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You could shower for the garden

Any work in the country, and just the outdoors is unthinkable without the ability to shower and freshen up. Most often in country conditions it is necessary to use the field options of a shower to give. It is easy to build, maintain and dismantle for the winter at the end of the season.

You could shower for the garden

Designs summer shower units, suitable for installation in the country, you can find an incredible amount, choosing the pattern and material depend on the personal preferences of the owners.

As usually built shower in the country ↑

In any case, the choice of material for the construction of cabanas in the country need to think and solve a few questions – how much are you willing to spend imagination, forces and means, and the second is how quickly you need to collect a stall shower. Should look like, and what its structure must be special:

  • You are not limited in resources and time, and the construction of a shower enclosure is a simple continuation of the holiday cottage;
  • Shower at the cottage it was necessary to build yesterday, and time in search of suitable material are sorely not;
  • In the country there is a wide selection of different materials, but practical experience no.
The Council! If you are going to fabricate and install an outside shower with your hands, select the construction material with which you worked and you are well familiar with the peculiarities of its processing.

Choose the design and material of shower cabin ↑

Even in the most urgent works, discard the principle of «do temporarily – and then remake it», often workarounds and buildings remain unfinished, unless there is an accident or not injured people. You do not would like to see a tank of water fell from the roof of the shower cabin to any family members in the head, or the cabin collapsed from the rain and wind. Therefore, the material for the construction of a summer shower choose the most durable and reliable. And it is better not to focus on one material and try to use all the available options.

You could shower for the garden

Frame design shower cabins ↑

Most often, the shower is assembled from prefabricated panels design on the frame of steel or aluminum area. The lower part of the building or one of the walls can be made from natural stone or brick. In the latter case, the brickwork used as a support for heavy water tank.

You could shower for the garden

You could shower for the garden

The elements of the steel frame are assembled using welding or bolting. The upright cut the length with the stock 250-300 mm required for sealing bases in the concrete Foundation. Without a Foundation the structure is in danger of sinking under the weight of the tank or tilt.

Used for the construction of showers in the country ↑

The most accessible and popular materials for shower cabins were and still are:

  1. Sawn timber, boards, pine beams and slats. Relatively inexpensive and practical material suitable for the manufacture of all nodes of a shower at the cottage, working with wood is nice, and with some skill can build a reliable and very beautiful design;
  2. Plastic panels, for example, facing sheet PVC or acrylic. High durability, not afraid of moisture, heat, frost. Easily cut, drilled and mounted on a prepared frame of wood or metal;
  3. Transparent or translucent polycarbonate sheets. Perfect material for lining the interior surfaces of the shower stall in the country, allows to realize the most stylish design options for showers, but the roads and capricious in the treatment of.
    You could shower for the garden
  4. Water-resistant drywall. It is most often used for internal timber frame lintels, shelves, unloaded nodes of a shower cabin construction. Sometimes owners sheathe gypsum Board to align the walls with the subsequent painting or tile sticker;
  5. Everything is at hand. With a certain wit for the construction of a shower at the cottage will fit the most unusual materials and objects, definitely not worth it to use asbestos products, asbestos, pipes, sheets, roofing felt or tar paper, old rubber tires – all, which is unacceptable for the soul, for reasons of hygiene and sanitation.

Versatile material for shower cabin in the country ↑

This material is wooden lath and pine lumber. When carrying out repairs and major finishing work on the house the vast majority use a variety of lumber. Buy them with the maximum stock, so it is correct to use for a shower enclosure Board and batten.

You could shower for the garden

The complexity of working with wood, as a rule, is the need to use additional varnish, to the silicone impregnation, drying oils, protective materials that prevent swelling or warping of the material under the action of water and solar radiation.

You could shower for the garden

Pine, rarely deciduous timber goes to the Assembly of the carrier frame. Wooden rack knock inner and outer surface of the cabin. Separately assemble the frame under the water tank, the more water, the more the material will go on the skeleton for the tank. Very nice work combining crushed or artificial stone for the Foundation of a cabin and a support for the water tank. The use of a special wooden finishes will help the shower to give look stylish and attractive.

You could shower for the garden

But in the absence of time and imagination sometimes wooden shower to give can look like a coop.

You could shower for the garden

You could shower for the garden

Hardwood or oak slats gather the floor in the form of a lattice. Oak and larch resists any moisture and almost does not decay under conditions of high humidity and heat. But to preserve the appearance and control of insects wooden structure of the shower cabin to dry, handle with varnish or lacquer at least in 2 layers.

You could shower for the garden

If to the stall in the country there are no special requirements on the design of the buildings, the use of larch or pine wood is the best material.

The Council! It is not necessary to cover the wood shower enclosure instead of the cheap nail Polish oil or nitropaints, construction will immediately lose its significance and will seem more like a cheap shower from summer camp or vacation home.

Building shower from polymeric materials ↑

The use of polycarbonate as a material for shower cabin allows to give it the appearance of a stylish product design. Shower to give the polycarbonate is a higher level in comparison with the design of the tree. If the repair of a country house left a dozen sheets of translucent coloured plastic, it is used for the facing decoration of buildings soul in the country.

Often for constructs made of polycarbonate, do not use wooden frames, usually aluminum half-inch galvanized pipe or profile. Polycarbonate sheets with high transparency have «jamming» – treating the outer surface with emery and paste aluminosiloxane polymer film used in sunglasses plastic curtains. The ends of the polycarbonate sheets polished to prevent cuts to the fingers.

It often happens that the polycarbonate sheets used as a transparent insert or window in the upper part of a shower, but a water spray or film of condensate makes it opaque in the first minute of use. Unlike wooden shower cabins, built of polycarbonate is easy to clean and maintain, the plastic cover easily can be tinted with colored lacquer.

You could shower for the garden

Plastic shower to give ↑

The cheapest and easiest solution for making a shower cabin in the country is the use of sheet PVC material, widely used for lining walls and ceilings of bathrooms, toilets, balconies. Offered leaves of different colors, including patterned tiles, wooden rail and natural stone. Of plastic can do almost all the elements and the structure nodes of a shower except the floor and the supporting skeleton of buildings.

Due to the presence of end surfaces of the plastic panels tongue and groove side walls and the roof of the shower cabin, quickly and easily drawn from the individual bands. If the right to choose the texture of plastic, even near the building will look like the product factory production.

Similarly polycarbonate panels design PVC or acrylic is easy to maintain. But in the cold, in the cold, they become more sensitive to shocks and nicolam sharp objects, so in winter shower of plastic is better in the country to close with a thick plastic film from birds and rain.

Conclusion ↑

Depending on the location and frequency of use of shower in the country, the design should be easily repairable and easy to maintain. In this issue, plastic has some advantage over wood or drywall options.

Experts say that besides advantages, plastic or polycarbonate showers there is one drawback – the sound of the falling drops on the polymer surface is much stronger than hardwood, which can be annoying and cause discomfort.

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