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Shower to give portable heated

Modern urban dwellers did not consider it possible for themselves to abandon the usual amenities. Going to the cottage or on a picnic, he’s not willing to sacrifice any comfort. Not to mention the important hygienic procedures. But not always outside of town there is the opportunity to swim. Request the device for water treatment in the mobile version is great. And if in the country there is a regular bathroom with all necessary attributes, you can always take a shower to give a portable, thereby compensating for the absence of its stationary counterpart. What attracts the buyers of this product:

Shower to give portable heated

  • Price. Is portable showers for cottages and homes cheap. For the minimal cost of the owner of this device gets the ability to swim.
  • Shower to give portable heatedSmall size. Without much difficulty it can take on any trip, a lot of space in the trunk of the car it will not take. Yes, and keep it in the country you can just put on the shelf, putting it in the back room or on any free space.
  • Mobility. It was one of the main tasks in the production. Make the shower portable Hiking, capable of their small size and ease of use not be an extra burden on the user.
  • Autonomy. Implemented complete independence from the surrounding circumstances. No additional equipment is not necessary. You can install it when and where convenient. There is no need to use any tools.

Types of portable showers and their installation ↑

Products differ from each other in price, performance and range of options. They are all adapted for easy installation and easy to manage. To divide them according to the principle of two main types:

  • Products with naturally heated. The most simple variant. Capacity is filled with water and is heated by solar rays. The casing has constructive solutions for fast setup. Hook, reminiscent of an analogue conventional racking and hole for a handheld shower which can be hung. For this suitable tree branch, any construction of wood, plastic or metal, of sufficient height. The range of these products on the market in large quantity. For example, a portable shower, Camp Shower, is a prominent representative of this species.Shower to give portable heated
  • Products with forced heating. Very practical and convenient to use them in cooler seasons or in cloudy weather, when heating a conventional portable summer of soul is not possible. A prerequisite is access to a household electrical outlet. Submerging the device in a container of water, and including it, you can immediately use it. A very successful model of this class a portable water heater shower Fanline TJ-2000, which is fully able to replace the usual in an urban setting analog. Placing the device in a container of water, to a depth of not more than 1 meter, it should be remembered that some of the fluid will be replaced by (1, 6 liters) of the device, so small tanks or buckets should not be filled to the brim Yes.Shower to give portable heated

Features and operating tips ↑

Shower to give portable heated

Convenience and ease of use are appreciated by the owners of these devices. It can be used not only in the country but also as a portable shower for camping where it can be very useful. The lack of electricity forces us to abandon products heated, but there are very interesting models, which are ideal for individual use in unsuitable places.

For example, a portable shower «a Stomper» don’t have somewhere to hang it. The water supply will provide built-in special mechanism of the pump. Shifting from foot to foot, the user activates him. Two of the piston creates the necessary pressure to feed it into the hose. By the way, appreciated this design motorists who are happy to use it to wash the car. The ideal solution when lack of electricity and water. Tucked in capacity with warm water and use device where it is needed.

Products without forced heating have a dark body to effectively absorb the thermal energy of the sun. If this shower fill with water and hang it in Sunny weather in a few hours they can be used. If the capacity to put on a hot surface (concrete, asphalt, metal), then the time will decrease. Standard capacity, which complement portable shower 20 liters, enough to use it up to 10 minutes.

Shower to give portable heatedShower to give portable heatedShower to give portable heated

If you plan to journey by car, it is wise to purchase a portable heated shower powered by car «cigarette lighter». In this case, warm water will be guaranteed in any place and at any time of the day.

The camping area is on site will be much more comfortable if you install a good portable shower for the garden, heated and equip it with a light cockpit from a synthetic fabric on a metal frame. Usually inside there is a place for fixing the hose. The throughput of this design is high, and it is able to serve many people. To leave the area will not be necessary. Excellent prospects for these purposes has a handheld shower Fanline, which is available in different power versions.

Except for direct purpose, some models of this type of product is used for other purposes. For example, if it is necessary to move a liquid from one container to another. Either to pump water from the basement. With these tasks easily handles portable shower pump for the house, which processes up to 5,500 litres per hour.

Home masters tend to be smart and use the products. It is wonderful when the owner — a handyman. But to make their own portable water heater shower home and garden is strongly recommended. Use heating elements or other similar elements powered from the mains dangerous to life and health. In the design and manufacture of original factory products are built with a safety margin. Connection diagram and design for a long time were worked out on experimental samples, while the designers are not convinced that a portable shower with water heater for villas of this design can be run in series. In this case, to reinvent yourself is to endanger not only his life, but also the health of their families and others.

Unfortunately, not all gardeners and those who like to travel comfortably know about all the benefits that gives a handheld shower. Reviews of grateful users will open their eyes to new opportunities and inspire for the purchase of this wonderful product.

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