards of birch or pine (100 by 25 mm), the length of which is 2,500 millimeters (approximately 15 – 20 pieces);
  • Board (150 50 mm) long and 2500 mm (1 piece);
  • screws (80 4,5) (50 pieces);
  • screws (51 3.5) (200 pieces);
  • carbine (6 pieces);
  • circuit (selected according to the height of the main structure);
  • galvanized screws (4 pieces).

A sample list of tools needed for construction:

  • drill with set of drills from 1 to 10 millimeters;
  • circular saw;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • a square, tape measure for measuring.

Installation instructions ↑

The mounting of the swing as follows:

  • to start from boards you need to cut a strip half a meter long and with a thickness of about 20 millimeters. For the back swing should be to use rods of about 15 mm, as the load on them is significantly lower. Planks for the seat should be in the total amount of 20 pieces, straps for the backrest enough to 15 pieces;
Attention! In order to avoid cracking of the wood, the holes for screws must be done with the help of drills, using the thin drill bit.
  • to the seat of the swing was comfortable and not cause discomfort, the elements of the basis, which must be mounted on a strap, you need to make curly. For manufacturing will need a Board of 150 by 50 millimeters. For our swing we need to make six shaped elements;
  • you must then choose the desired connection angle of the backrest and seat. The details are merged into the frame, after which the blocks are alternately recorded. Intervals between strips should be the same;
  • next, you need to make the armrests. To make them, you need two beams (width and thickness do not play a special meaning). One end of the beam is required to consolidate on the back, and the other end on the seat;
  • then fasten galvanized ring with the screw at the bottom of the rack of the armrest. Then the rings must be bolted to the upper beam, where they will later be attached the swing itself;
  • in conclusion, using carabiners fastened the chain to the rings.

How to do country swing with their hands

Swing with a variety of Seating options with their hands ↑

Simple enough to manufacture a side stand.

Materials needed for construction:

  • boards of birch or pine;
  • screws;
  • mounting;
  • circuit;
  • galvanized screws.

Tools needed for construction:

  • drill;
  • circular saw;
  • plane;
  • hacksaw;
  • a square, tape measure for measuring.

The installation process ↑

  • two racks are placed in the form of letters «And» and connected to the top via the crossbar. Before installation it is necessary to calculate in advance the angle of the connections of the columns. It depends on the width of the seat, the longer it takes, the wider struts are placed. Stand for greater reliability it is necessary to fix the upper part with bolts;
  • then the rack should be secured using bars, in order to avoid discrepancies. Beams, which are fixed at a height 1/3 from the ground level, would have to be arranged in parallel to each other and secure them with the corners. As a rule, enough one pair of crossbars, but in some cases it is possible to install two pairs. Thanks to this, the design becomes more reliable and safe;
  • next on the stand it is necessary to fix the cross beam and install the finished design in prepared pits in the ground. The depth of the pits should be at least 70 centimeters deep. In order to design gained more stability, you need to put on the bottom of the pits a small bed of gravel. When the rack is inserted in the holes, they should pour concrete.
  • after this work is done on the top cross beam it is necessary to install the fixture and hang the swing itself.

How to do country swing with their hands

Tips ↑

  • before installing the swing, you must thoroughly Polish the details of construction;
  • do not use in the construction of wood of poor quality, especially for construction of bearing structures;
  • if the parts have sharp ends, they must be processed with a file to eliminate injuries;
  • once completed, it is necessary to produce the final processing of all the parts, paint them and varnish that will extend term of their operation;
  • for the exclusive use fasteners galvanized fasteners, this will protect the wood from cracking.

In addition, you can buy a swing for villas in DIY stores or on the Internet. The most attractive option would be a wooden swing, as wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material. The most important thing to remember is that the swing should be safe, especially if we are talking about children’s models.

Do not buy swing plastic, whatever attractive the price. Such swings are not intended for installation on the dacha. In hot weather the plastic will start to warm up quickly and produce harmful carcinogens that is bad for health.

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