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Mini-pool in the country

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to enjoy a holiday by the sea, as not enough time or money. Today villas differ significantly from those that were in the past decade, as gardeners do not want to plant cucumbers or tomatoes, or engage in agricultural work. Now the cottage is a place for relaxation and comfort, not surprisingly, began to build pools that are indicators not only of comfort, but of prestige. The private pool is perfect cooling in the hot period, as you can splash about, have an early swim and to provide joy to children. Swimming has a beneficial effect on health and overall well-being.

Mini-pool in the country

Variety of swimming pools for summer ↑

There are several variants of mini-pools for the villas, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most common models are considered to be stationary and seasonal. Stationary is the main feature of such structures is a small frame section. Each section may include several options of materials – plastic, wood, aluminum and steel. This type can be used throughout the year, so the sections should be joined by means of fastening locking type. The inner portion needs to utilitise a polyvinyl chloride film. The advantages of such pools for a long period of use (about 15 years), the depth can reach 2.5 m. the Drawback – you cannot remove and place elsewhere. Seasonal – this type is used for one season, so when there are, they can be dismantled and sent to storage. The design includes the hollow tube inside the joint special joints. The bottom is carpeted with a film thickness of 2 mm. In this capacity can fit only two people. This design is easy to clean, but the operating period does not exceed six years.

Mini-pool in the country

A kind of mini-pools form ↑

  • Rectangular. This is the perfect decoration for any suburban area. The location not only saves on-site, but will not require any additional complex structures.
  • Round. This form can withstand great water pressure, and the frame does not need to be strengthened. This form is ideal for families with children, as there are no sharp corners, so the voyage will be safe.
  • Oval. This provided resistance to water pressure. The depth of these pools is not more than 1.5 meters, which will not only refresh, but also to swim.
  • Polygonal form
  • Eight

?Mini-pool in the country

A variety of pools depending on the type of circulation ↑

Surface in this type of pool filtration only occurs on the surface of the water, and therefore the structures are not large in size, allowing you to place at their summer cottage.

Overflow in such basins the water is filtered throughout the area of excavation, therefore, they are used in large suburban areas.

Mini-pool in the country

How to build yourself a mini-pool ↑

The main feature of the mini – pools is the absence of any decorative elements and vegetation. Buildings of this type are ideal for design small pools, which perfectly fit into the interior. Pools can be placed both on ground level and above ground.

How to choose a place for a mini – pool ↑

  • It is desirable that a clay soil, as in case of breakage it can stop the fluid leak.
  • Place need to pick up with a natural bias, it will allow you to quickly determine the location for discharge of.
  • The next should not be tall trees, as their root system may compromise the integrity of waterproofing. The main opponents are willow, chestnut and poplar. If on the territory there are trees, it is necessary to get rid of them.
  • Unwanted low trees, as there will always have to remove the leaves from the Cup, and during flowering, the water will turn yellow from the pollen.
  • Building mini-pools for villas with their hands, is to determine the direction in which the wind is blowing, so that the debris moved along the bowl. As a result, debris will stick to one side, where to place the drain.
  • Place the pit close to the water, to make it easier to fill.

The process of building a decorative mini – pool

  1. Initially you need to determine the place where is located the plunge pool, after which you can start preparing for the excavation of the pit. The diameter can vary from 0.5-1.2 m. the Pool can be shallow, you can leave a depth in the 30-40 cm Soil on the bottom and walls should be carefully compacted, and the remnants of the earth need to get rid of.
    Mini-pool in the country
  2. Since the small pool is used often for decorative purposes, it is desirable to make it as a small fountain. It is necessary to place a previously dug pit to tighten a pipe with a diameter 1-1,5 cm, the end of which you want to mount in the center of the pit. At the end of the pipe fasten the nozzle, which will enable the water to create figures such as «geyser», «bell».
    Mini-pool in the country
  3. Not far from that shown tubes need to build a drain so that the water in the pool is not stagnant. It is desirable to extend the drain pipe directly to the drain well. The drain tube is made of plastic and should exceed the level of the bottom 10 cm to prevent the possibility of clogging the drain, you can install a filter that will get rid of dirt.
  4. Originally the sides and bottom to fill with sand. On the sand you must put the waterproof film and fix the edges of the pool. Pour the concrete. As soon as the concrete begins to solidify, it must be strengthened with reinforced mesh. If you decided to make a small pool for villas with their hands, then you should know that after drying the first part of the concrete, it is necessary to put the second first, on the wall, and then to the bottom.
  5. As soon as you realize that concrete floor is completely dry, you can start putting some ceramic tiles. Decorative components tiles only improve thanks to the play of the fountain.
  6. Small pool, built with his own hands in the country, will have a more attractive appearance if it is to impose ceramic tiles.
    Mini-pool in the country
It is important! If in your area the ground is soft, the walls need to be built under a bias toward the center of the pit, so that they firmly stood and did not collapse.

Making mini – pools ↑

In order to mini pool, built with his own hands had finished and attractive appearance, it is necessary to Refine, for example, erecting sides of wooden planks. To provide comfort, you can pool to lower the ladder, with the result that it will be easy to pull in and out of the water. You can make a pool, which apparently will resemble a pond. This requires the bottom of the pool to fill 10 inches of river sand clean. Also the area around you can pritrusit sand to the feeling of relaxation by the sea. As decoration you can use painted tiles, ornamental grass, artificial plants or decorative stones.

Mini-pool in the country

The majority of people asserts that a concrete pool – this is a past version, and with the emergence of frame options, there’s no need to pull out the deep pits and apply the concrete. Of course it’s cheap but very durable option. That’s just for fans to jump into the water with a running start, frame pool can be problematic, as the triggers of trauma.

Mini-pool in the country

There are a huge number of design options pools – depends on financial possibilities and imagination. The most common are tile, which should be placed at a distance of 1 m, and around tiles to plant lawn grass on which to place chairs and tables for relaxing.

Conclusion ↑

The pool is a luxury item, it is not surprising that there is a desire to do it. Enough to add to the construction of some stairs, design moments and this is a real landscape feature. In this case, it can work both in winter and in summer. No need to make a large pool is quite small. The main feature of the pool from the decorative pond is the availability of equipment for cleaning water. In addition, it is possible to install heating or counter-current, only in this version it is necessary to build a further utility room, which is equipment. This will require additional funds.

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