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How to build a DIY pool in the country

A time when in cottages the men were digging the garden — gone. Now for the city to go to relax and forget about the crazy traffic and best of all, this task allows to handle the pool.

Fortunately, to build a pool in the country can own. There are many simple designs which everyone can consult, if the correct approach to the construction process. Moreover, in addition to dip during the summer in the cool water, the pool owner receives the following benefits:

  • The ability to water the plants warm, settled water, which can accumulate in the pool during the rain. Of course, it is necessary to forget about means of disinfection, and hence about bathing.
  • The pool has a positive effect on all processes in the body. Swimming can improve posture, improve heart and increase lung capacity.
  • The pool that you build with your own hands in the country, can be great entertainment for the kids. Thanks to him, they will forget about tablets, phones and computers. In addition, it is possible to arrange these battles.

Before starting the construction of the pool at the cottage, you must decide how you will use it. The fact that there are many designs, which differ from each other in complexity of construction and possibilities of using.

How to build a DIY pool in the country

To better understand what was going on — let’s take a simple example. There are so-called deep-water pools to build with their own hands very hard. Their depth can reach 30 meters, and they serve as training sites for professional divers. Such a construction in the country you probably don’t need.

Pools that can be built with your own hands in the country differ from each other in size and materials used in their construction. For example, one of the most simple is considered to be a concrete rectangle with an appropriate finish.

Also before you build a pool in the country need to think about accessories without which do not work. If the design will have sufficient depth, it is necessary to equip the ladder. Moreover, jumping does not hurt the stand. Ideally, of course, need the Board, but its manufacture requires special materials.

Building a swimming pool with their hands ↑

The choice of location ↑

How to build a DIY pool in the country

Before you build a pool you must choose the appropriate place. Thus it is necessary to consider many parameters, the main of them are:

  1. The location of the root system of plants. The fact is that if you build a pool incorrectly, it can be easy to harm the trees and thus destroy the garden.
  2. Of particular importance is the distance to the water source. Remember, the farther he is, the more pipes you have to pull.
  3. The nature of the soil is also important. Optimum clay soil to build a pool. In case of violation of the waterproofing layer, the clay is the best way to cope with leaks.
  4. It is best to dig where there is a natural bias. This will help to simplify the process of digging a pool with their hands in the country. Moreover, so it will be easier to build a drain.
  5. Before you start building a swimming pool in the country with their hands, check the presence of nearby large trees. The fact that their roots will instinctively reach for the moisture and sooner or later will cause serious damage to the structure. Most harm from willow, poplar and chestnut.
  6. Ideally, scrubby trees close to the spot where you decide to build a pool with their hands also should not be. Otherwise, you’ll have to catch the leaves floating in the water. The bad thing about this is that they can clog the drain.

When choosing a place in the country to build a swimming pool you must consider which side most often the wind blows. Ideally, air flow should move along the design. As a result of all the dirt and leaves will accumulate in one wall. This is the best place to do a drain.

Necessary tools and materials ↑

How to build a DIY pool in the country

Without them also will not work. Moreover, the whole set need to gather before you decide to build a swimming pool at the dacha with his hands. The set consists of the following tools and materials:

  • stakes,
  • roulette,
  • rope,
  • stones,
  • level,
  • wire,
  • steel mesh,
  • valve,
  • waterproofing,
  • Board,
  • nails,
  • shovel,
  • screws,
  • sand and cement,
  • bar.

Last in the tool list required for compaction of the pool at the cottage. Having all these tools and materials, you can build a DIY pool in the country, which will serve you for years and will be the main decoration of the site.

Attention! Nails and screws should have a corrosion-resistant coating.

Measurements ↑

How to build a DIY pool in the country

To build a good pool with their hands in the country necessary to accurately perform all measurements. Moreover, it is very important to choose the best for your site form.

When choosing dimensions for a basis it is necessary to take the number of people who will be swimming in the pool you want to build with their own hands. If we talk about the optimum depth, it is about 150-170 cm.

The Council! The best option is split-level pool.

The length and width can be done at 400 inches. This is enough to make adults feel comfortable in the pool that you build with your own hands in the country. Of course, if you want to have the professional races, you will need not less than 25 metres in length. But such luxury can afford not all.

For children is more than enough square pool with sides of 800 see of course, the depth of his relevant. In fact it will be a paddling pool, and its construction will not take much time.

The main work ↑

How to build a DIY pool in the country

At the core of the tank that you have decided to build with his own hands in the country is a sand layer. It should not be large. Enough 20 centimeters. Thus it must be carefully compacted.

The next layer of the framework that you have decided to build your own hands will be the waterproofing. Good waterproofing properties of bitumen roofing. It has high strength and can serve as a waterproofing for years. But its main advantage is the low price.

The Council! The record for waterproofing material is composed of special membranes.

Membranes can easily cover the entire pit. Moreover, if you decide to build a building with their hands with their application, you will be able to not waste time nor the sealing of joints.

However, in order to build a ditch with their hands in the country the majority chooses the roofing material. This is due to its wide availability and low cost.

For fixing stones are used. But this is just the Foundation. To ensure reliability, we need to put on top of the bars of metal. The best option is a steel mesh. At this stage you need to think about how to build a drainage ditch with their hands in the pit at the cottage.

Attention! To drain the pit, to be effective, the depth must be greater than that of the pit.

How to build a DIY pool in the country

The tank and the pit must connect a drainage pipe. It must be equipped with a valve. To build a quality drainage own hands in the country are requested to pour a layer of gravel. This is more than enough.

Novice builders are interested in, and whether you want to build any additional treatment system in the drainage ditch with their hands to pool in the country? In fact this is not necessary, due to the fact that here will be no drain waste water, and dirty water, which will go into the soil.

The only thing you need to build a pool at the cottage is a skimmer or overflow system. She will be responsible for a minimum level of water purification, which will be enough for whole system to function properly.

The bars on the perimeter are placed at a distance of 30 cm From the edge you need to retreat to five centimeters. The design is held together with wire. Boards need to build formwork boards with their hands to pool in the country. Only then can you do the concreting. Thus it is necessary to use a suitable cement. The finished bottom is filled with sand from the river

The results ↑

As you can see, to build a DIY pool in the country is not so very difficult. Moreover, it is possible to use inexpensive materials. The only difficulty is the creation of the pit.

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