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Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

A variety of planters made from tires, plastic bottles, decorated with beautiful gardens, courtyards.

Such vases for flowers with their hands can do ordinary citizens who live in apartment buildings. With minimal material cost is possible to decorate the local area.

Using improvised tools and materials, you can do not only garden plants, but also original figures. You can create them for any specific purposes, such as planting flowers, that is, to give the functional load, or simply take the form of unusual decorative elements.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Attention! Vases from the tires with your hands do not require special skills, just need to stock up on free time.

Rubber – plastic material that can take any form. This characteristic of rubber allows to create the most unusual shaped vases with their hands. Cottage, floral vases, awesome colors, will be a real «a corner of Paradise». Unusual planters for the garden created from the worn tires, you can decorate it so that very few people would guess that the source material was the bus. The mistress of the villas use all their creative imagination to turn junk a real piece of country art. Fit in this vase of flowers is done in early spring and throughout the summer period, surrounding can enjoy the colorful annual flowers.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

The Council! It is best to do pots street from imported rubber because it is softer and more elastic. Domestic tyre rougher, they are much harder to make a fancy shape vases.

It is the flower beds and vases for flowers is often made from old wheels. The simplest version of the flower beds for flowers is filling the wheels with soil, planting of flower seedlings inside.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

It rubber has become the most popular material for creating holiday planters. Don’t know how to make flowerpots for garden with your own hands? We offer step-by-step instructions for making a vase for the garden from old tires.

  1. Select the shape of the pot.
  2. On the tire with chalk draw the form you selected.
    ?The Council! Better to use the wheel with the disk, in this case, you can get product with original foot.
  3. Cutting tires will need very sharp-edged knife. You can use an electric jigsaw, if you need a complex shape of the pot.
  4. Cut the tire turned inside out.
    The Council! In order to make it easier to turn the tire, you should start with one edge, then gradually move in a clockwise direction (around the circumference).
  5. Optionally, with multiple parties to partially cut the tire from the tread.
  6. Grinding machine processed edge of the pot, improving the aesthetic appearance of the product.
  7. Start processing the legs of the vase. You can paint the stem or leave it intact.
  8. Before you apply the finished product with paint, it is important to efficiently primed product. It is desirable to choose light colors, they will not fade in the sun.

First you need to cover all the product with one tone. After drying of the first layer, you can start decorating pots ornaments, unusual shapes. Decorating the edges «beds» small pebbles, shells, you will receive an original outdoor pots for flowers. To create this DIY takes 2-3 hours.

Vases for decorating villas ↑

To a suburban area was beautiful and well maintained, you can plant a variety of flowers. If you add garden decor unusual street planters for flowers, the overall impression of coziness and comfort will only intensify. Such pots for the garden will not require a lot of space, and if necessary, they can be put anywhere in the garden. In such «beds» great grow even the most capricious annuals. Plastic vases for flowers easy, if necessary, to bring them into the house, protecting plants from the cold rain. Such unusual features are placed along the garden paths, a gazebo, stairs.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

What materials are suitable for creating garden pots ↑

Vases for garden with your own hands you can create them in various materials of tires, plastic, concrete, wood, metal, clay. Each material for the pot has distinctive characteristics.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Characteristics of clay ↑

The clay is of high plasticity. From this natural material, you can create any shape, texture, then planting gladioli in vases will be a true pleasure. When firing pottery, you can get terracotta material having high porosity. The plants in such a bed will rot the roots, they will quietly «breathe».

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Stone ↑

Garden flower pots made of stone, have high strength, they are durable, well hold in the ground moisture. Besides, these products have an attractive appearance. Having certain skills, vases made of concrete with their hands decorate the cover with paint or varnish.

The Council! For additional protection from rotting, stone or concrete vases treated with antiseptic.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Tree ↑

Wood – material, suitable for any garden. The downside of wood is its instability to moisture. If you handle a tree with a special impregnation, and then to varnish the pot, it will be a real decoration of the garden. In such products it is possible to plant water-loving flowers.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Metal ↑

Metal surfaces heat up quickly, so the metal is undesirable to put on the Sunny areas of the garden without constant watering, otherwise the plants will die.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Concrete ↑

Vases for flowers street concrete is similar to stone vases, they perfectly retain moisture. Concrete has a low conductivity, the roots of the plants will not overheat. Such beds have a substantial weight, suitable for large areas.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Plastic ↑

Plastic pots can be seen at any country site. They are ideal for planting perennials, you can pick up pots right color, size, shape.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Interesting decisions ↑

Old vinyl records, bent in freakish forms, are sure to attract the attention of neighbors. Original look samovars, aluminum kettles, exhibited along the garden path. Plastic bottles are also suitable for the decoration of the suburban area.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

How to build concrete vases ↑

Vases made of concrete are considered the most durable, you can make them in a special form. Before you pour cement mortar into the form, its surface is treated by spray or engine oil. Similar «the trick» will facilitate removing the finished pot will help to avoid breaking the product.

For forms the following materials are suitable: silicone; plastic; wax; plaster.

  1. Prepare cement mortar.
  2. Form lubricated with engine oil.
  3. Pour the solution.
  4. After complete drying of the extracted product.

The algorithm of actions, and also tips on how to make a pot of concrete with their hands in the video clip

Flowers for garden pots ↑

If you select flowers for flower pots, blooming all summer, it is possible to obtain a harmonious composition. In large concrete pots can be planted with 2-3 different colors. For example, Hasani, dwarf Ursine perfectly «get along» with each other.

If placed in the center of the pot flowers with tall stems, and in a circle to plant low-growing varieties, it will be an interesting floral arrangement. Pots with tall flowers put closer to the wall, and small annual plants are distribute in the front of the site.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Focal (Central) flowers, make geraniums (pelargonium). This plant is low maintenance, it has a rich color palette. Have polukarova and Terry asters good density, moreover, this plant has a significant period of flowering.

Attention! For planting in a pot suitable for dwarf or medium colors options that do not exceed 15-50 cm.

If you select plants loving the light, in this case, the pots should be placed on the southern part of the suburban area. Dahlias can be placed in proximity with any color. With a combination of dahlias in different shades, you can transform the front porch to make changes to the appearance of your garden. For framing garden paths are little violets. Planting ageratum purple, white, Burgundy, purple, we can make a basis for the high dahlias and asters. The red and blue tall flowers as decoration is suitable limnantes.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

In the presence of a stretch of verdant lawn, raw land, can make a bright floral ground. This emphasis of flowers, allocated tiles, stones, sections of the tree, it is better to place near the pond. If you need to execute the steps on the stairs, the entrance to the bath, veranda, the perfect solution will be a variety of vases. The photo shows the outdoor pots for flowers made with your own hands. They will help avid gardeners to turn their land into mini garden.

Rules of selection of plants for planting ↑

Choosing the vases for plants, you need to consider the following features:

  • the plant should be small root system;
  • maximum endurance;
  • simplicity to excessive moisture and dryness;
  • long flowering period;
  • easy care

For planting in pots it is better to take hanging and bushy plants.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Florists select the «flowers in flowerpots» variety of colors, different in pomp of bloom, height, color, appearance of the stem. In the middle of the pot it’s best to place taller flowers, and hanging around to plant varieties of flowers.

Useful tips on choosing colors for garden ↑

In a large concrete pot in the center will drop profusely flowering pelargonium (geranium). It is propagated by cuttings and seeds. Over the summer, the plant needs 2-3 times per feeding HUMATE. Flowering geraniums will be available from early spring to late autumn. Around have dwarf asters (up to 20 cm). Seeds are sown directly in the pot, happy with his color of the owner of the problem, they will be from June to September.

«Background» flowers for small vases are violets (viola). These border flowers are ideal for decorating children’s playgrounds, balconies, staircases in the country.

Iberis begins to bloom in late may, so it is advisable to put it together with Rosaria, albinaria to throughout the summer flowerbed remained bright and beautiful. The most popular and common flower modern gardeners became Petunia, despite her «moodiness», the complexity of growing plants, namely, petunias often adorned verandas, balconies, facades of shops and shopping centers.

Outdoor pots for flowers with their hands

Conclusion ↑

The design of suburban areas is becoming popular among the modern owners «country gardens». Armed with a variety of materials, a fantasy, with minimal cost to transform your garden.

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