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Make a garden bench with their hands

Garden benches today are not only practical purpose and aesthetic. They are used to Supplement pre-crafted interior. To make a garden bench with his hands is quite simple, it requires minimal skills with hand tools. The best material for the manufacture of such items is wood because it is easiest to handle.

Preparatory work ↑

Make a garden bench with their handsBefore you start doing the job, you need to find drawings of garden benches on the Internet and to choose the appropriate option. You should not fix his attention on the overly complicated designs, if the skills of a professional carpenter missing.

Selection tool ↑

When all phases of work planned on paper, should prepare the necessary tools. If garden bench with their hands will be made of ordinary wood, then you will need the following items:

  • screwdriver with set of bits and drills;
  • hammer;
  • plane;
  • grinding machine;
  • manual hacksaw or circular saw;
  • level with ruler.

It is very important to use high quality and reliable measuring tool. Otherwise, the product in the end can turn out unbalanced.

Make a garden bench with their hands

Material ↑

It is equally important to choose the right wood with the right dimensions. This will allow to minimize treatment – most of the time is spent just to fit the dimensions of the individual parts.

The wood should be previously well dried. Otherwise, after completion of the manufacturing process in the sun the entire structure can skew the. This will make it impossible to operate garden benches.

When all preparatory work is completed, you can proceed directly to the Assembly.

Make a garden bench with their hands
a schematic drawing of garden benches

Fabrication and fitting of the main parts of benches ↑

Manufacturer of garden benches with their hands begins with the preparation of the main components:

  • 1 – front legs;
  • 2 – the back legs into the back;
  • 7 and 4, the cross beam;
  • 6 – longitudinal beam;
  • 3 slats for back and seat.

Make a garden bench with their handsIt is very important to avoid using wood that has any serious defects in its structure. Such as knots and the like. The inclusion of this type reduce the strength of the bench, especially if it will be located on the street. A breakdown can occur at the most inopportune moment, which will lead to injury.

Make a garden bench with their handsIf for any reason it is necessary to use a material with defects, it is necessary to handle illiquid land with a sander or planer.

All elements of the garden benches made of wood shall be constructed strictly in accordance with the dimensions shown on the drawings. A mismatch of even a few millimeters will result in subsequent need for rebuilding the whole structure, you will need to trim parts of garden benches.

Assembly work ↑

When all the necessary elements ready for garden benches, we can only reliably connect them together. This stage is no less important than all the rest. To connect in various ways. Most cases, the following hardware elements:

  • nails;
  • screws;
  • bolts, siby, nuts;
  • wood firms.

The choice of a particular method of the connection depends on what kind of load will need to sustain a garden bench or Park bench. If you use this piece of furniture is a child, then wave you can do the usual nails or screws. If the load will reach several tens of kilograms, or even hundreds, it is best to focus on the nuts and bolts.

Make a garden bench with their hands

To fulfill the elements of the garden benches made of wood with bolts, it is necessary to prepare a drill and drill bit of appropriate diameter. It needs to be slightly larger than the diameter of bolts used. This will allow you to without difficulty insert them. If the hole size is larger than the diameter of the cap bolt and nut, you should use special washers.

In the case when you want to hide the presence of the connecting bolts, you can use a special crown. With its help, drilled small holes in places where the bolt goes through the wood through. In the resulting niches washer like fail.

It is very important to choose sufficient depth. After the niche neatly filled with a mixture of PVA glue and a small chip. Or manufactured the suitable size of the round items, an individual in a niche. This way you can make a garden bench most aesthetic.

Make a garden bench with their hands

To make all the holes the maximum symmetrical, it is enough to arm themselves with a pencil and a ruler. With the help of these tools almereyda distances from the sides of the wooden elements of the bench and held the two segments. At the intersection of the drilled hole.

After all the holes are prepared, should be given the keys of the appropriate size to tighten the bolts and nuts. Assembly is performed in the following order:

  • going base consisting of the legs (item 1 and 2) and longitudinal beams (element 7);
  • bolted cross beams (elements 6);
  • join the boards, reinforcing construction (items 4, 5);
  • in the last turn are nailed to the boards, playing the role of seat (item 3).

Make a garden bench with their handsThe last step is the manufacture of special plugs of wood. For this simple operation will need a jigsaw, but you can also use a simple hacksaw with fine teeth. To prepare such elements, you should pick up a small round bar of suitable diameter, cut it crosswise into pieces, the thickness of which is equal to the depth of the niche, where is the bolt with washer.

Most often for the manufacture of plugs of the following diameters, mm: 15, 20, 22, 24, 30, 32, 35.

Once the stub is ready, you can just glue them on PVA glue or waterproof sealant if the bench will be located on the street year-round.

Make a garden bench with their hands

Protection of garden benches from moisture ↑

Make a garden bench with their hands

The last step in the manufacture of garden benches with your hands is its protection against moisture. This will prolong the life of the product for as long a period. To do this you simply need to stock up on a cushion, a container for a special composition and as a means to protect from rotting.

Impregnation antiseptic composition ↑

It is important to choose the impregnation, the composition having penetrating effect. It includes various kinds of acrylic resin and other additives. All these often mixed in a special antiseptic composition, preventing the decay and defeat of the tree different kinds of insects. Especially in the garden.

In the process, it is desirable to use such protective equipment as gloves and glasses. Getting different compositions to protect wood from rotting on human skin can lead to unpleasant consequences. It is also necessary to use glasses – many substances evaporate quickly at room temperature. Hit them in the eye can lead to very sad consequences.

Painting garden benches ↑

It is important after was performed the impregnation, it is necessary to cover the bench with varnish. It is advisable to use a special paint designed for use on the street, able to endure temperature changes.

If provided by painting with enamel or anything else, you must run it immediately after impregnation. It is only when the deposited layer of paint should cover the wood varnish.

You can with your hands to make metal garden benches, and wrought. But this process is quite complicated, it requires specialized tools and skills. Wooden furniture has a very large number of advantages – it is very light, durable and easy to repair (most importantly). To make a garden bench from wood with your own hands is very simple. On the Internet there are a lot of different drawings and manuals.

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